So I go on vacay for a week and look what happens: all my day game leads fall away, Socks replies once to a text but is now ghosting me after a date request (I kinda thought this might happen), Kitty is still chasing (although I’m sorta over it), and I’ve had two wasted days from just being fucking tired.

Great trip, but a good reminder that just because you take time out of the game doesn’t mean the world stands still. However, it’s important to do as it allows one to reflect on where we’re at, where the world is at, and what we can or want to do about it.

This is going to be more of a meta post on day game than anything–here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

One more session of day game and analysis

Before I left for vacation and actually before the last blog, I did get in one more session of day game. As always I like to post the stats when I remember to record them so here they are:

  • Opens: 11
  • Direct: 5
  • Indirect: 6
  • Vibe: 3
  • Grounding: 3
  • Number: 3
  • Blowouts: 2
  • Girls invited me for instadate: 1
  • BF: 3
  • She was going on a date when I opened: 1
  • Gave me her number despite being engaged: 1
  • Lesbian: 1

Quick observations:

  1. The first set I opened was actually really good–the girls (2) admitted they were drinking and invited me to get food with them. I declined, and that was a mistake. More on this later.
  2. I did much better following the LDG model–my results don’t necessarily show that in terms of number closes, but in terms of stacking on the first topic after the open, vibing after and developing some sexual chemistry, and then grounding to show I’m a cool/normal guy, it was miles above where I was at before. Two big takeaways for guys who are serious about this: A) follow the model, it’s there for a reason, and B) record your sets–if you have wireless headphones this is easy, just download a recording app (your phone probably already has one), and hit record before the set.
  3. I note the woman who was engaged because it was weird: it was clear that she wasn’t interested–or at least it seemed clear–but then insisted on giving me her number.
  4. I can’t fucking believe how many lesbians I run into–almost one a session–hot, feminine looking women who insist on fucking other chicks. My first post was on this a bit, but I don’t really buy into lesbianism–at the very least, I don’t think it’s as widespread as what we see. I think a lot of chicks just get tired of men because blue pill beta males don’t make them wet, and as we know, that’s 95% of the population. Then they hamster themselves into thinking they’re gay, when they’re actually not. It gives me hope though, because that means they can be turned (why I made out with one a few weeks back–I wanted to prove that strong male dominance could break through) back to the dark side. Or maybe we’re the light?

On the viability of day game

OK, so I’ve seen a lot of guys on twitter talk about flakes, horrible ratios, and a lot of the other problems with day game in terms of viability–and there’s quite a bit of noise about how it’s not really even worth it.

Here are my thoughts:

First off, the guys who do this regularly are very successful. Torero and Krauser and others have made businesses out of it. By the look of it, Roy Walker is absolutely smashing pussy. And Nash seems to do very well–admittedly his percentage of opens to lays are still quite low, but that’s probably because he’s a guy in his 40’s going for 18-24 year old asian chicks exclusively (I’m guessing here, but it doesn’t seem like he ever writes or tweets about any other kinds of girls). The other thing about Nash is you can tell he’s doing this and knows game (esp. day game) by how earnest and thoughtful he is in his posts and tweets.

Anyway, the TL;DR is that DAYGAME WORKS.

But I think guys forget that it’s both a skill and an art, which means to get good at it, you have to put in countless hours practicing, reflecting, and perfecting the skill and art of the craft.

If I look back at my own numbers, I’ve had five lays from my first 250ish (I haven’t recorded all my stats perfectly, especially one-offs, so don’t freak out it’s an estimate) true day game approaches, and a few other close calls. 1/50 actually isn’t bad–much better than the 1/100 people talk about with beginners. So why is that?

To begin with, I have a clear look: bohemian, artist type. I’m in good shape, muscular, and tall (doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that matters, but it certainly helps; on the flip side, recall that I’m not good looking/tall enough to match regularly with chicks on Tinder or Bumble). But beyond the look, I’ve been approaching via night/bar game since last spring and practicing talking to anyone and everyone I can when I’m out and about–and last summer I basically consumed every free piece of content I could find on pick-up artistry, game, etc. Yes, in-field practice is important, but studying and theory is more important than a lot of professional PUAs lead people to believe.

A few points for beginners to day game:

  1. Develop the look and style of an alpha male–you don’t need to be Chad, but you need to be in shape, well groomed, etc. Also, you should have some sort of cool archetype or look the girl can buy into; remember, you want to be the lover, the sort of guy she’s fantasized about hooking up with–not a guy in dad khakis and an ill fitting polo shirt (the rich playboy/entrepreneur, however, is fine).
  2. Learn theory and study a few hours a week. Follow day gamers on Twitter. Read one of the textbooks: either Torero or Krauser’s. Approaching (#3) is crucial, but if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and you’re not following any sort of model, you’re just plowing and it’s not going to work.
  3. Go out and practice at least one day a week. Two to three is better, but if I’m honest, as a dad and guy who still has a brick and mortar job, that’s tough some weeks. Seems to me if you can get 50+ approaches by going out at least 4x a month, you’ll make good progress. Sounds like a lot, but once you learn your city, it should only take 8-12 hours to get those numbers per month (average person has 500 waking hours per month).
  4. Record your stats (opens, numbers, etc.) as you go, and record some of your sets live. This way you’ll quickly see through analysis what you’re doing wrong and where you can improve.
  5. Approach every chick who’s one point above your average match on SOD (swipe/online dating)–mine’s about a 6, so I approach every woman who’s a 7 or higher, regardless of race, age, look, etc. Also, approach the 9’s and 10’s–some of my best sets have been with the hottest chicks. Why? Because if you don’t force yourself to approach every girl you find attractive, you’ll weasel out of too many sets, saying either: she’s not hot enough OR she’s too hot. Also, if your SMV is low–say a 5–yeah go for the hotties, but also hit up some 6’s. MLB hitters don’t start off hitting 95 MPH fastballs–and all of them still do tee work.
  6. Allow yourself time to grow and develop as a player. Tons of numbers will flake and some guys take near 1,000 sets to get their first lay. Oh well. Who cares? Any guy who’s done this–even 100 sets–can see how powerful it is. It honestly makes you a better, more confident man. So even if you do 10 sets a week and bang 5’s on Tinder in the meantime, your game will improve.
  7. Seriously, chill on flakes and numbers. Focus on the process. It works. Tom Torero and Krauser have been doing this since 2009-ish. Nash started his blog in 2014. Roy Walker has been posting since 2016. Remember that this is an art–it takes years to become good. And when you start, understand that to the girl you’re just a dude she met on the street.

That’s a good point to reflect on a bit more. Even the best guys are still… just a guy she met on the street. What separates a guy like Roy Walker or any of the other guys I mentioned from a guy like me is that he makes her think of him as more than that; for whatever reason, a pick-up artist becomes in the girl’s mind, someone she HAS to meet up with or she’s going to miss out.

I think one of the hardest things for newbies is that you get numbers and then a tremendous percentage of them flake. It’s easy to get pissed and it sucks, but think of it from the girl’s perspective: you’re a fucking rando she met on the street. And girls are super flaky. So the goal in every set should be to differentiate and polarize. How can you set yourself apart?

I have three unpracticed theories on this (I say unpracticed, but looking back, in my best sets and all my lays I’ve done these things to some degree):

  1. Be sexual and challenging, but also,
  2. Playful, fun, interesting, and finally,
  3. Give her a reason why.

As in: why should she meet you? How are you going to be different than the other guys she meets? Something we all need to remember is that hot chicks have tons of dudes in their lives. They can pick and choose. So you HAVE to be different.

If you get an instadate, go.

OK, so back to my thoughts on the instadate I declined: bad choice. Yes, it was my first set and it was probably going to end any chance of a decent day game session I was going to have, but the point of day game isn’t to do day game.

No, the point is to get laid.

And even though I got the number (surprise, surprise she’s been unresponsive since), I had a chance right then and right there to get laid. It would have been tough, the logistics weren’t great, but it was still a chance. At the very least, it was practice being in a two-set/date situation and I would have learned a lot.

BTW, when you get good there seem to be a lot of same day lays–seems to me like a lot of Roy Walker’s lays are SDLs.

So my advice to newbies is to always go on the instadate–IF it presents itself. I don’t think it’s good to push for an instadate in most cases, but if the opportunity is there, go–especially if the girl is the one who asks. Sure, maybe the logistics are fucked, maybe you just got out there to get some numbers, maybe you’re not even super into the girl… so what? The point of this is to get laid, and to get laid, you have to go on dates and learn to escalate. Day game is just a vehicle for getting dates.

I have a few more thoughts on mission, monk-mode, and other stuff, but that seems like fodder for a separate post. Much love my brothers!