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The Battle of the Sexes and the Lies of the Media

RP McMurphy
August 24, 2022

Reality, for a lot of people, has become whatever they see on the internet, and, with the trans-panic (the notion everyone is somehow gender fluid and that anything other than being in lockstep with gender extremists amounts to violence and transphobia–exhibit A: the attacks on JK Rowling) and Wokeness at full steam, that means a there’s a lot of confusion about gender and sexuality, so let’s bring it back to evolutionary basics:

How much control do you have over feeling hungry, or thirsty? Feeling too hot or too cold? How much control do you have over feeling the urge to stare at barely legal teens swimming in the pool at your apartment complex? How much control do you have over needing to relieve yourself when nature calls?

Because that’s about how much control people have over their sexual desire. Men want fertile, young women. And, short of that, they’ll try to substitute something else in its place, whether that’s masturbating to porn or paying chicks on OnlyFans. We make fun of simps here, rightly, but OF shows that enough men are so desperate for a sexual/emotional connection with chicks that they’re willing to pay women large sums of money to sate that desire. Pathetic, but that’s how far humans will go to meet their primal needs.

Women want high-status men or just guys who are super HAWT: third-wave feminism has largely failed because women like fun too. No one I know disagrees with women having equal rights under the law, but when you try to say men and women are “the same”—should have the same role in life, and that everything regarding gender/sexuality is socially programmed, it doesn’t work for the obvious reason that women and men are running on different programs. Everyone sees and experiences this every single day, if they’re conscious, which is why trans and gender issues stir up so much controversy on social media, podcasts, etc.

In sports, there’s the “eyeball test”, which is the idea that you can often see a guy is a good athlete simply by watching him play, no metrics or measurements needed. The idea that men and women are the same doesn’t pass the “eyeball test”–not even close. Anyone who has any regular contact with the opposite sex can’t help but observe that there are huge differences regarding how we act, think, behave, and experience the world. SJWs and woke maniacs can run around spitting cope all they want, but at the end of the day it’s a narrative that will never land with most people because it’s not real or true to our lived experience. 

Any successful fiction writer tells the truth and advises aspiring writers to tell the truth, because if your fiction doesn’t mesh with what people experience in life, it’s not going to work. And that’s especially true when it’s right in front of your eyes everyday, like the difference between men and women. Like, if I go around screaming the sky is green when you can clearly see that it’s not, how much does it matter? Furthermore, even if everyone told the same lie and it was mandated you had to say the sky is green, you could still look up and see that it’s blue. This is why once you swallow TRP there is no going back, because it’s so obvious that the blue pill narratives we’ve been fed aren’t true. There’s a difference between what we want to believe is true and what actually is true–the point of this piece is to remind guys of that difference. No matter how many stories people tell or how badly they want to make reality what they want it to be, reality is what it is, and there’s very little we can do to change it. We either accept this or we struggle against that truth every single day of our lives.

Watch what people do, not what they say. Women may say they’re feminists, decry men on social media, bitch about misogyny and oppression and trans-rights all they want, but at the end of the day, what do most of them do? They wear make-up, have long hair, and date/fuck guys who are fit, socially aware (or well socially positioned, which explains why they’ll sometimes fuck drug dealers), and successful. They’re constantly taking pictures of themselves and posting to social media to get attention. Paradoxically, the fact that many young women buy into the trans-panic and wokeness is a sign of femininity, because it’s herd behavior–women are far more likely to buy into social messaging than men, because for them it’s all about fitting in and being accepted, which has its origins in tribal living, the conditions under which our DNA was forged.

If it’s not clear where I’m going with this, it’s that I see a lot of whining online about wokeness, masculinized Western women, and some of the other cultural trends, like chicks trading dogs for kids, hating men, purple/short hair and the prevalence of tattoos, etc. I’m not arguing that stuff has no impact, but what I am arguing is that its effect isn’t changing the fundamental state of nature, and in most cases it’s mostly narrative, not reality. And the problem for a lot of guys is that the narrative makes them hate women and think things are way worse than they are. Sorry guys, women aren’t flaking on dates because of “wokeness”–she’s flaking because either she doesn’t like you or because she’s a girl and that’s what girls do–and the reason she won’t stop and talk to you probably has a lot more to do with what’s going on with her personal life and circumstances than being ruined by feminism. News flash: women are still women who want male attention more than almost anything else in life. Has hypergamy made things more difficult? No doubt. Is it annoying to see misandry pretty well normalized (“toxic masculinity” for example)? Yup. But it doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does.

Legacy media institutions and corporations have largely swallowed the woke narrative, so when you listen to podcasts or read news articles, you’ll hear a bunch of bullshit–like the NYT continuing to assert that the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial was a travesty that shows how misogynistic we are as a society, when the reality is that people were on Depp’s side because she lied about the man in a way that damaged his reputation and the jury agreed. That narrative is then echoed on Twitter, Reddit, and anywhere people feel the need to value signal, like college campuses and liberal, big city enclaves. Worse, right wing media then reacts to the left as if this is what’s really happening and portrays the lefty/woke narrative as reality in order to scare the shit out of their partisans. But that brings us back to the fact that almost all of the above is nonsense; a mix of competing narratives that aren’t true and bear very little resemblance to reality.

The battle of the sexes will go on forever because men and women have competing sexual strategies: women want children from an alpha male, as well as exclusive access to his DNA and resources. Men want to father as many children as possible with as many hot, young women as possible. What’s even trickier is that women lose interest in the men they gain exclusivity from over a period of 1.5-4 years, probably because once she’s had his children, it’s better from a diversity perspective to mix her DNA with another alpha male, which is a long way of saying women are geared to blow up LTRs and marriages in a way that’s almost not her fault.

“Fault.” Much of what constitutes the battle of the sexes is the allegation that one side is particularly immoral or at fault for the other side’s problems–i.e. men are at fault because not enough of us are alpha ballers to the point where women can be sure they can secure such a mate, and women are at fault for being sluts who only fuck alphas and are too picky to choose guys they’d actually be happy with, aka “beta bucks Billy”, who makes good money and is super fucking nice. Interesting, because you can see that there’s a compromise there where most everyone sorta gets what they want, or at least more of what they want more often, but that’s just the problem: no one is going to change, because this behavior is a product of biology (environment probably plays a tertiary role), not a matter of logic or morality.

It’s also the sort of feminine behavior that’s become way too common in our modern discourse: complaining about how other people should change rather than accepting any agency for our own condition or looking at changes we ourselves could make. Think about politics: Republicans say, “if only those commie blue haired liberals would understand the concepts of hard work and economic freedom,” and Democrats say, “if only those redneck Trump worshipers would understand the problems of inequality and embrace more social freedom.” 

Women say: if only men were better. Men say: if only women were more reasonable. But the fact is, most men aren’t going to get better, and most women aren’t going to become more reasonable. There’s a selection bias problem here too, because guess who’s not complaining: the men who are better and the women who are reasonable. Why? Because they’re happily coupled, married, fucking regularly, and/or having families.

People respond to incentives, and right now, the incentives produce what we see: women are told by society that having children sucks and that it’s way more fun and rewarding to fuck a lot of Chads in your 20s, travel, and have a high flying career–don’t worry about getting married, that can come later–so that’s what they do…only problem is that by the time they hit 35 they badly want marriage and kids, but are much less likely to secure the sort of man they want because their beauty has faded, on top of not developing the necessary feminine character to make a marriage work or to be a good mother. But when you’re hot and young as a chick, how can you possibly GROK this? A: you can’t, and so it plays itself out as we’d expect. Hoping or expecting hot, young chicks are suddenly going to make reasonable decisions about dating is as foolish as expecting gravity not to pull us earthward.

For guys it’s pretty easy:

  1. You’re either fucking pretty early on because you have great genes, are an athlete or natural alpha, and then you do what those guys do–fuck a lot while in high school and college and then wife up one of the hotter ones in your mid-20s,
  2. OR you find it extremely difficult to fuck regularly or at the level of your SMV, because you don’t have the fashion, attitude, or aptitude to attract, approach, and seduce women…so what do those guys do? They play video games, get super into hunting or fishing, or work on making a ton of money because they figure that’s a backdoor way of getting a hot chick and marrying later in life–but like the chicks who rode the Chad carousel when younger, they find that women aren’t as money hungry as they suspected after all, especially not for a beta male who hasn’t worked on himself physically or socially.

In today’s SMP, an awful lot of people are losing and complaining about it, but most are still stuck and likely to stay stuck because complaining is not the same thing as doing and NO ONE is going to solve their problems for them.

Stop complaining about bad female behavior, or at least stop obsessing about it on Twitter. Because they’re not going to stop being the way they are, and frankly, I don’t blame them. Modern society has basically left only two paths to female relevance. Be:

A) a hot slut who fucks a ton and gets lots of attention on social media, or

B) a younger, hot mom who was lucky/smart enough to snag an alpha male early on and is reasonable enough to keep him.

Most of the chicks today are going to choose A, because it’s easier than B and they think B is an option for a lot longer than it actually is. So if you’re smart, the thing to do if you want to sate that deep desire for hot, young women, is to work on yourself and become a player. There has never been a sluttier, more sexually explorative generation of women–and for a lot of them, that’s literally all they’ve got. One biological truth about women: they’re sluts. All of them. They want to fuck. A lot. Her body WANTS her to get pregnant. Indeed, if you look at most of what women do, it’s to look good or put themselves in position to fuck HAWT guys. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s looking for one. If she’s meeting a friend for coffee, guess what they’re going to talk about 95% of the time: the guys they’re seeing or fucking (the other 5% is girls they’re competing with/hate).

So BE one of those guys. Women are still women: beautiful, soft, kind, feminine. Even the chicks who say they’re non-binary still behave that way and want to fuck strong, dominant, socially aware guys. So again, BE one of them.

There’s never been a better time to be a player, when fewer guys are trying/understand how to do that. If you want help, let’s work together. My guys get laid and figure this shit out way faster than guys who go it on their own. In any case, hope the blog helps you on your journey, and happy hunting!

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