Mantra One: Always be on, always be opening.

To be clear, I’m only entering into year two of my journey into the red pill lifestyle and cold-approach/pick-up. I’m not an expert by any means, nor would I consider myself knowledgable enough to coach guys on this stuff, other than the basics.

The point of this blog is simply to document my journey, share my insights, and reflect on what I learn, especially points of failure as those usually lead to the biggest break throughs. And, while I’m admittedly still somewhat of an amateur, I’ve had some pretty strong success implementing these strategies and following the red pill doctrine: lift, mission, game, reading, process over results.

I’m also doing something different than a lot of guys. The first point is that I’m a dad, so as that comes into play both in regard to raising my son as well as gaming women, I’ll put that stuff out there.

The second is that I’m fully committed to cold-approach/pick-up as my means of meeting women. I get why guys like SOD (swipe/online dating) in that it’s a very simple means of meeting and gaming women, but ultimately I think any guy who relies on that is shooting himself in the foot, both in terms of game and abundance.

Tinder isn’t game–it’s a crutch.

SOD isn’t just bad for the individual, it’s bad for men in general–like, all of us. Because what SOD does, if you really think about it, is put hypergamy on steroids, because women are the gatekeepers. Think about this: men swipe to match around 45+% of the time and women only about 15% of the time, and you can bet for the better looking chicks it’s even less because they match with basically every guy they swipe on.

In short, SOD makes male attention and men in general cheap AF. And understand guys, that’s really all we have–not an original observation on my part, I first read it on TheRedQuest. But it’s true.

And quite honestly, with guys who are having success on SOD it really boils down to one of two things (or both):

  1. He’s banging 5’s and 6’s–girls that just aren’t that hot, or are even subpar.
  2. He’s Chad (incredibly handsome) AND has great photos.

Understand guys: that’s not game. Game is when you’re pulling chicks you have no business pulling. Game is regularly sleeping with 7’s, sometimes getting 8’s and 9’s, and having a realistic shot at that unicorn 10. Game is going at least two points above your own SMV.

So yeah, if you just want to get laid by average THOTs, by all means, swipe away. And if you’re Chad in terms of looks, I guess whatever–my only point would be that you could probably pull even hotter chicks and have crazier experiences if you learned cold approach/pick-up.

The other thing I’d say is SOD cuts down on overall quality–both hotness and as human beings. Ask yourself this question: do you want to hang out with a shallow girl that’s on her phone all day, posts non-stop on Insta, etc., or a chick who doesn’t have social media, reads books, and has hobbies?

Well guess what? The latter isn’t on Tinder–neither btw are a lot of 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s (cause they don’t have to be)–and going forward, my guess is people end up getting somewhat fed up with the whole phenomenon anyway, because at it’s base it’s incredibly dehumanizing and for many people it doesn’t work at all.


Anyway, I’ve made the decision to only meet women IRL, mainly through cold-approach (though I’m not opposed to social circle game), and that’s what I’ll be writing about here.

But it will be different from the RSD/Tom Torero type stuff. I’d love to be able to fly around the world going to clubs, or spend day after day doing mass approaches, but as a dad I just can’t do that. The weekends/days I don’t have my son–sure–I’m trying to go out there and get numbers, but to be honest, my average is one to two approaches a day right now.

The focus here will be on how to do quality approaches and be ready to pull the trigger with any girl in any scenario, especially the tougher ones, like a hot barista, at the gym, in the supermarket, etc.–everyday situations that guys have just going about their lives.

For now I’m going to call it U-game, the U being short for universal/ubiquitous. It means being able to game in all scenarios or situations, opportunistically.

And yeah, sometimes that means going to out to do day game and get at least 10-15 approaches in a few hours. Or occaisionally going out to the bars or nightclubs to try for a pull or at least a few numbers. It means all avenues are open, and like a Buddha, I swim with the current, wherever the flow happens to take me.

But seriously guys: think about the opportunities, like…

  • Can I pull girls for quick sex tailgating at a college football game or shortly thereafter?
  • What’s the best approach at a festival/concert scenario to land a threesome?
  • When my son gets older and starts playing sports, what does dad game look like with the hot single mom’s, or even married women?
  • Can I turn my love for fly fishing, camping, SUP, and boating into a sex funnel somehow?
  • What’s the best way to game waitresses and strippers, who get hit on all the time by customers?

The hardest part so far has been having the player’s mindset 24/7, but what I have noticed since adopting this frame is that my approach anxiety is almost non-existent. For example, I saw one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen IRL yesterday at the gym. Granted, I didn’t approach, but that was only because her boyfriend was hovering around her constantly and I still haven’t figured out a truly calibrated way to approach in that environment… something I’m very much interested in cracking.

But I wasn’t afraid. And even though she was super fucking hot (like, if she wasn’t a 10, she was a 9.5), I wasn’t intimidated. I just never had a good opportunity.

Which brings me to the first piece of actionable advise for U-game: always be on, always be opening.

It means if you’re out and about: look the part, be high energy, and open everyone. I don’t care if it’s an old woman, a high school kid, or a fat chick–open. Be friendly and funny. That way, when the hot chick appears, you’re warmed up and ready to go. Plus, you’re showing yourself to be congruent with the character of an Alpha male: a leader who is comfortable, socially calibrated, happy, and funny–a man who is utterly fearless and confident in his frame.

And so ends this blog…

Mantra 1 of U-Game: always be on, always be opening.

Best of luck out there brothers!