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The power of pre-selection and long game with working girls.

RP McMurphy
April 3, 2019

U-Game Mantra 2: Always demonstrate pre-selection and value when interacting with women–long-term strategy w/ working girls.

I’m still unsure how things will turn out with Yoga girl, but on my end, I’m kinda over it.

We were supposed to meet up last night but I had to work so I cancelled. I probably should try to meet with her tonight and get it over with, but I just don’t care that much. Once a girl shows me some level of disinterest or plays too many games or gets aloof, it’s a major turnoff.


Which leaves me at square one (more on this in the next post)… kind of.

I’m have a date tonight with a chick I met a long time ago, and I number closed a smoking hot 9 the other day, but that’s a precarious situation.

I brought it up so I guess I should explain: there’s a great dive bar near my apartment—2 blocks away, lots of little places and alcoves to escalate kino, pool tables, a patio, etc. Also, many of the waitresses who work there are super hot.

But I don’t hit on them.

Why? Because you don’t shit where you eat. This bar has been the final step in banging at least 6-7 girls in the past 6 months, and I don’t want to spoil that by gaming the staff, banging one, pissing her off, and then having issues later on.

The irony is that by doing this I’ve made myself very attractive to these waitresses—they’ve seen me in the bar with other hot women, and yet, I don’t hit on them for a reason they don’t understand. Basically the perfect combination of pre-selection and abundance/DGAF.

So last Sunday I go to a different bar to watch a ball game, grab a beer, get some food. On the way in, one of the waitresses from the other place is sitting outside and calls me over. BTW, she’s the hottest of the girls—actually one of the hotter girls you’ll see period. Like, if you see this girl on any given day, you’d remember where and when for a couple weeks. A true 9 in terms of looks/body. We’ll call her Carolina since she’s from NC.

So Carolina calls me over to her and her friends (one’s a dude), we chat a bit and I’m flirty and teasing as always, but then I say, hey I want to catch the game I’m going inside for a drink, and leave. Again, always tempted to game this girl, but I want to keep my bounce bar as pristine as possible.

About a half hour later, however, Carolina comes in and makes a beeline for me at the bar. She was paying her tab but then we get into it about her old roommate (a girl I had plated not long ago, before she dropped off the map), and I bait her with the fact she talked shit about Carolina all the time (true, and not a surprise—girls can be surprisingly mean).

This intrigues her, and we get into it a bit more and she says she can prove to me the other girl is crazy because she has screen shots of texts from her. And I say, great, here’s my phone, call yours and then you’ll have my number. She does and then her friends are motioning from her outside not to talk to me, which will only ever play into my favor.

I’m deliberately waiting to text her for two reasons:

  1. She’s hot to the point where if she senses any neediness or even eagerness on my part, she’ll flake, and texting her right away would send the message that I have no abundance.
  2. Beyond this, however, I debate whether to do so at all. You see, she didn’t text me the screen shots, so maybe she’s not really interested (sort of snake seduction on my part, but oh well), but even putting that aside, suppose the best case scenario happens, I get her out, bang her, and then what?

I’m shitting where I eat.

If the relationship goes south (which at some point it will—this chick is pretty volatile from what I know), she could say any number of things to the other girls (AND STAFF) at the bar, and then who knows? Maybe it’s fine, maybe it’s awkward, maybe I’m 86ed, but it’s definitely a risk.

Problem is, she’s so hot it might be worth it. As RedQuest said recently, true 8’s and 9’s are tough to game and rare (most girls I’ve banged, like him, are 7’s). By comparison, Yoga girl is a solid 8, but Carolina is a clear step up: 24 years old and again, a true 9. She’d be the hottest girl I’ve ever been with if I can pull it off.

Anyway, the takeaway here is just how powerful pre-selection and DGAF is when it comes to game. When girls see/know you have other women, it’s like chick crack.

And I think I see how this folds into U-Game—I’ve always wondered how to get a number from a barista who’s working, or a clerk at a store, or a waitress/hot bartender (aka girls who are working), and I may have stumbled onto the answer: pre-selection and the long game.

If you can show up where she works with women OR game women where she works, her attraction to you will increase. That doesn’t mean she’ll chase like Carolina did and basically give me every excuse to get her number, but it means that you have a better chance asking for contact information later on down the line.

This is something that’s key for U-Game: targeting girls who work in places you frequent, but rather than a one time cold approach, running a longer model. You should still be in game mode all the time (rule 1: always be opening/always be on), but it probably means like at least 2-3 interactions (maybe more) where you’re demonstrating value through pre-selection before you have your best chance at gaming a girl who’s working.

The reason is that you know the interaction is going to be short: you probably have only 1-2 minutes to exchange information (cause she’s working), and as anyone who’s done much cold approach knows, the shorter the exchange the more likely she’ll flake. However, if you’ve demonstrated value and built some comfort by showing up every now and again, you’ve made the set a lot more solid and there’s a better chance of something happening.

It’s funny because tons of guys could run this model, but the mistake is that they aren’t employing any game when they go to a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop; instead, they’re super nice to the waitresses/help to the point of fawning and thereby display low value, beta behavior, and if they ever do ask her out it’s as if she’s doing them a huge favor. Instead, what they should be doing is treating it like a cold approach, only there’s no attempt to close. At least not initially.

But what I’ve decided to do is make a list of all the girls I meet in ordinary situations (grocery store, coffee shop, bar/restaurant, etc.) with the intention of knowing the next time I go there that I need to be demonstrating pre-selection and value.

I’m not going to stop running day game or bar/night game, but there’s no reason I can’t simultaneously try this long game approach at the same time.

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