I want to be clear that at this point, what I’m about to lay out is theory, but everything about this theory seems to make sense.

We all know that a huge part of game is holding the frame, having abundance mentality, and not putting the pussy on a pedestal. The problem with American women–as several of us have noted recently–is that they’re told they should hold the frame and have their pussy put on a pedestal, even though we know that’s not really what get their panties wet.

So the theory goes like this: instead of acknowledging her as feminine, teaser her for being masculine; instead of telling her she’s basic (she probably is), give her a hard time about breaking the rules, being a rebel, etc.

Because we all know what will happen–she’ll do the opposite. No girl wants to be told she’s masculine, so in reaction she’ll try to show you she’s feminine. And by telling her she’s a rule breaker, a non-conformist, you’re giving her permission to conform and be submissive. This dynamic also forces her to qualify herself to the player, forcing her to step into our frame.

At the same time, you’re giving her fragile ego the acknowledgement that she is what she’s been told all these years: a strong, powerful, badass bitch.

In terms of cold-approach/pick-up, working some of these teases into the set should also allow her to justify giving the number, because it wasn’t some arrogant guy hitting on her–it was a progressive, high quality man who’s funny and likable.

Anyway, the key part of the theory is that once this frame is in place, it allows her to be OK being herself–a feminine woman who wants a strong man. She doesn’t have to engage in the posturing American women feel they have to display to show they’re not weak, and if she retreats or reverts to that bullshit, the player just negs and teases.

One way to look at the frame American women have is a shit test. “I’m a woman, hear me roar.”

And the response is to agree and amplify, while using it to disqualify. “Yeah, yeah, I hear you man hands.”

OK, maybe not that exact statement, but you guys get the point. American women are more masculine and assertive than elsewhere and as a result, are incredibly insecure (scroll through Instagram and this becomes painfully obvious–the amount of false validation these girls need is gross). The problem that this creates in terms of male/female relationships is that she can’t allow herself to be pretty and vulnerable and feminine without feeling like she’s letting herself down, or betraying women everywhere.

I actually realize now that I did this inadvertently with the girl I took on an instant date a few weeks ago. I opened directly, saying that she looked lovely, but when I started qualifying her and asking her what she did, she said she was in advertising, and I immediately made some remark about her being a badass, high powered woman conquering the globe or something to that effect–and that date went really well. She may end up being a long game play as she’s coming back to my city in a few weeks.

But it’s almost as if, because American women are told or given the idea that men don’t respect them, that you have to acknowledge that you do respect her as a peer before you can just move on and have a man to woman interaction.

Anyway, this could all be total bullshit and maybe I’m just spinning my hamster–but definitely worth a try when I go out to do some day game today.