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Try to avoid basic girls in game and in general.

RP McMurphy
May 10, 2019

So, this is kind of piggybacking on my field report, but one thing I’m noticing as I’m doing more day game and approaches is that one type of girl in particular either: A) always has a boyfriend, or B) isn’t receptive to cold approach–and this is the basic bitch.

Unfortunately for me, there are a lot of them where I live.

Let’s define basic: upper-middle class, white (sometimes asian), pretty, and completely unoriginal. She shops at Nordstrom, Forever 21, and H & M (or those types of stores), posts 8 stories to Instagram everyday, is constantly on her phone, doesn’t read books, and has never had an original thought occur in her mind that hasn’t been drowned out immediately by self-doubt, insecurity, or the need to fit in with the rest of society.

Yes, you can bang these girls when they’re drunk at clubs–but that is about it, and it is often the case that a truly basic girl won’t even let herself get drunk because she’s too basic.

In essence, a basic girl cares about only two things: her appearance and her reputation. Her frame is entirely controlled by what mainstream society dictates and she’s always looking to conform to the newest fashion trend, social norm, etc. She is utterly beholden to the cultural zeitgeist–like Edward Norton’s character in the first part of Fight Club, a consumer who measures her life on possessions, status, and the approval of others.

Therefore, if she’s pretty, she’s almost always going to have a boyfriend with the pretense of moving toward marriage, because that’s what society sees as the acceptable expression of female sexuality. And unlike some women who will cheat on their boyfriend if he’s beta, the basic bitch won’t–she may want to–but her programming overrides her instincts: cheating is not what a “good girl” does. I should add here that while all women experience and are susceptible to slut shaming, the basic bitch is super sensitive to any sort of inkling that she might be acting slutty.

The point is that under normal circumstances, the basic bitch just isn’t receptive to pick up. As I stated at the the beginning, she’s almost always got a boyfriend–she’s a serial monogamist–so unless you catch her in the very short period in which she actually happens to be single (less than two weeks–my ex-wife is this person, and that’s how we met: right after she broke up with her boyfriend), there just isn’t an opening.

This, combined with the fact that she sees talking to a random man on the street or in a bar as “slutty”, means she’s a very difficult target and almost never worth the time. And I’d add here that even if you can land the basic bitch, the sex won’t be that good (she might want it rough, but is uncomfortable saying so), nor whatever sort of relationship you have. Her reality is based on being shallow and unoriginal, and I don’t know about you guys, but that’s not the sort of woman I want to spend a lot of time with–low-cut top girl that RedQuest writes about seems somewhat basic, although she breaks out of that mold in that she was willing to go to a sex club and do some swinging (props to the player for making that happen).

The exceptions where the basic bitch is worth targeting…

  • If she’s on vacation or a work trip, especially if she’s alone or it’s a “girls” trip.
  • If she’s drunk at a club and ovulating.
  • At a festival, theme party, or on a holiday like Halloween.

Why? Because the above scenarios give her a permission structure to break out of her normal confines.

OK, so this leads me to the types of girls you should be targeting, or indications that she’s not basic:

  • Tattoos that are showing.
  • Eclectic jewelry.
  • Non-natural hair color (pink, purple, bright red, etc.)
  • Unconventional makeup or lipstick.
  • Vintage or unconventional clothing (baby-doll dress, high socks with a short skirt, leather, animal patterns, fishnets, etc.)
  • Reading a book, doing yoga, rock climbing, SUP–any kind of activity or hobby that breaks from what most basic chicks do, which is post shit on Instagram and going shopping and/or to happy hour with friends.
  • If she’s at a concert or likes music that isn’t mainstream–especially punk-rock, metal, jazz, EDM, local rock or rap.
  • She drinks beer, whiskey, or kombucha–likes bacon, burgers, or steak (medium rare).
  • Is vegan or vegetarian.
  • She’s alone.
  • She doesn’t like Starbucks.

Basically what you’re looking for is some indication she’s broken away from social norms and the cult of the suburbs in some way–that there’s been some small act of rebellion in her life–because what that means is she’s open minded enough to see the act of being picked up as a story or a cool experience as opposed to being slutty or getting scared because it’s unconventional.

I’m not saying don’t approach these girls–experience is experience and some women can surprise you, but the payoff is going to be miniscule. Of all the girls I’ve slept with since learning cold-approach and game, only one was basic, and she was in town on vacation.

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