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What happens to the SMP during a pandemic? After? Part 1.

RP McMurphy
April 18, 2020

What’s up guys–and the few ladies out there who follow me. It’s been awhile.

Hopefully the why is obvious: game is officially on pause right now. And, by the looks of it, maybe for quite a long time.

Early on I thought online game and people being at home would make a difference, but that’s not the case. As Magnum has expressed through DMs, women are herd animals, and right now the herd is scared and not fucking–which makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. It hardly makes sense to have children during a blight or plague, and even though most of the girls we were gaming had no intention of having children, the underlying hind brain is still in charge.

Honestly, I don’t know how long this lasts, but my guess is that until there’s some certainty in terms of a vaccine or we learn that this isn’t as serious as people think it is–basically until life returns to some level of normalcy–game as we knew it is gone. Especially cold approach pick-up, whether day or night game.

Do women still want attention? Sure. Do they still want to fuck? Yes. But if they’re fucking it’s with guys they know already and/or know well. Or at the least, guys in close proximity.

For example, my guess is that if I end up with a +1 anytime soon, it’s a chick I meet on one of my epic walks or one who lives in my apartment complex or works at the grocery store. Like, she needs to see you more than once before she’s going on a date–because she’s not going on a date in the traditional sense. If something is going to happen, she’s coming to yours or you’re going to hers, and fucking is on the table. It always was and always is, but chicks don’t like to admit that, and in the context of the times, they have to, which will scare some away.

Assuming we’re social distancing and/or not gathering in large groups for a very long time (like through Fall 2020, or Winter 2021), women are going to become very K-selected. They’re going to look to pair up or hook up with particular dudes on a more consistent basis as opposed to playing the field like they were before.

At some point online game may become viable, but as most of you know, online game is so badly rigged against men it’s not going to help most of us. Ironically, in a time when online game should basically be the only option, the way the apps are structured will reveal to guys just how fucking awful it is and may very well kill their viability. At the end of the day, Tinder’s underlying value is that some portion of chicks come out and some portion of guys get laid. When men realize the percentage of both groups are minuscule and heavily tilted toward the top 2% best looking dudes, they’ll realize it’s bullshit and stop paying, at which point, Tinder and OLD is dead. My guess is that the pandemic accelerates that happening as opposed to being a boon for business. Could be wrong of course, but we’ll see (credit to InvestorPUA for that idea–I think he’s right).

After…once this all starts to unwind…I think there will be a period of extreme R-selection AND K-selection. Some portion of chicks will want to fuck as many hot guys as possible given that they couldn’t for so long (YOLO), and some portion will be looking to lock down a provider and a stable relationship ASAP.

My guess is that the quarantine and social distancing will have three effects regarding women and SMP overall:

  1. They remind people that life is not forever and our opportunities are limited–flaking and ghosting was its own pandemic before this one. I’d guess that happens less post Corona. Before, it could be framed as not missing out on anything–now, there’s a sense of urgency that didn’t exist before.
  2. Women are going to readjust and redefine their expectations of what it means to be a high quality man in favor of stability first, salary second, looks third.
  3. Having kids and a family is going to seem much more attractive. The hollowness of being a single corporate ladder climber has been exposed by this pandemic in ways the mansophere never could. No chick wants to have no family and no children knowing that something like this can happen–or at least no chick who’s worth a damn.

Overall, long term, I won’t lie: this is bad for players. The time to be a player was before coronavirus. That’s not to say things won’t comeback or be good in a few years, but this is bad. We’re looking at an SMP that is more conducive to getting married (still, don’t, unless you’re getting a crazy good offer) than playing the field, and an economy that will keep a lot of the hot young girls looking for providers, not Chads.

On the other hand, people are people. Once life returns to some sense of normality, things will get back to how they were faster than many of us think. So who knows? Maybe in five years, things are basically like they were in 2019: lots of chicks to game, cold approach is king.

But for now, shit’s broken.

I’ll try to put out content I’ve forgotten or neglected during this time, but I’m not going to make up approaches or lays to get readership. Lord knows there are plenty of frauds on twitter who can do that.

Game has stopped for the most part. That’s real. And as such, RPD has little material to share.

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