Just a quick update–finally got a number yesterday and broke out of my slump. Got another one today.

I only did a few approaches, but after the adjustments I talked about recently, my game was much better.

The first approach was kinda doomed to fail from the beginning, although I couldn’t know that: it was a four set with one of the girls in a white wedding dress, clearly a bachelorette party.

I don’t have a list of rules for pick-up yet, but when I get around to making one, among them will be that if you see a bachelorette party, you MUST approach. Why? Because all the attention is on the bride to be, and that means every other girl in the group is going to be super thirsty for attention; plus, the whole idea of marriage gets girls in that romantic sort of mood and they’re often more willing to be approached. I mean, seriously, is there a better story to tell than you’re dating a guy you met while on your girlfriend’s bachelorette party?

And I always remember what Todd V says, which is that guys get laid for one of three reasons:

  1. He has higher value, and so for the girl it’s an automatic win. Think rock star or good looking guy game.
  2. There’s a story or narrative involved in meeting and connecting. “It’s so funny…”
  3. Last dick standing–basically, you’re alone with her and there’s no good reason why the two of you wouldn’t fuck.

With a bachelorette party you have the potential for all three, but the story thread is particularly relevant.

Anyway, the unfortunate thing for me was that all the other girls were married, and to be honest, these women just fucking sucked–they weren’t fun, interesting, or the least bit playful, so even though my open was fine and I was friendly and teasing and making them qualify, their focus was on using me to virtue signal to each other how chaste they all are.

Another reason boys, not to get married. RedQuest says this constantly and I 100% agree. I honestly feel bad for whoever the fucking sap is who’s going to have to deal with that woman and her band of harpies until she worms her mind into wanting a divorce.

Next, there was a very cute curly haired blonde in a little black dress waiting at the bar. I opened with, “you look like you’re waiting for someone, but I must say you look lovely in that black dress.”

She said she was waiting for someone, thanked me, then turned away–a lot of guys will stop here, but you shouldn’t. Keep going. This is the most under cited shit test: if I ignore you, will that stop you?


I said, “you look very fit–nice guns,” pointing to her arms. “Have you thought about olympic weight lifting?”

Notice the pull-push: complimented her looks, but then the neg of olympic weight lifting–no girl wants to hear that. But it worked (remember to smile so she knows you’re playing) and she turned back around and said, “well I did play basketball in college.”

Ding, ding, ding! Today’s topic: college athletics–it was actually perfect because the NCAA tournament was going on at the time. Anyway, we vibe on that topic for awhile, talking about college athletics (I played baseball in college), but then I sneakily shifted into a more sexual realm, talking about how that was when I became more confident in the bedroom (a lie, but whatever).

She blushed at this, but then we got into some topics, talking about threesomes, etc. She had hooked when we started talking about college, but by this time she’s fully engaged in the conversation, asking me questions, etc…

And then her fucking boyfriend shows up.

I introduce myself to the guy, but he was clearly irritated–as he should be–but I should have still asked to exchange information covertly (like saying, “well, you should follow me on Insta so we can connect about that volunteering thing we were talking about”); I didn’t, whatever.

Nevertheless, I count that as a win–it was a great set, the girl was on, and if she hadn’t had a boyfriend, or even if he hadn’t walked up right then, I’m almost certain she would have given me her number.

Third approach was a girl who simply sat next to me at the bar. I said hi and just started going, saying, “it looks like you’re dressed up for a date.” This is kind of a sneaky way of saying, “you look good.” But it also opens for teases later and sexualizing the conversation–“did you wear sexy panties?What if he’s a keeper?!”

Problem was: she was going on a date, and the guy was supposed to show up in the next few minutes. I wasn’t about to let this shit happen again, so I moved the conversation forward, teasing, and then closed, “well why don’t you give me your number and then if it doesn’t go well you can go out with me next week.”

She did–and get this–is texting me while she’s on the date. BTW, I had found out they matched through Bumble. Anyway, I didn’t respond for a full day, but when I did she said she wanted to go out sometime next week and I told her I’d hit her up then… seems like a solid lead.

This is why guys, there’s a clear advantage to cold approach over SOD–I’m immediately of higher value than the guy she was on a date with because I showed the social skills and confidence to pick her up and get her number. Just sayin’.

Anyway, then I went home and went to sleep–not a lot of approaches (I was out with friends from work and only for happy hour), but very solid game and much better than what I had been doing.

Today, I walked to the local grocery store and there was a woman sampling beer. I’ve been trying to stay sober lately, so I initially declined when she asked me for a sample, but when I got what I needed, I thought–“you’re a fucking idiot, that girl was cute”–and turned around and approached.

Granted, she’s in a somewhat captive situation–but so fucking what? The key is to be covert.

I actually just run the London Model on her, straight up.

And it fucking works. Another number close.

Just saying guys, if you make this a regular habit, it gets so much easier. It has to be your mindset.

Lift. Game. Goals. Approach. Man up!