Redquest has a post up that references a woman who’s bored with her fiancee and decides to leave him in order to pursue hotter sex and bigger dicks. Part of it was about rough sex and why women like it, but there’s another side to it as well…

To me, this is a story of how people will almost always pursue short term experiences/fun at the expense of long term goals/outcomes. This is where American society has done a huge disservice to women, and by extension, men.

Because modern women aren’t taught to be responsible (unless it’s a career or money–sometimes not even then) or think long term about what will make them happy in life rather than in the moment. They’re told they DESERVE to be happy and that life should be fun, carefree, and relatively easy.

The woman in the story, 26, is proving this exact point–she’s probably within 5 years of the wall, and almost certainly at a point where she’s not getting better looking. Now who knows? If she’s super hot and stays in good shape, maybe she can look good into her late 30’s and it doesn’t matter. But for MOST women, this is the tradeoff: between 18 and 26-30, they can have tons of hot, scandalous sex with as many partners as they want (some want more, some less–not all women are as slutty as the TRP sub makes it seem, as Red Coco and I discussed earlier today), and then an “oh shit” moment of wanting a husband/kids, followed by the search for Mr. Perfect who wants nothing more than marriage and babies…

Who doesn’t exist, or if he does, isn’t going to marry a woman who’s fucked half the city during her 20’s. Worse, even if she can find a guy, she’s destroyed her ability to pair-bond and will be unhappy eventually with any man she happens to be able to attract.

The narrative basically looks like this: you get 10-15 years of awesome amazing sex and attention from super hot guys and everyone is nice to you and things are good, and then the next 40 are kind of a downer. Yeah, maybe life isn’t terrible, but it’s not nearly as exciting as what you wanted it to be or remember it as–and way less fulfilling because there’s no husband or children to come home to. Even rougher is the fact that there’s a fairly precipitous downslope in what kinds of men you can attract–I recently had a woman at a yoga class in her 50’s say she felt invisible to men. Honestly didn’t know what to say to her (because I didn’t see her).

On the flip side, if this woman CHOSE to marry this guy (who’s probably blue-pill and partially why she’s bored), CHOSE to fuck him regularly and work on their sex life, and CHOSE to look past his minor flaws assuming that in most other ways he was a decent husband and father (these things are no longer something that’s expected of a married woman), her overall life would be much better and more satisfying, even if she missed out capitalizing on the hotness of her 20’s.

But again, women–especially American women–aren’t taught to think this way. They’re told they can and should have it all, and that no moment of happiness/fun is worth sacrificing in the name of long term goals/outcomes. And because most American women are this way, American men, by extension, sort of have to do the same thing. The only difference is we have to wait until our late 20’s and 30’s (exception is for young guys who are super hot and/or have phenomenal game, but for most young men, just wait guys, it gets WAY better) and then we can do it for a bit longer albeit with less overall choice and more legwork to get it done (with good game and staying fit, it seems like guys can do pretty well into their early 50’s).

This is my guess as to why men on TRP can seem bitter, and I realize it’s one of the reasons I sometimes come off as bitter. Because in truth, many of us would rather search for and marry a beautiful woman and settle down with her and have kids–but after doing that once and watching my wife branch swing to the next man up, watching nearly every single one of my married friends either going through divorce or living in unhappy, sexless marriages/having their wives cheat on them, not to mention the marriage rape that occurs and the fact so many American women are too masculine and combative to live with let alone marry, I realize that’s not really a feasible option.

The next best thing is learning game and fucking as many hot, young women as you can IMO, so that’s what I’m doing. But that’s where a lot of the bitterness comes from in the manosphere–because as much as we say how awesome it is boning hot, young women (and it really, really is), the truth is it’s a lot of work and there’s a certain nihilism to it that having a beautiful, loyal wife and family doesn’t entail.

That sort of life gives you purpose, and even if there really isn’t one, you can pretend there is. And as every red pill man knows, that is crucial to a his self-worth and value.

I have to say by extension, that’s where there’s confusion about misogyny. Sure, there are guys on the sub or in the manosphere who probably do hate women, but most guys don’t. It’s just that we live in a society that tells us our goal should be to marry women who are essentially unsuitable to marry and there are pretty horrific consequences when that goes wrong as it often does, like losing access to your kids and/or wealth… so as we like to say: enjoy the decline.

And that’s all I have to say about that.