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Women can’t make moves–they want men to do it. So let us…

RP McMurphy
June 11, 2021

As a society, we’re going to have to decide–and soon–where we want to go.

Are we going to be a society of zero responsibility for our choices, one of blame and misery, aka feminine chaos, where we’re so paranoid of some people winning that we ensure everyone loses?

Or do we want to be a society where people take responsibility for their choices and recognize that in life there’s a competition for outcomes–from money to sex partners to happiness. Some people “win” and others “lose”, but that’s mostly determined by hard work and prudence, accepting that luck and circumstances will always play some factor.

In other words, can we accept that life isn’t fair but can still beautiful and good for most people, or do we want to make it ugly and shitty because it’s not fair and never will be?

The woke & SJWs: complain, are miserable, and want everyone else to be miserable.

Same with conservatives who have zero ideas about how to make things better and just constantly bitch and let their minds fester with conspiracy theories.

Same with feminists who are ugly, fat, and blame men for every problem under the sun.

Same with older chicks quasi-trad chicks who were happy to enjoy HQ male attention earlier in life, but now that the spotlight has passed them by, want to tell everyone else not to have sex, slut shame, and promote general malaise and misery.

I’m against all of that.

Life isn’t always fair–fuck I mean it never will be–but if you’re smart and work hard and treat people well, it is pretty good! We should celebrate beauty and accomplishment and progress! Sex is amazing–we should be encouraging people to have more, not less!

And there is nothing hotter than a strong, confident man with a hot, young woman–and everyone who says otherwise is a just jealous.


I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point our society decided that, excepting straight men, no one–especially middle to upper class white women–should ever experience anything uncomfortable from birth unto death. This is simply, and obviously, not possible, and yet this expectation reeks in almost everything we do.

But the truth regarding sex and relationships is that women are passive. They will not make moves in dating. Which means by definition: MEN HAVE TO DO IT. Even on OLD, the guy has to move things forward, ask for the number, set up the date, etc., 95%+ of the time.

That being the case means that sometimes a guy is going to ask a girl out who isn’t interested, and she might feel somewhat uncomfortable telling him no…

I’m sorry honey: TOO BAD. 

Life has uncomfortable moments. Not everything goes well all the time. People can be jerks. Bad shit happens.

Sometimes homeless people are going to ask for money, or yell at you when you didn’t do anything. Sometimes you’re going to get in a car wreck, or Comcast is going to fuck up your bill, or your friends are going to forget your birthday, or the Starbuck barista is going to be mean to you.

Sometimes you’re not going to get the job or raise or promotion you deserve–not because of systemic racism or sexism or some other social justice issue, but because it just didn’t happen for any number of other reasons. That doesn’t mean racism and sexism don’t exist, but they don’t explain every situation always until the end of time. Not everything bad that happens need be reframed as a traumatic experience of systemic injustice.

Life isn’t fair, and sometimes it’s going to be uncomfortable, depressing, boring, sad, etc.

But most of the time, the thing to do–instead of complaining–is to suck it the up and deal with it like an adult.

That means that if women want to dress super hot, show a lot of skin, and advertise how hot they are (big fan of all of that btw), then they have to accept that sometimes they’re going to get attention from guys they’re not interested in–but instead of making that into some goddamn trauma, they should just learn to say no and move on.

Again: women can’t make shit happen in terms of romance. Most don’t want to. Even those who say they want to, won’t 95% of the time. And we all know it. Hell, as it is, guys have a hard enough time making shit happen, and we’re told it’s our job from day one.

So here’s the thing ladies: if you want the handsome, cool, high value guy to hit on you and ask you out and seduce you, however you meet, on the date, etc.–you have to accept that sometimes a guy you don’t like is going to hit on you.

And the remedy is easy: say no and tell him you’re not interested. Make it really clear. And if he continues to bother or harass you, call the police, tell your HR department, block his number, or tell your dad or brother or male friend to talk to and/or beat the shit out of him.

Pre-2010, women seemed to understand this, but like everything in the 2020s, we’ve gone fucking crazy and some number of women think being hit on by a guy she doesn’t like is some horrific tragedy akin to sexual assault or even rape.


Those are entirely different things, and when you conflate them it makes everyone take the latter less seriously.

Let me put it this way: either women are as strong, powerful, and independent as they say they are and our society insists they are, and deserve to serve in government, be paid equally, and be afforded the opportunity to do all the things men do–OR they are not–and we need to go back to a society where men are in charge of protecting them so their feelings don’t get hurt and they experience as little discomfort as possible.

If women are strong, independent, powerful, and equal to men, then surely–fucking surely–they can tell a guy who’s hitting on them that they’re not interested. If they can’t, how can we possibly trust women to hold public office, serve in the military, or work in any high level position in any business, government, etc? Because people in high level positions have to deal with being uncomfortable and saying no and making hard decisions regarding people who are pressuring them to do stuff they don’t want to do EVERY FUCKING DAY ALL THE TIME. Like, if you can’t tell a man who asks you out no and move on without some dramatic outburst, I don’t want you in a high level position doing anything.

Men and women are obviously different, but from what I’ve seen, women are every bit as capable as men in most life situations, with some obvious exceptions where gender gives one sex an advantage (like women being better with children; men making better construction workers).

But when I see white knight puritans and feminists attempting to gate keep the vaginas of younger women, or hear chicks complain that some idiot hit on them one time and it was some great traumatic experience, it makes me strongly question whether that belief is true. Feminism in some ways has come full circle to the point where it now often argues that women need special privileges and protections and chaperoning, implying at baseline that women are weaker and less capable than men.

RPD, your friendly neighborhood PUA, doesn’t think that’s true–but the white knights and feminists and SJWs sure as hell do, and that’s to say nothing of the trans-panic currently engulfing our society.

In the meantime, what the sane among us need to say when we see this argument–“oh that’s so creepy” or “oh he’s a pedophile” because there’s a ten year age gap between a dude and the girl he’s dating–is: No. You’re just jealous and you think women are stupid non-adults and can’t make their own decisions.


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