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The opposite of a cuckold is a man who doesn’t tolerate his woman messing around with other men, an expectation that was reasonable up until these depraved times of open relationships and “polyamory.” If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste time and effort on a woman who will eventually cheat on you, so it becomes helpful to know the warning signs.

There are two female character traits that highly correlate to cheating. I’ve found these traits not in women who have cheated on me, but on women who cheated on their boyfriends, fiancees, or husbands with me. In many cases, I didn’t even know she had a man until after we had sex.

1. She has a high need for excitement

A girl with a high need for excitement believes that life should always be fun. She fears boredom and routine. She may share memes along the lines of “Life is short” or “Carpe diem.” The problem is that relationships are boring by their very nature. Within only a couple of months, they turn into a repeating pattern of eating, having sex, watching movies, and talking about the same group of friends. This is hard for some girls to tolerate. They will cheat not with the intention of leaving their boyfriend, but simply to live the fun lifestyle they believe is coming to them.

The same pattern occurs with a girl who is highly impulsive, meaning she needs to act on whatever random idea pops into her head so that she can see herself as “fun” and “spontaneous.” If she is in a club with friends and sees a hot guy, the impulse of “I want to sleep with him” is one she may act on, even though her loyal boyfriend is waiting at home.

Several years ago in Poland I was in a nightclub when I noticed a tall girl with nice legs staring at me. The conversation between us went well and I tried to move her to the dance floor, but there was a big problem: she had a boyfriend, and he was on his way to the club with his friends. I was ready to move on to another girl, but even after the boyfriend arrived, she kept looking my way. They all went upstairs. Ten minutes later, she came back to me. I knew she wanted to fuck so I told her to come with me to my place, which was only a five-minute walk away. I could tell it was thrilling for her to escape the club with a new man while her boyfriend was still in it.

Once in my apartment, the boyfriend called. She told him that she got tired and went home, but that he should stay in the club and have fun with his friends. She ended the call with “I love you.” We then had sex multiple times, she spent the night, and then we had sex again in the morning. She made effort in seeing me again.

2. She has a high sense of entitlement


A girl with high entitlement feels that her current boyfriend should satisfy all of her needs. If he doesn’t, then he is not holding up to his end of the bargain. She will then feel little or no guilt for fulfilling those needs elsewhere with other men.

Girls want to be satisfied in two areas: physically and emotionally. Physically, a high entitlement girl will expect you to give her as many orgasms and as much pleasure as she gives you, which is difficult unless you spend hours going down on her. Emotionally, she will want to remain in an attracted, happy, and contented state without any feelings of anxiety, regret, dissatisfaction, or fear of missing out. One man simply cannot satisfy both of these areas for eternity, but a high entitlement girl expects it. If you fail, she will cheat.

Another time a high entitlement girl cheats is after you get into an argument with her. She can’t believe that you made her upset, so in her mind it’s not wrong to feel better in the embrace of another man. If your girlfriend gets upset with you today, there is a line of five men ready to immediately fuck her. Fifty years ago, she may have only had access to the village drunk. If you don’t want a high entitlement girl to cheat on you, you must become her hostage and always keep her happy.

Not long ago I met a hippie girl in a nightclub. She wore a small backpack and had weird dance moves that suggested she was on drugs (she told me she wasn’t). Her hair went all the way down to her butt, which aroused me fully. We danced extra close but she would turn her head away when our faces got near. I didn’t push the matter and later she told me that she had a boyfriend. Things weren’t going well with him. I brushed it off and told her to do whatever she wanted, that I’m merely enjoying the moment.

When the dancing got boring, we went to my apartment for a “tea.” We ended up having sex five times. During one of the rounds, she scooped up my semen with two fingers and put it in her mouth while locking eye contact with me. Even with my level of experience, I felt disturbed. Before she left, she told me that her boyfriend has a low sex drive, but she didn’t want to break up with him. She did not make effort in seeing me again.


You may be thinking, “Don’t all girls have a high need for excitement along with high entitlement?” If you’re meeting them on Tinder or in the nightclub, then yes, most will fall into that category. If you’re meeting them in Westernized countries where #MeToo teaches them that they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable for any reason, certainly. Unless you carefully screen your women, it will be hard to avoid the cheating type.

Thankfully, there are some women who just want to find a good man and have a family. They are willing to work out any relationship problems instead of immediately jumping on a new cock, and see fun as the temporal and meaningless distraction that it is. Maybe one day I will meet such a girl.

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