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In 1922, Albert Einstein traveled to Japan, part of his overall journey throughout Asia. In his writings, he talked about the particularities of lands he visited, and how they had a significant impact on him as a human being. While his journeys through Ceylon, Singapore and other places were intriguing, none of them took hold like Japan.

He later talked about the intricacies of Japanese culture, the impressive traditions, and of course, the women. After spending some time in the country, he came to appreciate the “flower-like” demeanor of ladies here, leaving with a life-changing view that lasted with him for the rest of his life. Countless men who traversed over the Pacific Ocean have had the same impression of Japan and its women, shaking them to their very core. What is it about the local flair that makes men across the world want to come back?

One of the greatest minds in human history enjoying some sake

As a continuation from a previous post, women of the Japanese variant are head-and-shoulders above the Western stock. From looks and demeanor, to general philosophies on life and relationships, Japanese women have much to teach the Anglosphere on the power of feminine exuberance. Here are a few other qualities for your reading pleasure.

1. No Tattoos

I don’t know about you, but I never liked excessive tattoos on women. The general acceptance of looking like a Suicide Girl was something that made me scratch my head in bewilderment. Call me a hypocrite, but when I think of a mother, the first image that comes to mind isn’t a person with green hair and a half-sleeve.

Living in Japan, the idea of women turning themselves into human canvasses is rare. Even in major metros like Tokyo and Osaka, you can go quite a long time without seeing some hideous inkblot on an otherwise pleasant girl.

While changing, it isn’t uncommon to see signs like these

A long time ago, the common consensus was that tattoos of any kind meant you were apart of the garbage bin of society (the outcasts, gangsters, thieves, etc), so a woman slathering on various pigments of dysfunction on her skin meant she was a mark. While the stigma behind tattoos is slowing fading away, the idea that a run-of-the-mill girl will go get inked up during “ZOMG Spring Break!” is virtually nonexistent. Leaving out the Shoko Tendo types and club rats, women here understand that beauty and tattoo-free skin are one in the same.

2. Social Graces

As mentioned before by Quintus Curtius, there comes a point where you tend to appreciate more than some curves and smile. Having the ability to conduct yourself with elegance and dignity is something that, to me, is just as important, if not more than other qualities.

At social functions, the mate you present to your friends and colleagues is a direct reflection of you. If you’re bringing around an individual who is loud, proud, and full of snark, the image of who you are will pale in comparison to the man who seems to understand the importance of appearances.


Pleasant evenings with pleasant company. Way it should be.

Due to cultural statutes, Japanese women have an innate understanding of how perception is reality. If you’re a man who is looking to build something of value, then the significance of social graces is one that needs to be addressed. As far as Japanese women are concerned, one does not have to worry about her airing out dirty laundry in public, or trying to break your balls in polite company. The better you treat her and respect the cultural mores of the country you’re in, the better off your experience will be.

3. Patience

As a man of this site, you have more red pill awareness than your average counterparts. Therefore, you have the innate understanding that if your game, finances, and mindset are together, you will have more access to the better things in life. In the case of Japan, the tendency to have more patience towards “beta” qualities is one that benefits the man who has an understanding of how the real world works.

As Roosh mentioned in the past, world game is quite effective and is the gold standard for countries not infected with a sense of societal suicide. In Japan, many women are receptive to it, provided you add in a few cultural adherences to authenticate the experience.

This is a staunch contrast to the Western variant, where being a sociopathic Genghis Khan seems to be the tried and true way to cover any ground. The high testosterone, brutish asshole archetype may get laid in Japan, but he won’t get much traction outside of the girls who have been passed around like Agitprop leaflets. If it is in your nature to be this way, then do what works best.

Being in shape, having confidence, and running world game tends to be the winning ticket to success in a country where perceived “blue pill” notions are the mainstream ethos.

She isn’t hellbent on destroying your life

The man who presents himself in the best light possible will not have to worry about the other party looking to find every way possible to destroy the relationship simply because things seems “too normal.” As an individual looking to establish roots and build a legacy, this is indispensible.


Overall, Japanese women have a wealth of qualities to offer men of all types who are looking for peaceful and enjoyable relationships. As a person with means, the world is your oyster, where you can choose to embark on a journey to find what works best for you. If Japan is a place that appeals to your sensibilities, then having an understanding on how the women interact compared to other parts of the world is a crucial step in uncovering what you’re truly looking for.

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