Though we often state that “All women are like that” (AWALT for short), men who are red pill aware know that not all sluts are created equal. They’re all different in their own way in terms of what motivates them.

There are, however, a subset of women who are radioactive to men within the context of a sexual relationship. This might seem as though I’m stating the obvious, what with the current state of the sexual marketplace in this day and age, but believe it or not there are women out there who will positively turn your life upside down if you allow her to get her hooks in you.

Here are seven of the most dangerous signs:

1. Claims to have been raped

“…and when I saw he was shorter than me the next morning, I realized I had been raped!”

We all know that there are false rape accusations made all the time by women but there are women out here who have truly been raped. In either case, if the words “I was raped” comes out of her mouth, she’s radioactive.

You’re either risking a false rape accusation or you’re gonna be dealing with a woman who’s so fucked up in the head she’s ruined for life. Whether she’s lying or telling the truth, a woman who claims to have been raped is dangerous to you as a man.

Don’t even fuck her. If she claims to have been raped get the hell outta there and block her number.

2. Biological clock girl

Tick tock…

The biological clock girl is the woman who knows she’s running out of time to have a baby. She can’t lock down a man because the cock carousel has turned her into an entitled bitch who doesn’t know how to act like a woman anymore with the kind of thousand cock stare that scares of the kind of men who she’d want to impregnate her. It takes her a few years to figure this out which gobbles up previous time and at some point she starts to realize her biological clock is ticking even faster. She then resorts to drastic measures to get pregnant.

Now I’m not talking about poking holes in condoms or fishing condoms outta the trash after he leaves and injecting herself with his sperm. That stuff is for young girls or amateurs who haven’t figured out it takes more than that to trap a man with a kid. These chicks are normally in their mid to late 30s, a lot smarter and they take it to a whole different level

There’s a website called and it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s a site where women can buy things to make a man think she’s pregnant with his baby. Fake positive pregnancy tests, fake ultrasounds, fake sonograms, you name it, they’ve got it. It’s described on the website as a “gag” gift but I’ll bet my nest egg that most women don’t buy their products as a joke or a gag…especially considering what they charge for their “gifts.”

Yes…this is a real website…

These women are dangerous because if a man thinks a woman is carrying his child, he feels obligated to share his resources (as he should because that would be the right thing to do if a woman is pregnant with his kid). But here’s where the REAL con happens: if a man thinks a woman is pregnant with his kid, he’ll start fucking her without protection thinking it doesn’t matter if he shoots his loads in her and then when she does become pregnant, there’s no news to break.

These women trick men into having unprotected sex with them to get pregnant by faking a pregnancy and they use this website and others to do it. There are women out here who aren’t even pros at this who still fool men in this way.

In either case, if you’re fucking an older woman who doesn’t have kids, has never been married, and mentions the desire to be a mother even once to you, watch out. Females like this are more than likely looking for a mark to run this gambit on.

3. The Pathological liar

Your girl is different— she’d never lie

Women lie. We know this and that’s one of the main reasons the manosphere exists in the first place. But every once in a while we meet women who lie about things they don’t need to lie about. Things like what she ate for lunch yesterday or what color panties she’s wearing—completely benign untruths she tells because she’s a pathological liar.


Women like this are dangerous because if you can’t even believe what they tell you about things she doesn’t have to lie about, then you know she’s lying to you about anything and everything else that matters. Catching your girl in a lie every so often is one thing. It happens. It sucks but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker depending on the what she lied about.  But when you’re catching her in lies weekly or sometimes even daily you’ve gotta drop her.

4. Raised by a single mom

“OMG I luv being a mom!!”

Women who were raised by single moms are guaranteed sluts. Yes, I’m making a generalization and I’ll say it again so there’s no mistaking what I’m saying here: 100% of women raised by single mothers end up as sluts.

Listen guys, single mothers are single for a reason. They have no discipline, no impulse control, no respect for men, and huge entitlement complex. You put all that together and you’ve got a woman who’s had either an STD or an abortion (or both) before she’s 30. Guaranteed.

5. Drug addict/pill popper

Drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth, and cocaine really fuck up your system because they cause a dopamine and serotonin overload. Everything looks better and feels better including dick which is why there are so many girls out here can’t enjoy anything anymore because their receptors are fried because of all the crap they’ve snorted up their noses. At some point they have to use these drugs in order to feel any enjoyment or excitement having sex.

Obviously women like this are dangerous because if they have drugs on them and you get pulled over, she’s putting your freedom at risk. Also, if you’re with her when she buys her drugs she could also be putting your life at risk. Don’t get serious with girls who use drugs on the regular. Fuck ‘em and chuck ‘em and keep their numbers in case you hit a slump. That’s your only option.

6. On anti depressants/anxiety meds

Now if she’s a former drug addict it’s only a matter of time before they need these drugs to feel normal but here’s the thing: Women are emotionally volatile by nature. They’re women. They’re never chemically or hormonally identical from one day to the next. One day she loves you, the next day she wants to kill you, the day after that she wants to have your children, the next she wishes you got hit by a bus.

Then there’s her menstrual cycle: For a few days she wants cock in every hole, then for another few days it makes her hate herself and the world (PMS), then it bloats her, makes her body hurt, and causes her to be lethargic while her pussy bleeds and it all starts again on day one.

You factor all that in and then you wanna throw in anti depressants and anti anxiety meds which can cause suicidal and homicidal ideation on top of that??? Proceed with caution but DO NOT COMMIT.

7. Engaged more than once, but never been married

Women want nothing more than to belong to a man. They also want access to a man’s resources. The easiest way to get both is to get married. Simple math.

But if you meet a woman and she tells you she was engaged to be married but the wedding never happened, that’s a red flag for obvious reasons. But if she tells you she was engaged more than once but has never been married, you need to watch your back because she’s hazardous to your mental health, your emotional health, and your financial health.

Women like this are parasites and there are more of them out there than you think. These are females who never really intend on getting married but they go through the motions for no other reason but to inflict as much emotional and financial damage to men.

Something really bad happened to her and it’s warped her mind to the point where she’s dangerous to herself AND men. These women are called black widows for a reason and if you find out she’s been engaged more than once but has never tied the knot, you’re playing with fire if you stay with her.

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