Today I’m proud to release Game, a 375-page book I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s a reboot of my 2007 book Bang that accounts for the massive changes we’ve seen in culture and dating during the past decade.

Game teaches men how to meet and attract women in an age where smartphones, feminism, and anti-masculinity propaganda have made connecting with the opposite sex harder than ever before. It is the seminal work of a hyper-sexualized man who dedicated tens of thousands of hours into understanding women and attracting them, all while fending off defamatory attacks from mainstream feminists and fake news journalists who want to criminalize healthy masculinity.

Whether your goal is to have fun in a big city with lots of women or fall in love with only one before getting married, Game will help you accomplish your goals in a way that keeps you safe from degrading cultural winds that continue to divide men and women.

15 key features that are inside Game

–Detailed explanations on the 7 key beliefs you need to internalize so that your mind doesn’t sabotage your game efforts. These beliefs allow you to run “unconscious” game and make the right decisions around women even when encountering new situations. Early reviewers have remarked to me that this is the most valuable part of the book.

–How to improve your physical appearance so that you receive warmer responses from the girls you meet. I discuss ways to optimize your body hair, head hair, beard, hygiene, and style, including the one style rule you absolutely must follow.

–8 specific attraction triggers you can display to a girl that increases her feelings of lust, intimacy, and love for you

–9 action-item steps that improve your value, keep you motivated in the game, and get you solid results. As long as you do every step in the program, success is inevitable, meaning that the most common way you’ll fail is if you don’t put in the work.

–A complete day game program that includes four styles of openers to meet women anywhere, with full conversational examples

–A complete night game program with two classes of opening lines that help you extract intimacy in a degrading nightlife environment, with full conversational examples. I also share how to approach a girl while she’s dancing.

–6 universal text messaging tips so you won’t ruin things with a solid prospect

–6 master guidelines of my Conversational Framework that maintain attraction while making sure you never run out of things to say

–The smoothest way to get a girl over to your place (or how you can enter her place), with word-for-word examples. I teach you multiple ways to transition things to a private home depending on the situation.

–A full sex escalation program that ramps up intimacy once you’re in a private home. It greatly reduces the chances that she’ll feel guilty, nervous, or scared.

–An effective regimen to train your girlfriend on 3 key categories of standards that ensure your happiness as long as the relationship lasts

–9 different responses you can give to a girl who is trying to mold you into a beta male slave

–How to safeguard your relationship against your girlfriend’s slutty friends who are whispering bad advice in her ear. I teach you an advanced inoculation technique that includes 6 specific examples.

–How to be liked by people who can improve your access to attractive women

–How to pick the most ideal country and city for when you’re ready to meet foreign women, and how to plan your trip to give yourself the best shot at success

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On Amazon, the Kindle edition is priced at $9.99, the paperback is $25, and the Audible edition is $22. Upon purchase of the paperback, you can download the Kindle edition for only $0.99 through Amazon’s Matchbook program…

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The audiobook + ebook edition costs only $17 until Monday and includes both the ebook package and the 13-hour audiobook in unrestricted MP3 format that is narrated by myself. Hear me say lines in the same way I deliver them to women…

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Leave a comment below if you have a pre-sale question or contact me directly if you need help with your order. This book has been a huge weight on my shoulders for two years so I can’t describe how happy I am that it’s finally done. Without the support of readers like you, I wouldn’t have been able to spend that much time creating a work of this magnitude. I eagerly await your opinion of the book. Thank you!