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The Hidden Agenda Behind Interracial Pornography

Jean-Batave Poqueliche
March 9, 2017

With so much winning for the anti-globalists and patriots lately, it is easy to observe delicious amounts of salt on social media. Add to that the riots in Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson or Milwaukee and you have the ideal recipe for impotent anti-white rage.

The left and their zombies observed that following their defeats, calling “racist” anyone who disagrees with them stopped working. So they decided that it was time to change targets. The evil white won’t bow in mind so they will attack his flesh.

They sent more hate than usual on social media focusing on graphic images of black-on-white gang rapes (not depicted in the present article) that was extracted from pornographic films with lines along the “Your girls all dream about the black cock. They will fuck us instead and we will breed you out of history.”

It is a rhetoric that is used quite extensively by other radical anti-white groups such as Muslim fundamentalists, constantly repeating that white girls will be their weapon in the war against us and their seed will triumph, Allah willing.

Who creates this type of imagery?

Who’s that Pokémon?

As I detailed in a previous article, “every man has the sacred right to prefer one woman over another based on what attracts him.” But the fact that the media fuels the anti-white sentiment is where I draw the line.

Any man hates the idea that his right to breed will be stolen by another. There is a very primal dimension in this hate. But the over-representation of black men on white girls in the media is fairly recent, especially in porn. Jews have a disproportionate role in the production of pornography in general.

Here’s a list of Jews who own the main pornographic networks :

  • VIVID, the largest porn site in the world, ran by Steve Hirsch and Bill Asher
  • AVN Media – Paul Fishbein, Irv Slifkin, Barry Rosenblatt
  • PMG Inc/ Private – Charles Prast
  • Spiegler Girls, owned by Mark Spiegler (also owner of the paedophile website NAMBLA.ORG)

But it is interesting to observe that almost ALL the distributors and creators of interracial porn are Jewish:

  • Dogfart, owned by Cable Rosenberg – site that proposes scenes of “cuckold sessions”, “watching my daughter go black” and “interracial blowbang”
  • Skweezme, the “Netflix of porn” owned by Mike Kulich (Kulich offers “racist” celebs the chance to star in his interracial porn)
  • Blacked, owned by Greg Lansky, from France

How does it work? The Lansky case


The list goes on but the case of Lansky (second from the left) is revealing.

He made a fortune through his three websites :

  • Blacked: Focuses on black-on-white cuckolding, cheating and calling white men lame and inferior. An emphasis is also made on humiliating “Aryan stereotype” girls, by choosing them especially young, with small frames and breasts while dressing them in school uniforms so they look as underage as possible.
  • Tushy: Focuses on anal sex. Normalises marginal non-reproductive sex, depicts it as arty and trendy. The audience is incited to reproduce it, leading to a decrease of fertility and ultimately, control of the target population.
  • Vixen: Focuses on visually adult men having sex with girls that are legal but look underage, by picking them especially skinny, petite or with small breasts. They dress them like little girls and pick the ones that are the smallest or children-like and make them fuck men twice their size. This is a legal way to indirectly suggest that it’s OK for grown men to fuck little girls.

Lansky is unsurprisingly in cahoots with leftist Fake News outlet The Daily Beast, who celebrates his work through “writer” Aurora Snow (a pornstar who apparently built her career on interracial porn as her sub-par looks made her do the scenes that the other girls could decline). It tells you the care The Daily Hambeast takes into choosing who writes their articles.

Lansky explains how he will infiltrate every electronic device to reach even the youngest viewers

Adult companies need to learn to have a digestible social media presence—one that is safe for work, safe for the audience that wants to enjoy the brand. If they want to cross that border for graphic 18+ content they can click a link


Lansky brands people that diss his “elegant art”, “haters” or “racist”. The profile would not be complete without the overweight “Dan Bilzerian of the Poor” Instagram and “U mad, witebro?” message.

What do the Jews have to say about these accusations?

More than a long hypothesis, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

Creating this imagery, the shills pretend there is “racism” from girls that don’t want to fuck black men. The most vocal about this supposed racism in porn are always Jews.


Case in point, James Deen.

In an interview to Vice-owned Broadly, Deen declares:

Female performers frequently agree to do a scene and then back away when they discover that he plans to have them on camera with a person of colour.

“It’s irritating and disgusting and annoying. And It creates a huge problem with casting,” he says. “I end up in these situations with agents where I’m trying to plan a scene and I have to say, ‘Okay, one girl will be having sex with all the men and one girl will only have sex with the white men,’ because there are women who have never had sex with a black man on camera and want to be paid $500 extra for it, as if it’s a chore. It’s racist and it’s belittling and it’s keeping me from making a good product and it’s hurting good performers like Mickey Mod.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz, James Deen said about Jews in porn:

Haaretz: Do you happen to have any Jewish role models or figures in the industry?

Deen: I don’t go into a place and think, “I’m Jewish. Who else is Jewish? I need to work with them.”

Respect goes universally across all races, creeds, colours, religions, everything. The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters.

Haaretz: That’s going to be the blow-up quote in the article.

Deen: (Laughs) It’s true. We’re the Chosen People. (Laughs) It’s a fact.


Nathan Abrams

Nathan Abrams, Jewish professor at the university of Aberdeen in Scotland narrows down the rule of the Jews in pornography (emphasis mine) :

Jews are the driving force behind the modern pornographic industry and their motivation is, in part, to destroy gentile morals.


Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. … Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers (Middle finger for American readers) to the entire WASP establishment in America.


Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”

The “industry” has already taken a side

If it was the other way around, they would call the National guard. Found on Twitter. Note the New World Order nod

Complains have been filed about videos that appear on popular porn sites that depict “the black master race”, attacking “whiteboyz”, “little crackers” and throwing around racial slurs directed at whites. The content revolves around fucking white “daughters, mothers” and insisting on the fact that it will cleanse our race through interracial breeding.

These videos are anonymously uploaded, vetted by host websites and remain online despite their illegal nature.

One might argue that a large majority of girls doing porn are damaged and that is why they do it. Coming from single mother or abusive households, they often got molested as children, collect mental issues and substance abuse or are in it for the money or just want to slut it up and feed their need for self-destruction. So interracial pornography is just one more tool in their (rancid) box. But is that what the people want?

IR porn is not profitable, it is political


“Black” is at the bottom and interracial does not even appear. It simply does not sell

This pretend racism can’t escape the reality of things, even with their masters telling them to comply. Many white girls in the business ask for extra money to perform with black men, mixed Latinas or otherwise are registered as whites in many of the productions they star in or can flat out refuse to have sex with black people on camera. When they state their preferences or choose what seems the best for their (short and sore) career, they are automatically branded as racist.

One of the unfortunate things for porn producers trying to push the (((weak white cuckold agenda))) is that apart from low T balding white Men (it would be interesting to search the browser history of male democrats that voted Hillary), (((interracial porn))) is not popular among a majority of young men and women, white or not.

The large part of these interracial movies have no interest in the act of black man fucking a white woman per se. The psyop only consists at getting back at Whitey for being so evil in the past, His daughter, sister… his future must pay.

Typical double standards, Schlomo!

Evil Whites! Serves them right!

Funny how if tomorrow someone creates a “Whitened” website, with all the elements of Blacked with video such as “White Master Impregnates Girl With His Big White Cock In Front Of Her Sissy Black Boyfriend,” SJWs would have epileptic fits and the surviving ones would try to torch the studios.

Mainstream media controlled by the elite work together as we know and even try to peddle their pornography on Youtube “because it is art.” Take the example of a cuckold pornographic video that was accessible by children (initiated by a Norwegian who studied photography with Jewish Richard Avedon) called “Interracial Naked Art Photography,” that remained uncensored by Youtube even if vaginas and a penis were exposed (I added the black squares, it was full frontal nudity). Why?

Following the Youtube law of Double Standard, if it was a White couple depicted, it would be instantly banned. Because it is interracial, it is “artsy and progressive” breaking the vile taboos of the White-hetero patriarchy. The video was only removed by Youtube after the thousands of dislikes and messages of outrage all over the Internet. Meanwhile, states such as Israel lead heavy campaigns to denounce miscegenation between Jews and the Goyim.

This propaganda hurts regular black men too

Does that seem appropriate?

Whereas white porn actors can work with average penises, it is simply not an option for blacks. Recruiters will go through hundreds of thousands of applicants, narrowing down their selection like cattle before parading a handful of “performers” like circus animals. All of that to create profit and force the debunked bigger black dick myth.

“Studies” that show a longer average length among blacks are always self-reported. So do “maps of penis sizes”, created on websites where anyone can upload anything and no one gives sources. Here are two scientific, reliable measurement studies:

If I were a black man, this scenario used to sell garbage would not make me happy either. If those films suggested that the only way I can fuck a blonde skank is by being a rapist, a poolboy, a convict or sneaking in the house of my white prey while her parents are gone and that the act is defiling in nature, I’d be pissed.

Imagine your girlfriend leaving you because your dick is not as big as what she saw in porn or only owing your success to the porn fable of “muh dick” and not to your game or how smooth or attractive you are.

But it comes back to bite them in the ass

What has history told us about a brand or an industry pushing a political agenda, ignoring the basic laws of money making or promoting a product that customers do not buy?

It fails and has a limited lifespan, as we saw with various regular brands such as Starbucks or Kellogs that endorsed anti-white policies, just for the feelz. Customers flee and the firm’s worth plummets.

These pernicious ideas remind us of some usual liberal mercenaries in the media such as National Geographic with its globalist piece “The Changing Faces Of America“. Its authors Lisa Funderburgh and Martin Schoeller showing, through digitally modified mugshots, that America will eventually blend into brown-skinned people with curly hair and light eyes. And that there is nothing you can do or say about it, raycis’!


What they want to you to believe versus what that child really looks like

Public television channels get in there too. With the taxpayer’s money. Look at CBC’s Beige power gang, evil goy. And quake with fear witnessing their might.

La pornographie comme arme psychologique

Some communities already took steps to tackle the problem. Russia recently banned access to a wide array of pornographic sites due to its harmful effect on the youth and told the Russian to “go meet someone in real life instead.” And to the great rage of masturbating liberals, Trump has promised to crack down on that type of porn.

Compulsive masturbation fucks with your brain. It is a verified fact. It incites our young men to engage in endless wanking sessions, satisfying their urges and preventing them to pursue real girls. It digitally neuters our youth who does not need more enemies with the terrorist third wave feminism and the anti-masculinity media.

Porn is the ideal tool as it is, in a way, non-violent and tempting. It is understandable: If you needed to release your sexual urges, what seems the easiest?

Spending hours learning game, working out, approaching tens, hundreds of girls and getting rejected in many instances before finally managing to bed a 6? Or access to endless supplies of 9s in all the scenarios imaginable at the click of a button, get unlimited orgasms and get on with your day?

These elements just confirm us that porn is a waste of time and an additional medium to promote degeneracy and globalist poison. Game and masculinity are the counter-measures that will short circuit the elite’s plans. Stop watching porn. Approach girls. Live a happier life.

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