Michael's Story, ALL of Michael's story

Rian Ston
June 1, 2020


This is a comment posted on an essay by an old Red Pilled blogger with the pen name “Dalrock” where he shows the current narrative among women to Enjoy my 20s and settle down in my 30’s. There’s a few interesting points to take away from it:

  • If you’re a woman looking to wait until later in life to settle down, it’s likely you look to women who are your elder, as they did to their elders.

  • Many women are still able to do this, however an increasing number of women are not. The data reflects that by looking at longitudinal studies.

  • Women who don’t want to marry, aren’t. Those who do, may not be able to.

  • He speculates that the relationship market will eventually turn into a ‘sellers market’ as men who are relationship capable and willing will be rare.

  • This will happen at some point in the future, too long for people today to bank on [my analysis]

  • While minorities trail behind white women, they are all trending in the same direction

And underneath, a man named Michael gives a first-hand account to this:

Michael’s Story

Hello. Is there an introduction board for this website?

My name is Michael.

I’ve been reading this website for 3 days. I’m shocked to see everything I’ve experiencing written in such a perfectly stated way. Never before have I seen a blog/media outlet so perfectly written. The writer is surely a genius. I’m amazed and relived to see so many responses. It means I’m not alone.  I’m 32 years old and have never been married. Unfortunately (or fortunately I’m not sure which anymore at this point) I have no kids. I am single and alone and not dating anyone. I live in Los Angeles. My income was $120,000.00 (net earnings after creative deductions and business taxes) in 2011. Income is projected to be $170,000.00 (net earnings after business taxes) in 2012. I’m exactly the kinds of “independent man” women claim they want. I drive a luxury car with an amazing apartment in Los Angeles directly on the beach. It’s quite a panty moistener and costs me $6,000.00 per month. I work from home because an office would cost at least another $2,000.00 month. I keep in great shape. Gym 3-4 a week + running + organic diet (I spend $700-$900.00 a month on organic foods and supplements) I was raised in a Christian “7th Heaven” (old TV show) type household. We always went to church. Strong hard working father figure was always present for me and my siblings. I went to private school, university, law school, and then started my own practice at 28 years old.

My parents met and married in college. They have been married for 39 years. And it hurts me to the core to be 32 and unmarried. Alone. Without a loving wife. I feel pain from it every single day. It’s like a sharp invisible dagger constantly stabbing at me. But perhaps I’m part of the problem listed in the graphs above. Let me explain why:

I went to the same college my parents met and married at. I was hoping to meet marry and settle down. Instead I was met with hundreds young college aged women who were NOT interested in marriage. They were interested in:

  1. Partying

  2. Having sex.

College was 24/7 fuck fest. At first I was able to begrudgingly “socialize” in this element. What do I mean by “this element” within this context? College: Extreme social promiscuity, cheating, drama, drugs, and parties. I was an observer but NEVER a direct participant because my heart would not let me. This eventually caused me to stick out as a third wheel observer on campus. Someone who was always “not mixing” or “participating”. As a result I never enjoyed the benefits. I rarely dated. Instead I was sneered at. Cute girls flicked their fingers at me. I was used by women as a person to tell their problems to. I was passed over. I was seen as “weak “lame” and “boring”. I was ignored in the hallways, library, classes, by these women. And it didn’t help I was cash strapped broke working a minimum wage job and eating Ramen noodles..

The vast majority of these young hot girls vigorously pursued college life sex like you would not believe. They had sex with a large variety of guys. What I personally call “lily padding”. These girls did anything and anyone in the name of “fun” (fun=parties, fun= sex with new people, fun= drugs, fun= raves, fun = frat party etc.

It hurt me to watch these girls go out of their way to pursue and spread their legs for complete losers. COMPLETE LOSERS. I’m talking: Hi I work in a carnival part time, I’m covered in tattoos, I have no job, I failed my minimum wage drug test and I’m in a band. These guys were losers. Some did not even go to the college! They would hop a bus stay with friends and get laid THAT NIGHT.

Many nights I could not sleep because of the girls getting fucked hard… 1,2,3,4 dorms down. The dorms were old military barracks from the 1940’s with vents through the ceilings. It was very loud. All the time. I remember how much it hurt to be rejected by one girl in particular I had my open hopeless romantic heart set on… We had allot in common. I pursued her like a complete gentlemen – and was eventually turned down. That same weekend after getting turned down I got to hear her getting fucked hard and loud in the room next door. The guy who lived there was a super scraggly unattractive heavy drug user covered in tattoos majoring in “music studies”. This girl was young hot thin beautiful in her physical prime. I never said anything. But I felt so hurt she turned me down for casual sex with a guy like that.

This guy was very open about his exploits with her and told me not to worry because practically every guy he knew fucked her. As the years passed the same thing happened again and again, and again and again, in various ways with all kinds of unrelated girls. What I mean is: I was looking for a LTR leading to marriage. I would meet trade numbers talk and “feel” a girl was a good person. Then she would do other guys. Or I would find out things like this. When this kind of thing happens to me over and over all through my life….it hurts me and makes me doubt senses. What is wrong with me that my heart is telling me she is a good person when she is clearly not?

As time went on I was labeled “husband material” by the girls on my campus. This phrase continued to plague me into my late 20’s. This label resulted in ZERO DATES all through college. I wasn’t “down with it”. I wasn’t “participating” etc. (sex, drugs, parties, etc.) My heart wasn’t into it. So I wasn’t entitled to any of the benefits (having sex with young attractive girls in their prime etc.). However party guys, flash in a pan athletes, loser guys in bands, want to be DJ’s and self-professed “club promoters” – were ALWAYS getting these girls at their youngest hottest physical prime. Basically the more of a loser the guy was… the more these women would have sex with them. Hot sorority girls flocked to Football players like a butterfly’s on a beast. It didn’t even matter if the guy was black. College athletes did not even TRY to get laid.

One night I had enough. I confronted a room of 8-10 gorgeous white girls. These girls were 18-24 years old. I asked them if they planned to get married. All seemed to say more or less – YES. I asked what their future husband would think about their behavior. I was immediately met with hostility. I was told the future husband would “never know” and “it’s none of his business”. The girls said they knew exactly what they were doing and were planning to “have their fun” (fun= partying, fun=sex, fun=going on spring break etc.) and would “settle down later”. I asked: when are you planning to settle down? They said:

“It depends” and “probably around 27, 28” or

“Maybe sooner it depends”.

I really put the girls on the spot. During our exchange they saw I was upset. They told me I should be happy because:

“Nice guys finish first in the end.”

I told them you cannot have your cake and eat it to. Then I was told by Kaylene (a young thin super sexy blonde with curves in all the right places (who BTW refused to date me even though we were friends and according to her roommate had sex with almost 30 guys in one semester ) she told me:

“Michael let me tell you something: not only am I going to have my cake eat it and eat it too. I’m going to have it with ice cream and sprinkles.”

All of the girls laughed and smiled in agreement.  I thought things would change after college. They didn’t. 

Now at 32 and successful these women are hitting me. In my mind these are the same women who rejected me. I’m not interested. The Bible says something to the effect of

‘Don’t forsake the wife of your youth’ or something like

‘Remember your young wife?’

Something like that. How am I supposed to remember something I never had? I have no history with these women. Ticking ovaries are scandalous. They will lie and say anything to get what they want. Which is:


Yet these women did not even give a few good years of their youth!

As a man I am very visual. God made me this way. I cannot help finding a physically beautiful woman attractive. Why did these women not at least give me a few years of their youth so I would have time to fall in love with them and permanently burn their image in my mind’s eye? I need something to remember when we are 50 and married. Yet she spent her 20’s parceling herself out to guys who gave her nothing and offers nothing to the guy who gives her everything. I’m expected to commit hard earned resources to raising children with what is ultimately a suspect woman whose history I know nothing about. A 30+ unmarried women has very high chance of having a questionable past and baggage. I believe the more men a woman has been with the less likely she is to be emotionally committed each subsequent one. When you have handed out little pieces of your heart over years to dozens of different men what is left for the husband you proclaim to truly love? What value do the words “I love you” mean when she has stared into the eyes of 10-100+ different men and said the same thing?

At 30+ women’s physical appearance has nowhere to go but DOWN. Is this what women mean by “saving the best for last”? Marrying at 30+? How can women spend trillions of dollars a year on beauty products yet at the same time claim a women’s age “shouldn’t be important” to a man? And what about children? Did they ever think their husbands might want to have children? What’s more likely to naturally produce a quicker pregnancy and healthy offspring? A fertile 24 year old in her physical prime… or a 35 year old aging womb? What if I want multiple children? At 30+ a women can easily before infertile after her first pregnancy. As a result of everything I’ve seen and experienced in my life I would like to make an announcement to all the desperate 30+ year old women out there: I would rather suffocate and die then spend my hard earned income, love, trust, and substance on you. Your entitled, ageing, feminist, jaded, baggage laden and brainwashed. And if I cannot marry a women in her 20’s


Given my high income this should not be a problem. However I’m concerned at some point I will have to start looking overseas (Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe etc.). I’m not going to marry one of these 30+ ageing entitled females who clearly have an agenda of their own. I intend to get married once. Marriage is meant to be forever. I will not be a starter husband for one of these used up women. I can’t tell you the number of men I’ve known who married late and were rewarded by losing everything they spent their lives building…  The way I see it I’ve been given the following choices:

  1. Marry a 30+ women.

  2. Marry a women in her twenties

  3. Be single and enjoy my money.

♦ ♦ ♦

In my high rise building there is a single attractive girl. 28 years old. She has less than 2 years of nectar in her late 20’s peach left before 30 hits. I’ve talked to her a few times. Her car is parked next to mine. In the interim I’ve seen her palling around with at least 11 different guys (in a suggestive consummating manner) since she moved in. She works during the day. And to the best of my general recollection, almost anytime I’ve been down on weekends her car is gone. Weeknights as well. I just went downstairs to get something out of the car. It’s 2:30am and her car is gone. I wonder where she could be?

The Bible says something about a promiscuous women to the effect of “her feet never stay at home”. I can’t even count the numbers of single white females I’ve known, talked to, known of, heard about and personally observed whose feet “never stay at home”. I suppose the politically correct term today is having a “sex life”.

One day (perhaps soon) this women and others like her might decide they want a husband. Why would any quality monogamously orientated man knowingly marry a women like this? Answer: They wouldn’t. That’s why women lie about their past. These women are garbage. They are pounded and creamed by all kinds of guys throughout their 20’s. Don’t kid yourself. It’s not just intercourse. All her holes are used by these men. In every possible way. After oral most women swallow. This means her stomach and digestive systems are used to digest and process the ejaculations from all these different guys.

Then when the time is right, these women successfully present themselves as virtuous women (usually near or in their 30’s) rolling back their odometers; scamming and victimizing their trusting suitors and potential future husbands in the process. These are by and large innocent men, who believe they are marrying the discerning virtuous women of their dreams.

A women’s past should be grounds for immediate divorce.

♦ ♦ ♦

FuriousFerret a helpful red pilled guy says:

Looking at Michael’s story, I would like to point out one concept pertaining to Christian youth today.

His mentioning of attractive women that he considers a 8+ is interesting. He specifically mentions these hot women and describes their slutty party girl behavior and how he played beta orbiter to them. He also mentions how he was an observer and didn’t want to join the party scene.

Well you have to pay to play my man. What Christian youth don’t understand or want to comes to grips with is that both hot women and men are most likely going to go off into the fun life. They have the most temptation because of the all the pleasures that are offered at their feet. This is something that Christian men and women have to understand. You most likely will not get someone hot.

The cognitive disconnect that Michael feels is understandable. When you read about him on paper he is quite the catch … in 1951. Law school, good grades …. who cares? Respectful towards females and putting them a pedestal, doesn’t mean shit when being male means shit in terms of natural status in 2000 +, in fact you are shooting yourself in the foot here.

Truly attractive women and men leave the church when they realize what fun they can have. If you don’t want to enter the party life and learn/use Game, your chances to get a true 8 plus is very slim when they are young. How many true 8s are there in your church circle? They are as rare as the true (not contextual) alpha male. If there is an 8+, every single guy with any balls is trying to get her. The competition is fierce.

The solution to this dilemma is Game. While the competition is fierce due to scarcity for the true hot female who isn’t a slut, most men in there are either clueless about any type of romantic dynamics that work with women or refuse to use them because they think it’s evil. It’s still damn hard but the man with one eye in the land of blind is king.

However, most men will have to settle with a 5 or 6 if they actually want some type of 1930s style no sexual activity before marriage type of relationship and that’s if they are actually desirable and not a mangina who is utterly replusive.

And Michael Responds with:

Yes. I do feel I deserve an 7.5+.

Why? My history, morals, hard work, ability, accomplishments, personality, physical fitness and income. I paid my dues. I would make a very good father. I’m not covered in tattoos playing guitar in a bar for $18k yr. I will be happy to settle for my equal. All I ask is she is white, in her 20’s, and has not been pounded and creamed by dozens of different men. I will not settle for a fabulous fat five or single mother at the Methodist church. What you say about church women (at least at my church) is interesting. There are very few attractive women. Even less who are single. I also look at Christian dating sites like “Big Church”. Let me tell you: they call it “big church” for reason. Haha. Physically attractive women as a general percentage feels significantly less than other dating sites reflective of the general female population (match.com etc). However there is one exception relative to my church experience: MORMONISM. I visited the Church of Latter Day Saints and was blown away by the single attractive women. At the time I was discussing my job to another guy my own age and noticed a few women were “orbiting” me. I attended a few sessions and was seriously considering converting. Interesting you mention game. I promise. I absolutely do have allot of game. In business. But that kind of game is actually hard work. I don’t want to “work” when I come home. I just want to come to my loving loyal monogamous wife. 😦

♦ ♦ ♦

After some more people red pilling him to the modern normal, he reflects:

I’ve still getting used to the terms expressed on this website (red pill, blue pill, beta orbiter, etc) however I’m familiar with Alpha and Beta concept. I want to be a Beta in my off time. I don’t want to put out the effort to be an Alpha. That’s what I have to do at work.

Thank you for all the wonderful responses. I’m quite shocked I’m not alone. I’ve brought this up to other guys in the past and they laugh or look at me like I’ve got 3 heads. This site is amazing. I would like to thank the people who posted positive comments, and/or empathized with my situation even if they may have disagreed. Thank you for being objective, thoughtful, and open minded to my situation. The positive and open minded comments far outweighed the few (if any) negative comments most of which I took as a form of constructive criticism. Great responses. Thanks!

P.S.: Has anyone created a simple single line chart (up, plateau, decline) showing a women’s age window of opportunity relative to her fertility/appearance? I wanted to email it to someone I know. Thanks!

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