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New Years Resolutions

Rian Ston
February 8, 2019

New Years Resolutions

Women tools, adapted to male sensibilities

Hearing the advice women get and applying it to me makes me sound like an asshole, right? This reminded me of a blog post called "new year's resolutions" by a long-gone blogger named Solomon II.

Thereâs no future in being a better man, so I will work hard to become a better woman. I will give myself free reign to do whatever I want whenever I want, and I will do so with impunity. I will demand the best for myself because I deserve it, and shame those who do not immediately offer it. I will be faithful to my partner when it suits me, and adventurous when it doesnât. I will be bad and demand nothing but good in return. I want it all, and I want you to give it to me right now. I will find power and self confidence by being sexually promiscuous while ignoring the fact that Iâm not accomplishing anything that your average chimp at the zoo hasnât. I will demand that you accept, embrace and celebrate my actions because I am being true to my exceptionally unique self. I will righteously criticize those who engage in the exact same behavior I do, because unlike them, Iâll do it with style. Most importantly, if my Sex and the City lifestyle doesnât pan out, Iâll blame it on whoever or whatever is closest to me.

Kind of depressing, freeing, and thought provoking, all in the same statement. Bringing it back to the common female attitude against most manosphere writings. They want a man who 'just gets it' and isn't inauthentic. I wonder if this is just the ultimate, gender-wide projection of a huge insecurity, pawned off as some fault of man.

the tone to take this in isn't angry, it isn't mocking, or belittlement. And I'm sure you can spin this into a positive attribute, if you lawyer it enough. It isn't good, it isn't evil, it's just an amoral strategy that is working damned fine, so long as you discount the measure of personal happiness in the subject.

It just 'IS' And I'm fine with that.

The most responsible teenager in the house.

Women see it as a value judgement, and that's why nothing a man talks about with other men can truly be understood by women. Women put everything through the lens of 'how does this make me look in the herd?' which isn't how men do it. This is no different than a conversation about why metric sockets don't work so well on imperial bolts. There's no value judgement, it's just an observed reality. Whether it's 100% accurate and fair to all parties is irrelevant.

It just works, and that's good enough.

Originally Posted 17th March 2016 by stonepimpletilists


Thereâs a nuance to this, something I had not considered, yet adapted to quite well. Most of what is involved with the red pill is the Jeet Kune Do of relationship strategies. So much of what we do is adopted from womenâs strategies, with an added male sensibility. Branch swinging for women is Dread for men. Solipsism for women is Frame for men. Game for men is womaneese for women.

And just like a trans MMA fighter, we take the woman strategies, and proceed to roll them with it. As much as men like to say this is about being the manliest man who ever manned, itâs really about mission focus. Getting what you want out of life. And the masculinity, or lack thereof in a system shouldnât be relevant. Youâre a man, youâre put on this earth to win, and you do what you have to do in order to do so.

Even if that means youâre taking thot culture and adapting it to your life.

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