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Vetting, Part II: Garbage in, garbage out; or, whose values are you using?

Rian Ston
July 25, 2019
Split, Croatia. An entire museum section on the women of antiquity that shaped modern societySplit, Croatia. An entire museum section on the women of antiquity that shaped modern society

Split, Croatia. An entire museum section on the women of antiquity that shaped modern society

Vetting is the relationship strategy where a man takes a list of values and qualities he prefers in women and uses it to assess the viability of the woman he is currently dating so that he can know if she is worth committing to over the long term. The quintessential strategy for the type of men who readily identify with being traditional and conservative within a modern and liberal society. Note, these are little âl,â and little âc.â This isnât about tribal politics, this is about men. The vetting strategy is thrown around as if itâs the same strategy men have used throughout history, when in reality itâs a horrible mental model; a narrative guys use to provide comfort for the grim reality that relationships all end, and most end well before the man is ready to move on, or his children have had the full biological father experience.

Vetting is a horrible strategy for the following reasons:

I. Men do not know what they want in life. Men have a wonderful ability to rationalize what the world offers, transforming it what men wanted all along. A vetting list is guesswork and post hoc rationalization.

II. Vetting a woman is vetting for values. The question is, whose values? Men today are instilled with feminine values, created by and for women to meet their own needs, not his.

III. Vetting only works if everyone is doing is immunized from everything else.

IV. Vetting for values is a narcissistic fantasy, and serve to hide the true nature of women and men in order to live in the narrative it presents. By the time the masks come off itâs too late.

V. Vetting creates an ego investment, where a man ignores anything that is outside of his vetted criteria. If the list is wrong, itâs an attack on a mans ego, and he will fight tooth and nail to protect it.

VI. Even if the masks are off, and humans are naked and honest in their interactions (which they arenât) vetting offers a snapshot into someones values, not a longitudinal assessment. It has the same longevity as an MBTI assessment; itâs astrology for the educated.

VII. Vetting is often done to the exclusion of actual relationship strategies. Boundary enforcement is far superior and doesnât require a lifetime of instilling feminine values in a man in order to understand them.


It doesnât help that men are attached to wonderful container words such as: valor, honor, sacrifice, hardship. Military men are familiar with the phrase âEmbrace the suck,â as much of a military mans career is about enforced hardship in order to achieve a higher goal. It feels good, so many civilian men love to pretend their ability to keep a woman is akin to fighting the Nazis in Normandy.

âSure, I would have served if it wasnât for these flat feet, embrace the suck, Susan.â

Those container words are filled with values. A list used for vetting is a checklist of values, and those values did not come out of a vacuum. Men are not born with values inherent to them, they have to be taught, they have to be instilled in him. Who are the gatekeepers to values? Increasingly this is the pervue of women. Women create values, values by women, and for women. They may benefit a man, but in any situation where the values that benefit a man contradict the values that benefit a woman, the womans values win out, always.

The values in a mans life, the âshould wants,â or the ideological structure (not root words idea, ideal, logical.) Find me a social structure that creates these values that isnât heavily influenced by women, and Iâll show you one that is about to. Women have invaded every male space and taken it over, often to the thunderous applause of the thirsty men who are happy to have the validation of their feminine gods to shine upon them. Paleolithic men loved to have structures that encourages women to join them, since women meant tribal longevity. That primal instinct is totally unprepared for a world of almost nine-billion people in peaceful societies removed from all natural threats. A mans deference to the female imperative is the diabetes of our value system, too much of a good thing is bad for us.

Men arenât able to teach men anymore. The decimation of the family unit over generations has all but removed the man from the household, replaced with a substitute teacher father, who has Damocles sword over his head should he want to establish boundaries. âYouâre not my real dad!â Right, his job was outsourced to cheap dad 2.0 labor. Pedophilia has pushed our removed many male teachers for young children. When I was a child I had a half a dozen male teachers before I got to high school, my nephew has none. Of the fathers that remain (half of the biological and step fathers) a great many are emasculated to the point of being wonderful feminist allies, codependent men who arenât in a position to lead themselves, let alone lead the next generation of men to some measure of happiness. I know this because my generation wasnât lead, and now we are in the position to pass on the lessons we didnât learn to the generation that wonât stand a chance. I have a feeling a lot of dads will disagree with this and it warms my heart. Youâre part of the solution, and this isnât about you. The kind of person who reads this is so rare as to be a statistical outlier. I also know many of those dads are insecure, class conscious patriarch wannabes, the emperor wears no clothes, but one desperately needs him to be in a parka in order to convince himself that heâs happy.

There used to be other institutions that offered guidance outside the household. Church used to, though the pastors are now pastoresses. The church is running out of spaces for men so they coddle the women. Itâs a common trope that the worst of women seek the church for absolution, and the church promises to get the flock to âman up and marry those hoes.â Can you tell me that the church will fill mens heads with virtues that benefit him above all?

So without the influence of men, a cadre of women are spending the child's formative years instilling their feminine values onto him. Itâs not malicious, they donât know any different, nor should they. Men are raised as if they are women, is it any wonder they come out defective? The emasculated dads, the 2.0 not my dads? They are the cheerleaders, the allies. They parrot the same feminine attitudes and may as well grow breasts and own the role.

And many do.

So the needs of women are preached to men when they are young children, unencumbered by the needs of men. They are increasingly being removed from the household, the schools, and the churches. More and more women are spending more and more time around children, and raising men as if they were defective women, instilling the values that most resonate with women. We cannot expect any vetting to overcome the underlying values that created it. Though it does make women have a much easier time identifying these plow horses, looking to hardship and sacrifice for their next fix. First hit is free.

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Title Vetting, Part II: Garbage in, garbage out; or, whose values are you using?
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