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Why is The Red Pill so Hated?

Rian Ston
November 13, 2018
Why is The Red Pill so hated? - Or, write drunk, edit sober Guiness.jpg

Why is The Red Pill so hated?

Or, write drunk, edit sober

When you decide to look at sexual strategy as an objective thing, when you decide that the current hardship was mostly due to your societal misunderstandings, when you finally take the pill, (since no one can talk about growth or experience for the sake of it, we need to default to drug taking metaphors) you start to see it.

A strong, visceral hate-on for you and everything you learn. No one has a tepid opinion on the subject. It is either the coldest shower of reality, or the scalding hot sear of misogyny and the fall of the west. We have the greatest world-wide opinion opener.

  • The time constraint. Guys enjoying the decline

  • The plausible reason. A bad breakup or disrespectful wife lead a guy here from pure desperation; and

  • The question they are invested in. What are the untouched taboo subjects on inter-gender dynamics that we’d rather not talk about?

This is a long answer for why people, from the Men’s Rights Activist to the die hard Feminist have a visceral rage. No name calling here, no assumptions that others just do not get it, only an assumption of rationality. I wonder where that approach came from?

Praxeology is the study of those aspects of human action that can be grasped a priori; in other words, it is concerned with the conceptual analysis and logical implications of preference, choice, means-end schemes, and so forth.

I argue, though I admit I am not the first one to do so, that the hate on for The Red Pill is because we have been conditioned to avoid taboo topics: Sex, female desire, social status, love, and gendered differences. This is not a controversial opinion to have either. We have had taboo topics throughout our history that seem downright silly by modern sensibilities. The renaissance had a taboo against being critical of the church; any argument ever made needed to be for the sole purpose of immediate refuting it. The Baroque period saw Caravaggio absolutely vilified, why? He painted Jesus with dirty feet. Graham-Dixon wrote about it in his biography of Caravaggio:

Dirty Feet

When Caravaggio painted the saints and martyrs with bare feet, he was firmly allying himself with pauperist wing of the Catholic Church. Not only was he explicitly welcoming the poor into his pictures, making them feel part of the same impoverished family as that of Christ and his followers, he was also implicitly calling on the rich to follow the example of those such as St Francis … The message would not always be well received. [To quote his reference to Niccolo Lorini del Monte, the priest most well known for his role in the condemnation of Gallaleo] “In sum, feet may be taken by the holy Church as symbolizing the poor and the humble.”

The upper-class hated the idea of their church being shown alongside the unwashed masses, it was a direct assault to their status. Again, to quote:

The newly triumphalist Church… It did not welcome the poor and the meek or make them feel that they, ultimately, were the inheritors of the earth. It was there to awe, daunt, and stupefy them, to impress them with visions of a force so powerful it could not be resisted — and must, therefore, be obeyed.

I’m not self-important enough to think of zealously equating the average blogger, Twitter personality, or YouTube talking-head with the criminal greatness of Caravaggio[1], this is to establish a precedence of taboo topics, status, and the vitriol it can cause. It reads shamelessly low-class to say “I cannot get laid and I need help. I had a bad upbringing, my dad left or was impotent, my mom sabotaged my concept of women, my wife has destroyed my sense of self. I have a lot of pain in my life, what the fuck do I do? How do I get women in my life, I have needs!”

Imagine being the best friend of this man. Take off your shoes, and paint him his own personal Crucifixion. “Well friend, you need to get more attractive to women. Women are attracted to confident, in shape, charismatic men who have their shit together. Since you are such a co-dependent fuck up and have trouble putting all the pieces together and actually become this guy, or no father was around to teach you, I will break it all down for you.”

You would have a revulsion, deep down because it is socially upsetting, or cringe, and … just, wrong. It communicates low status and is, for better or for worse, disgusting to many people. We cannot complain about it, this is human nature and the whole idea with The Red Pill is to see the underlying rules of social interaction, just like this one. It is an eyesore, gross and unattractive. I get it, most guys do, we have those same reaction to some of the first day posters who come down to the old house on Paper Street, put their bare feet up on the porch and learn. We examine failures as much as we examine success, so it will show the kind of pain that men do not want to know exists, let alone experience. Spend some time around any Red Pill space and that anger you see is men in pain.

One has to have their head up their ass to not understand that the pain stems from sexual failures, personal failures, social failures, financial failures, and more sexual failures. Pain comes from not fucking, poverty, social shame, social status, financial hardship, a perception of powerlessness. Pain comes from the feedback loop of bad diet, fitness, and mental health. Pain comes from jail, the failure of public education, modern legal systems and the lack of positive male social institutions.

We do not actually have power to reverse the trend in our society, I say it often, the gender war is over, feminism has won, end of story. We are never going to reverse the feminist and anti-male machine, even if society wanted to.

The Prison-industrial complex will continue to be a a taxpayer funded meat factory for poor men and will not change in our lifetimes. Colleges are going to get more feminist. Public education is going to get worse before it gets better. It isn’t just men, as a society we must experience trauma before we change. The idea of "Fuck it, the world is a shit hole, here is how to make life fun, meaningful, and build something you can be proud of in the time you have" resonates with men. It is a form of nihilism that comes in the first Red Pill realization for a man.

A realization that he eventually will grow out of.

Nihilism and growth

The attitude that everything sucks shit is exactly what the approval seeking male needs to slap himself out of this false mental model. Critique of some concepts e.g. “most women are attention seeking thots, insofar as they can capitalize on it, until they reach their epiphany phase, turn their nose and grab the comfortable second choice male!” is a justified criticism of The Red Pill.

I fully admit that is a bad world view and at the same time see why people hold it. A broke person will see socialism as good, and rich people as evil. Teach that man how to produce good work that earns him pay and he will see rich people as his peers who have made it. He will see money as a fairly sensible invention that spurs innovation and hard work. This is ultimately what a man within The Red Pill can do. Teach a guy how to succeed and he loses his opinion that everything sucks. Teach a man how to get a laid, or get a girlfriend and he stops espousing petty nihilism on the internet. Teach a man how to get his wife acting right and he stops living his angry life of quiet desperation.

Many of the other aspects of the Manosphere, including Men’s Rights, or the Men Going Their Own Way in particular will make men pessimistic and nihilistic.

  • Today a mom murdered her toddler and receives no punishment!

  • Schools now are denying boys entrance into a CS scholarship!

  • Stats about how shitty everything is for men!

  • Look at how horrible these feminists are!

The Red Pill, and the work of the men within it helps guys who are in this nihilistic state get it out of their system. We haven’t surrendered, we’ve simply learned how to play the game with the new rules.

Like I wrote before, it is an eyesore. It looks cringe and reeks of low status. It is gross to see some teenage kid talk about how "society is so …" Just hearing the word society come out of someone's mouth is almost always followed by a horribly analysis, like saying "wake up sheeple!" during 2006. Look, that is how the guy fucking feels about society, he should be able to share his perspective and reasons for his perspective, he should be able to listen to others do the same. That is how new seeds of thought will be planted. If this sounds familiar to the current issues surrounding free speech, they should, it’s the same thing, compartmentalized for men.

He will grow because we all provided him with knowledge. Knowledge that is, at worst, beneficially wrong and at best is life changing. For example, if I could tell someone the moon is made of cheese, and he cleans up his diet and hits the gym 3 days a week, then as far as I’m concerned, the moon is made of cheddar, and I will sound it off with the largest megaphone I can find. The guy will not have to know of the seven hundred different reasons why he should.

But who can see that end of it? Not many, and I argue that it is only the kind of guys who just get it after coming out the other side of the process who can. All the casual lurking person sees are the shameful bits, the admissions of failure, the breakdown of useless mental models that were taught at a young age by well-meaning family and friends.

If you are a normal person in a home and school that nurtured you into a confident dude, of course you would think it is nothing but a bunch of introverted, neck-beard misogynists, echoing each other about how shitty everything is. they do not see, for example, the lowered cholesterol levels and healthy blood pressure of one of the senior endorsed contributors dads when he was introduced to the books he found there on health.

Like with Pick-Up and Mystery Method stuff, they can only see the aviator goggles and feather top-hats from that reality show. They do not see me coming out of a far-too-long period of celibacy and enjoying the dating life along with my budding military career. They only see the dumb shit people do, to one day get to that point. They see the lows. Ask any married dude on The Married Red Pill: how much happier has their wife been since they found this and gotten to work [emphasis mine].

No one will ever see that. They will see me, or someone like me, telling that guy that they need to quit being a pussy. that they need to lift weights often, not supplicate, lose their co-dependency, develop healthy boundaries, fuck your wife (or her replacement) better, and let her be emotional without reacting all the damned time.

They see the misogyny, but they don't see a dude working through his misogyny to develop an actual love of women as they really are, as opposed to how he wanted them to be. You must objectively understand what is meant when women say they love you. Objectively understand that a man with illusions about something can never love that thing.

If you do not truly understand how women are different than men, you do not love them.

You cannot be too proud, everything is on the table in order to achieve an objective understanding of ones self and the lavender scented meat-bags you may one day want to raise a family with. This is the fundamental idea of The Red Pill that is so revolting:

That no price is too high to pay for reality. It is much easier to be risk averse, and cling to false mental models. Having shame, looking like a retard, being misogynistic by societal standards are a small price to pay in the pursuit of objective, uncensored ideas.

Most people cannot, or will not pay that price; if something will deliver success, but make them look like a degenerate moron, they will not do it, period. Being willing to look like idiots in the pursuit of success flies in the face of that risk averse mental model; and rather than confront ones own risk averse impotence, they sit back upon whatever perceived accomplishments they do have and rage about how pathetic it is that some people have to do kill their ego and do a little more to get to their level, or the level they think they are at. We all cling to our illusions as if they were facts.

Ultimately, that's all the hate is. Successful people who hate on The Red Pill are likely dudes who lucked into a great environment to grow and thrive in. They naturally think other dudes who are not effortlessly successful must be serious jackass losers.

Unsuccessful people who publicly hate The Red Pill, which is most of them, as I have met very few successful people who engage in online hate, are dudes who came from a similar, sub optimal environment or peer group, and build their own narcissistic fantasies to escape to. They have a subconscious resentment to guys who unabashedly attempt to fix their problems instead of escapism.

The barefoot, Red Pilled people who share their problems, as most male problems are pretty similar, often display massive anger sometimes projected outward, but eventually directed inward think: "Holy shit, we're all a bunch of losers! Fuck this, I want out, I will literally do anything to not be like how I am now."

In conclusion, you have those laughing from high on the month at the paintings of dirty feet, you have the unwashed masses angry at the mirror being presented, and the painters showing Jesus with dirty feet, so that they will never go without footwear again.

[1] He straight up murdered a pimp named Tomassoni in 1606. Because of the irony of the name and this material, I could not resist leaving it out.

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