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Womens relationship advice is garbage.

Rian Ston
April 28, 2019
Advice for women is garbage - Why everyone tells you what you want to hear and what you can do about it DSCF5372.jpg

Advice for women is garbage

Why everyone tells you what you want to hear and what you can do about it

Judging by my watch statistics, if youâre watching this, youâre likely a man between the ages of 20 and 45. Youâve likely been given horrible advice about women, relationships, and how to function as a man in modern society. Having said that, Iâll in frequently see a girl peek her head in to see this

forbidden knowledge wink wink.

By the time someone gets to a random dude on the internet for advice on his failing marriage, long term relationship, or failed search for relationships weâve established multiple failures from the top down. Leadership failures, societal failures, interpersonal failures, and self-sabotaging failures. Imagine telling someone a year ago that you would need to find a complete stranger who doesnât know your name or what you look like in order to get a truthful opinion?

They would laugh, I would laugh, and I still do.

The one thing that is great for men is that no one cares about us enough to lie about us unless they want something from us. Women who find you unattractive will happily let you know, men who find you useless are more than happy to let you know. When youâre trash, you know you are trash.

But Iâm not talking about men here, this time, Iâm talking to you ladies, because you donât have it so good, and I donât envy you.

Imagine being a pretty young girl. Maybe you are, maybe you were and have since blossomed from a pretty girl into a pretty woman. Who is honest with you?

  • Men want to sleep with you will tell you what you want to hear so they can. They will lie to you because they want you

  • Men who actually love you will tell you what you want to hear so they donât upset you. They will lie to you because they care about you

  • Other women will tell you what you want to heat because they think itâs more important to keep conflict down than to be honest. They will lie because they are conflict averse

  • And a few women are jealous and will tell you what you want to hear because they donât want you to be better than them. Some chicks are just jealous.

Everyone lies to you whether they like you or not. An entire multi-billion dollar industry exists to lie to you for your money. We all know it too:

  • Low fat diets are garbage

  • Cutting all your hair off doesnât make you more attractive

  • Fat is not hot, other than a very specific demographic

  • Guys donât care about your career

  • Guys arenât attracted to your intelligence

  • Your ultimatums only work on the kind of men you donât want

And I wish I could tell you that I have the answer. Unpacking all the lies men are given is hard enough, let alone the lies you are told. Besides, guys tend to be hardwired to take an interest in learning from experts, women tend to like deferring to an authority. Whether a man is right or wrong is irrelevant if you donât think of him as a guy you look up to. And I will never be an authority like any of the non-Doctor television doctors out there, all I can offer is this.

Be a voyeur. If you follow a lot of guys in my space, youâre going to see guys at various stages of unplugging, of being more valuable to those around them. Youâll see something interesting that may help you. As the men get better, they become honest with themselves and the people around them. This makes me laugh, as much as Red Pilled men are painted as evil misogynists by the media, they have something rare, something you donât see very often.

They are honest.

You watch a guy who has been around for a while, not the new guys. The guy who has conquered his own lies, who has made himself a high value man that the women around them become attracted to, listen to what heâs saying to them, or what heâs saying to us about them. Sometimes, itâs rather mean. If youâve been fed sugar your whole life, being told to eat your vegetables must sound horrible.

Something youâll notice though, you get to see men at their most honest. Somewhere inside of all the talk youâll find the solution to your own lies, and where your inner beauty and value lay. Iâve seen it happen only twice in 5 years, so I know itâs difficult. Claire and Darla.

Claire was a little book worm who read it all, and put up with a lot of toxic men for years. She always had a smile on her face, she was patient, and she eventually addressed her own life. A man who treated her as disposable, loved other women just as much. She went from that to a man whom she still beams about. I hear they got married last year.

Darla was the rare case of a girl getting redpilled by having her husband treat her like women treat men. Divorced from a guy who became a dependapotamus. She learned to get out of her own way, to stop being such a competitive argumentative masculine woman, and instead started to act in a way that provided value to a man. What happened next was wonderful. She found her own Chad. She could be the ball busting corporate type during the day, and had her wonderful man to melt into in the evenings.

We are all in this together, the best thing you can do, and itâs as honest as I can be. The best thing you can do is to get out of the guys way, watch us make our mistakes, learn from them, and wait for that moment of honesty that no one else will give you. Itâll be tough, we arenât the most pleasant to listen to, but it will help.

Or like I say. I may be an asshole, but Iâll never lie to you.

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