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10 Steps to Healthier & More Feminine Hair

Renee Wade
March 21, 2010

Getting and Maintaining Beautiful Hair

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Beautiful, healthy hair just gives a woman that extra look of radiance, health and feminine beauty. Not to mention long, gorgeous hair helps a woman maintain a youthful look well into her later years. It’s important to keep your hair healthy through your diet as well, but this article will be more about taking care of your hair itself.  (Click here to download the “Goddess Report”)

10 steps to healthier hair:

Step 1

Get yourself a really good quality hair brush. Don’t just use some badly made hair brushes, or old brushes with broken or uneven teeth, as they can snag your hair and cause breakage. Ideally, get yourself a brush with boar bristles, or a brush with bristles made out of bamboo. These types of brushes are much kinder to your hair, and help to evenly spread your natural oils through your hair, and bring a beautiful, luscious shine to it.

Step 2

If you have tangles, don’t just yank any old brush through them. Use only a wide-toothed comb to disentangle your hair. Fine-toothed combs are just terrible for your hair; it splits the hair shafts! Not only this but using a fine-toothed comb can damage your roots, as well.

So, especially when your hair is wet – use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.

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Step 3

This is counter-intuitive for most women – but, when you brush your hair, start brushing it from the ends first, and gradually move upwards with the comb or brush. This will do wonders for helping you get the knots out, and will cause a lot less breakage! A lot of the time, brushing your hair from the roots down just puts more stress on your hair, and makes knots worse!

And, when brushing your hair, do it gently ð and don’t yank the brush through in a hurry – make some time before work, or before whatever daily commitments you have, to brush your hair gently, forming it in to a beautiful, shiny crown of glory! Don’t dig your brush into your scalp, either. Gently does it!

And, as much as you can – let your hair dry naturally and avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. When your hair is wet, it is much weaker because it swells and stretches like an elastic band, and brushing it in this state can cause the hair follicles to snap.

Step 4

Pay special attention to the ends of your hair. Most women do so much damage to their hair by curling it, straightening it and putting hundreds of different styling products in it! Even if you DO use heat protection, your hair can suffer. So, remember to put a little bit of oil on the ends of your hair every now and then – perhaps once a week or once a fortnight, whatever suits you. This will help restore moisture, strength to your hair and give it that ‘bouncy’ effect.

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Step 5

You need to regularly and properly condition your hair. I don’t mean using just the standard conditioners like Pantene or Sunsilk, but actually deeply condition your hair with a high-quality oil that actually penetrates the roots. See my post on ‘Achieving Feminine Beauty and Healthy with Coconut Oil‘ for a conditioning method using virgin coconut oil.

Most women who know how to take care of their hair know that most of the time, the most natural things can have the greatest benefits – and, they’re cheaper to use, too! ð

Most modern shampoos contain a whole host of chemicals and ingredients in them! A lot of these chemicals and ingredients actually dry out your hair. If you want to use shampoo, go with an organic shampoo – or with a high-quality shampoo range such as Aveda or Carita (a beautiful French shampoo range). These two ranges are much more expensive than the conventional shampoo products you buy in the supermarket or in chain hair care stores, but you will most definitely notice the difference in your hair!

Step 6

If you want to grow your hair long, regularly massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers in a slow, circular motion. If you like, you can even use an essential oil or a little bit of virgin coconut oil, or olive oil to massage your scalp. Massaging the scalp helps encourage circulation, and helps make your hair grow.

Step 7

Refrain from washing your hair every day – another surefire way to completely dry out your hair, and strip it of its natural oils. Your hair produces oil not because it’s dirty but because it protects your hair, and helps keep it strong. Have you ever noticed that when your hair is oily, it gets tangled up a lot less, and it is actually stronger? It’s because your hair and body knows what it’s doing – and is trying to help your hair by conditioning it with its own oils!

The more you let your hair get oily, the faster and stronger it will grow. Let your hair have this process.

A little trick

And, if the greasy look really bothers you – just get some baby powder, and put it on your hair, and brush it through! It absorbs the oils of your hair. You’ll be amazed at how well this little trick works and actually takes away the greasy look completely!

If you have dark hair – the baby power will most likely show up when you use it. So the Toni and Guy spray-on products will be a great alternative to baby powder.

Step 8

When drying your hair, never, ever wrap the towel around the length of it and scrub, rub, or wring the hair!! No, no no! This can damage the hair shaft! Just take the towel, wrap it around your hair gently and pat-dry it. This is much easier on your hair, and not to mention it won’t produce as many knots or tangles in the length of your hair!

Step 9

If your hair is long, and if you are growing it longer, make sure you tie it back when you go to sleep at night, or even braid it. This helps to stop knots and tangles. You can even use a hair net or a silk hair cap when you sleep, to keep it all in place and to stop it from spreading all over the place.

Satin or silk pillowcases can help, too – they are much softer on the hair and helps to stop breakage and yanking of the hair overnight if you toss-and-turn in your sleep a fair bit.

Step 10

Avoid washing your hair in very hot water. Most people have outrageously hot showers, and wash their hair in the same extremely hot water. The excessive heat can cause damage to your hair.

If you have the money, also invest in a water filter for your shower head to filter out any harsh chemicals that are damaging to your hair, such as chlorine, in the water.

I use a shower filter at home, and not only has it made a difference to my hair – it’s made an enormous difference to the state of my skin! Instead of having bits of dry skin peeling off my face when I step out of the shower, my skin still remains soft and healthy, ever since I used a shower filter. There can be some pretty harsh chemicals in the water you use to shower, so seriously consider this option.

Dr. Mercola makes really good shower filters, and this is the one I use at home, made by him: Pure and Clean Shower Filter. Please note: we have absolutely no affiliation with Dr. Mercola; he’s just a really cool natural doctor who’s made a huge difference in the lives of millions of people through his thorough and passionate research into natural health. ð

I hope this post has helped you know more about how to take care of your hair, and I’m sure I’ve missed some great tips, so if you have any more good tips for hair care, please add them, and share them in the comments section!

Have a LOVELY day! ð

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