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3 Steps to Instant Good Posture

Renee Wade
May 6, 2010
Article updated 2020

There are many reasons why you would want and need good posture.

Other than for elegance, poise and looking classy, having great posture is very important for sending the world the signal that you hold yourself as a high value woman.

Perhaps most important is the effect of great posture on your overall health and femininity. I (along with my husband D.Shen who is a qualified physiotherapist – but currently non practicing), will show you 3 quick and easy ways to instantly improve your overall posture!

Proper posture prevents injuries by decreasing the stress on muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. From my experience, many people who have poor back posture end up with back problems; especially disc herniation.

One of the most fantastic side benefits of having great posture is that it makes you look more attractive. Whether you are a man or a woman, perfect posture gives you an air of feminine confidence. On the other hand, poor posture is often associated with depression, boredom and a general lack of value.

There’s something magnetic about a person with good posture who holds their head high with pride. It gives a person charisma and an air of importance and presence. (read my article about how to be confident with men)

The other great thing about good posture is that it makes you feel better on the inside. There’s a direct correlation between what you do with your body and how you feel on the inside.

In fact, many gurus would say that “emotion” comes from motion. How you move your body partially determines how you feel.

If you don’t believe me, then take this for an example. If I was to say to you, there’s someone behind door 1, who is depressed, bored, and generally doesn’t have much zest for life, would you be able to describe the way they’re sitting or standing?

Would their shoulders be back or rounded? Would they be looking up or down? You’d most likely be able to guess; but why? It’s because there’s a very strong association between the way we hold ourselves and the way we feel.

Changing the way you move your body changes your biochemistry. A MUCH better way to change the way you feel than through the use of drugs (prescription or not). (read my article about how to attract men)

If you are committed to becoming more attractive, having more presence and charisma, set aside 10 minutes to get through all of the content and the 3 videos on this post. Enjoy! ð

So here are 3 quick steps that will guarantee you better posture instantly

So just to recap, you need to pretend there’s a string attached to the top of your head, and it’s pulling you up towards the ceiling. This will help you elongate your spine and make you feel a lot taller. Also your chest should be popped out a lot more, giving you an increased ability to breathe deeper into the bottom of your lungs.

Secondly, draw your shoulder blades back and down. It’s important to push your shoulder blades down because you don’t want to simply shrug your shoulders.

Lastly, bring your chin back towards your spin and this will create a better posture for your neck.

Now it’s important to do these exercises often, for a couple of reasons. The first reason is so that you condition your body to be more comfortable in the better posture, and secondly, so you remember how to perform the stretches.

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Stretches for good posture

Now I understand that a lot of people out there have gotten used to poor posture over many weeks, months and years. This is the reason why we included a couple of quick stretches you can also do to improve your posture. First exercise we’re going to do is the pectoral stretch.

There are a couple of variations that helps to stretch all the fibres of your pectoral muscles.

As you can see on the video, this is a fantastic drill to reverse the damage (tightness of your pectoral muscles) of all those many years of slumping over.

Remember to breathe as you are stretching and when you exhale, push slightly further into the stretches.

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Reversing damage over the years – setting in good posture permanently

The last video here is to do with reversing the roundness in your spine. This is a really excellent exercise to mobilise your thoracic spine and increase your range of motion and feel better at the same time.

So remember, make perfecting your posture a habit as well as a priority!

Let us know what you think of these videos. Did you find the videos and the post helpful?

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