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5 Reasons to Go Without Makeup

Renee Wade
July 1, 2010

The Case for Going Without Make up – How to Rock the Look

‘True Feminine Radiance Comes From Within.’

Most sites for women tell you how to put make up ON and how to do it perfectly. Well; this is really counter-intuitive, but I have to say that if you want to attract good men in to your life; go without make up during the day, from time to time (filtering out men who want their woman to always wear make up). From personal experience, I have found that men actually seem to notice me more/are more likely to strike up a conversation with me.

Not to mention that wearing make up has nothing to do with how attractive you are. This article is not about going without make up all the time, it’s about being able to have the freedom to actually go without make up if you have to/if you wish.

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Now, I know that my sister blogger Melina advocates not leaving the house without mascara. On this point, I beg to differ. I have left the house many times without make up, and I love it. I recommend it to every woman. I’m not here to tell you whether you should wear make up or not, however. That’s entirely up to you.

Here are 5 GOOD reasons why you might want to go without make up:

5. As humans, we tend to notice contrast. These days, if you go without make up, you stand out from the crowd. Most women wear make up. You may think you look washed out, tired, and un-pretty, but again, as a matter of contrast – this is probably true for YOU because you’re used to wearing make up, but not for others who are first meeting you! And the people who know you will get used to it. (read my article about how to be confident with men)

By the way, I’m not talking about the ‘bad’ kind of contrast here. I’m talking about how the look of natural beauty is a huge contrast to most women who are wearing make up. But, this doesn’t mean that a woman should stop taking care of her appearance.

And please, don’t try it once, get all worried, and never do it again – it may take a few goes to get used to it!

4. A woman who doesn’t feel the need to wear make up is fascinating. She’s not trying to be anything. She’s authentically who she is. To a man, if you can go without make-up, this shows you’re very confident. Men and women alike will wonder “what makes her so confident?! Why can’t I do that?!!”

But that’s just the beginning. To a man, it shows that you’re more likely to accept him without judgments. If you have the courage to not succumb to pressure and go without make-up, and accept yourself AS YOU ARE, you come across as the kind of person who would be less likely to judge others. This is all a very subconscious process that we humans go through in our minds.

Think about it: who are mostly the women who snob men off and judge them? The women who obsess over looking perfect, and appearing like very few men are good enough for her.

Lack of make-up also makes you seem fascinating because a woman with confidence is in the minority. It also make you more mysterious. (Read my article about how to be mysterious)

3. This may not be true with everybody, but I have found that going without make up makes you look younger. It gives a look of authentic innocence and youth. Of course, if you’re not healthy, it won’t work out for you. If you have really bad dark circles, dry, flaky skin etc, it won’t help with the no make up look.

2. I’m really passionate about this one: I have found that foundation actually takes AWAY the natural radiance and glow of my skin!! It gives the image of a clear complexion (though it will never cover up pimples and bad skin properly) and ‘patch-less’ looking skin.

But I have found that, if you’re healthy, the ‘patches’ on your skin will be non-existent, and will be replaced with spots of glowing redness or just an overall, natural, radiant glow in of itself. (Click here to take the quiz on “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”)

But that natural glow of the skin, if it is there, is actually taken AWAY by foundation!

“A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful” – Karl Kraus

1. Going without make up forces you to work on the inside. It forces you to be truly OK with who you are. The outside canvas will dissipate with passing years, as father time does his handy work. And by that time, you’re really going to have to know how to feel attractive without make up; without the outer canvas fooling you in to thinking it is the Queen of everything, and the fixer of all your problems.

Of course, going without make up is not ideal for every situation, as you would already know. But, every woman should learn how to let her natural beauty radiate from within, right through the outer layers of her skin. Not to mention that make up is full of very harsh chemicals that have a very real chance of being absorbed in to your skin and other various orifices on your body.

So here are some ways to rock the natural look:

1. Make sure that your hair is clean and fresh. When your hair is at its best, it helps to radiate the overall natural look of radiance. Depending on your individual facial features, you’ll need to choose whether having your hair up or down suits you better when going without make up. Perhaps you can do both! (read my article about how to take care of your hair)

2. Eat a diet of mainly raw foods. You will be surprised that this is a much better cosmetic than your foundation and other types of make up. Aside from a raw food diet, make sure to cleanse and detox regularly. Make it a habit. You can’t pull off the no make up look when your skin is dull and lifeless from your bad diet.

3. Keep alcohol to a minimum. It really doesn’t help, sister. Not to mention it’s really great for premature aging.

4. Exercise regularly and alternate between cardio work outs as well as doing light weights, tabata exercises and plyometrics. Sweating helps detoxify your body, and refreshes your skin, helping you pull off a natural look. It HAS to come from within!

5. Exfoliate (not every day), cleanse, tone and moisturize. Unless you live in a sub-tropical environment, you most likely have problems with dry skin, so make sure you use a good organic moisturizer.

6. Take a good Omega-3 oil supplement like Krill Oil. Good fats help to keep the skin plump, making you look and feel more youthful.

7. SMILE!!

8. Pay close attention to the clothes you’re wearing. Try not to wear anything too dull in color. Often, wearing something floral and extra-feminine like a colorful maxi dress helps brighten up your overall look.

Going without make up also helps give you character. Individuality. When you learn to love it, it also gives you an enormous sense of freedom! And, I think most women would be surprised by the number of men who would say that they prefer their woman without make up (of course a woman needs versatility, still!). Especially when she’s spending quiet, quality time with him.

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Do you ever go without make up? Do you think it’s easy to pull off? Do you think men notice you more when you’re not wearing make up? Do you agree with this post, or do you think no woman should ever leave the house without mascara at least?


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