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Are You Masculine, Feminine or Neutral? A Quiz

Renee Wade
April 27, 2010

What is your sexual essence – Masculine, Feminine or Neutral?

Article updated 2018

This post is a quiz on the sexual essences. We have compiled some questions so that you can get a better idea of whether you’re living in your feminine, masculine or in neutral sexual essence. It will also show you whether you are naturally more feminine at your core, or more masculine at your core.

By the way, you can also take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”, click here to take the quiz now.

This quiz is meant to be a bit of fun, and meant to be taken lightly so if you get something that was unexpected, try not to get your knickers in a knot! ð

Answer the questions honestly. And imagine you are with an intimate partner whom you trust. ð

1) When Iâm working on a project, I

A) Tend to get distracted easily
B) Tend to be completely focused and donât notice significant events/noises/other people trying to talk to me
C) I neither get distracted nor become completely focused

2) I:

A) Can talk on the phone, fry a steak and greet visitors at the same time
B) Have to do one thing at once, otherwise one or more of the tasks suffer significantly in effectiveness
C) My partner and I both share tasks and are able to talk to each other at the same time

3) When my close friend has a problem in their life, I like to…

A) Prefer to talk to them about it, listen to them, understand them
B) Solve their problem somehow
C) Think about things rationally and work them through

4) In the bedroom, Iâd more often prefer someone who is:

A) Physically larger than me
B) Physically smaller than me
C) I donât Mind

5) Which of the following more accurately describes the kind of intimate partners youâve had in your life:

A) My partners have tended to assume they are right about everything
B) My intimate partners have told me that they think I always think Iâm right about everything
C) Iâve rarely had any disagreements with my partners in the past; things tend to go smoothly.

6) In the past, at parties or social situations, I have tended to:

A) Have the desire to get up and dance when the music is on
B) Preferred to stay sitting and talk seriously with others or watch others tear up the dance floor
C) Do what everyone else is doing

7) Which of the following best describes your intimate relationships throughout your life, when something is wrong:

A) I have tended to close up, (arms clasped around my knees and folded against my chest), and shut out my partners words, as the tone of their words and intensity of their bodily gestures cause me to shut down, perhaps leading me to stop listening and blocking out their words
B) I have tended to withdraw from my partner, wanting to get away from the relationship and even questioning whether I should be in the relationship
C) Iâd rather discuss things rationally with my partner rather than wanting to leave or shutting my partner out

8 ) It would hurt me more if my intimate partner were to say:

A) You are looking old and run down lately
B) Where is your life headed?!! You seem to be losing direction.
C) You really treat men differently than you treat women

9) In the bedroom, Iâd mostly prefer:

A) My intimate partner took control, and I surrender to them
B) My intimate partner let me take control, and surrender to me
C) Nobody surrenders and nobody takes control

10) It would hurt me more if my intimate partner were to say to me:

A) You’ve put on weight, you need to eat less and exercise more
B) Youâre making a bad investment with your money
C) Youâre very unlike me

11) After making love, I more often:

A) Want to cuddle with my intimate partner
B) Feel very relaxed/want to fall asleep
C) Iâm going to make a cup of tea

12) Iâd more often prefer that my intimate partner was:

A) Stronger than me physically
B) Less strong than me physically
C) Of the same physical strength as me for their proportion

13) I would more often prefer as an intimate partner:

A) Someone who sweeps me off my feet, is sensitive confident and takes charge
B) Someone who is open to me and trusts me
C) Has the same interests and common goals as me

14) Which of the following situations would frustrate you more:

A) When I ask my partner what we are doing, they say âI donât know, what do you want to do?
B) When Iâm driving, my partner tells me to stop and ask for directions
C) When my partner doesnât pull their weight around the house

15) When Iâm in a store and I canât find something I am looking for, I

A) Tend to feel completely comfortable asking a store manager or sales representative where the item may be
B) Tend to not want to ask where the item may be, but look for it until I find it
C) I donât mind either, whichever is the quickest way.

If you answered mostly As, your sexual essence is more feminine. If you answered mostly Bs, your sexual essence is more masculine. If you answered mostly Cs, your sexual essence is more neutral.

If you have 12 or more As, then you are highly feminine at your core.

If you have 12 or more Bs, then you are highly masculine at your core.

You can find the original sexual essence quiz at Our quiz on sexual essence is based on the same ideas, but we have added our own questions to the pre-existing ones, and refined it in a way that we think provides extra understanding and knowledge. Check out the original quiz if you are interested.

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What were your results? Do you have any questions? Has this made you more aware of your own or your partner’s tendencies in intimate relationship? Or more aware of what kind of partner you want?


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