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Can a BROKE or JOBLESS Man Still be High Value?

Renee Wade
June 30, 2020

The more jaded and less innocent you are, in general, the more likely it is that you may laugh at the idea that a broke man could be high value.

The less jaded you are, in general, the more likely you are to agree that itâs possible for a man to be broke, jobless and still be high value.

Knowing that so many women have been stuck in bad relationships footing the bill for toxic and unambitious men, I donât take this subject lightly.

I know there are bad quality men out there with zero gumption or integrity, who donât mind living off a woman financially – long term.

But these character traits are independent of monetary wealth/money.

Sometimes when I say this, some women say Iâm naive.

I sometimes ask them if perhaps theyâre jaded or resentful.

If you are capable of objective thought – if you CAN remove yourself from all the pent up emotion you have from the past with toxic men (because boy I know itâs hard after everything youâve been through), then maybe, just maybe, youâll see the little flicker of light in the darknessâ¦

A broke and jobless man can most definitely still be high value.

A man who is broke isnât automatically low value.

Where do you think the value of a man really is?

Let me ask you a couple of quick questions:

Is money more important than ambition?

Is money more important than resourcefulness?

Could having lots of money really turn a man who has no integrity into a man of integrity and high value?

Absolutely not.

Could a ârichâ man have scammed a bunch of people, made millions in cash in a few years, only to end up in jail for 15 years for his heinous crimes?

Someone smart by the name of Tony Robbins once taught me that money is a magnifier; it doesnât change the essence of who you are as a person.

If youâre a bad person, money will magnify it. If youâre a good person, money will magnify that too.

You know what I mean, right? The rich man who flaunts his cash to lure you in, and then expects a blowjob just because he paid for a lavish meal?

Do yourself & your future family a favour: know that money buys a bit of comfort & freedom, but it canât raise kids & it canât buy resourcefulness, ambition, commitment or a quality pair bond.

David & I have taken our children around the world with us in first class, we have every bit of freedom & âcomfortâ that we worked hard together for, but had I looked past him based on his poor lifestyle, crappy car & crappy clothes that every other woman judged him for 15 yrs ago, we wouldnât have made it here together.

Life always throws you conflict, loss, pain, & challenges no matter your wealth.

Money is no insurance against poor character, a lack of resourcefulness and a lack of integrity.

If you date for money, not love – you foot the cost as a woman.

What I foolishly didnât realise until my husband taught me the lesson, is that so many of us often have no clue that the value in life is not just in the comfort you can get for yourself – the real value is in what substance and lasting VALUE you pass onto the next generation.

Thereâs no use being rich, if your children turn out to be insecurely attached, weak, entitled and have zero depth of love and secure attachment to pass on to THEIR children.

Thereâs no use being rich and spending 99% of your time chasing wealth as a parent, only to find out that your children inherited your cash, but no skills in adding value to the world.

You can throw money at your children, give them what they want and they turn out to have no understanding of currency, economics and how to accumulate true wealth by themselves.

See, Iâve been working with women long enough to know that if all else were equal, then given the choice between a self-made man and a man who inherited riches, theyâd almost always choose the self-made man.

So, all women intuitively know thereâs far more value in a man with a strong masculine direction, ambition and substance, yet we often lose sight of that.

When we are fearful, we are quick to judge and push away a man based only on his job status and his current earnings.

Itâs much like judging the monetary value (or earnings) of a business based on arbitrary measuring sticks like popularity – ie: the popularity of their instagram, twitter, facebook or youtube account. The success of a business CAN definitely go hand-in-hand with popularity, but it also often doesnât!

As you would already know, thereâs more than meets the eye.

Never forget that some of the truly smart and rich men will choose to dress down, to be inconspicuous and avoid being targeted by value-sucking women who throw themselves at them.

So, of course itâs your life, and you know your situation, and your needs better than anyone else does.

Perhaps youâre over 50 and youâve been through it all, and youâre done with jobless men. I understand. Yet still – donât confuse joblessness with a lack of resourcefulness.

Donât confuse joblessness with a lack of masculinity.

If possible in your dating life, enjoy yourself, learn all your lessons, make all the mistakes you need to make – but never stop learning from them, never put blinders on and only think on the surface.

You wonât believe the amount of women in their 30s and 40s Iâve heard from who wanted to get married and have a family – and so had to choose between two men quickly.

Usually itâs a similar scenario for them all – one of the men had money but their connection was not there and one of the men didnât have the money or lifestyle, but the connection was there – and they often regret choosing the one with money because even though they thought it was best for their children and lifestyle at the time, theyâre now living unhappy lives, or perhaps even divorced and parenting their children in a very different way than they assumed they would be.

Donât get me wrong – sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. We canât have it all at once and the world we live in is far from ideal. So who am I to judge a woman who was forced to make a difficult choice?

But do take care of your feminine soul – it needs more than money. It needs to be opened to love by a trustworthy man, it needs to surrender to bonding, to love and connection. Without these things, youâll feel an enormous lack down the line.

And so donât close your heart to a man based on his car, clothes and job status before you get to test him and get to know him for real.

Donât be surface like perhaps your scaredy cat, judgemental, jaded female acquaintances are.

Look deeper, feel deeper into who a man really is, even through your own fears.

Try your best to be more patient, think long-term or better still, if you can – play the long game, rather than the game of instant gratification like so many other people in the world do.

I want to love you and leave you with a quote I recently shared on my instagram:

renee wade

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