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How to be Truly Feminine & Be Guided by Love, Not Fear

Renee Wade
January 1, 2014

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Happy New Year!

I have found that we are most lonely and depressed as women when we make all our decisions from Fear. Essentially, for a woman, that looks like this: being dictated by our ‘heads’; making decisions from our heads, not our gut or our heart.

Heady decisions are decisions made from old patterns. Patterns are a survival mechanism, and therefore come from Fear.

Most of us live a year after year, guided by a series of millions of fearful decisions.

I would take a guess and suggest that most of us are guided by Fear hundreds of time each DAY.

The best relationships and friendships, I feel, are the ones that inspire you away from fear in to love and give you more internal resources to do more for others you love outside of yourself.

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Because, after all, that’s all we have.

I feel that everything else is an illusion.

Money, nice careers, exciting moments, nice clothes, nice holidays, everything, is threatened by loss.

Everything we get and achieve is already being lost.

Our bodies are older each second…

The only thing we have is love.

I hope that in 2014 you as a woman allow your gut and your heart to guide you more. Not your head. A life lead by ‘heady’ actions leads to incredible suffering. I have felt it often and it’s a hard cycle to break.

I hope in 2014, you give yourself the gift of knowing that Love is all
we have. In fact, our ability to ‘do’ love, is all we have.

I am guessing that you are more than your past decisions show you to be.

You may ‘achieve’ a lot, but like most , of us, still feel lonely and feel that something is missing, so there is a never ending stress in your gut, your jaw, and your shoulders. Think about it, are you familiar with this stress I am talking about?

Maybe vaguely?

Maybe you know it well.

It’s probably there a lot more than you know.

And you are not alone.

This stress and tension gives us the false idea that it will go away on its own.

It doesn’t go away until you break your heady thoughts and go in to your gut or your heart. There, lies the true you. You can trust the things you feel, do and say from this place.

I hope that in 2014, you will make more decisions from the well of love in your heart than you make from your head. You are most powerful and loving and unforgettable when you feel and act from there.

When you have moment where you feel unworthy, remember that this is your pattern guiding you to be separate from others. It’s easy to feel unworthy.

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It gets us cheap, short-lived attention.

But that attention we get is an obligatory attention from the people around us. It hurts them, and it hurts us.

I feel that what truly fulfils us as women, is our own ability to breathe love and BE love.

Approval from others comes and goes. And once it goes, we go straight back to that dreaded empty feeling.

Seeking approval leads to years of suffering. Once you get the approval, it’s a drug, you have to go back for more, because it always disappears as fast as it comes.

But Love is always available to you, that’s something that you can draw from within yourself when you are ready.

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