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How to be Vulnerable Without Being Needy

Renee Wade
May 19, 2020

How does one show vulnerability without crossing over into needy territory?

Iâm not meaning to be flippant, but the short answer to that question is BE vulnerable.

Let me share an example with you.

Imagine a homeless man. Heâs all alone in the street, without food, water, shelter and human companionship. He sleeps on the park bench during freezing winter nights and his mental health is all but ruined.

Imagine him feeling the plight of his situation. He sinks into a despair so great that he cannot hold back his emotion. So he starts to really feel his sorrow and pain. He surrenders to the aches in his joints and the anguish in his heart.

You walk past and you see the tears falling from his face. You see his back and forth rocking, his arms cradling himself in a futile attempt to get warm.

This is a man in full grieving.

Contrast this emotional, vulnerable response with a mental picture in your mind of the same homeless man just begging for money on the street.

In the first example, this homeless man is completely vulnerable. Heâs just feeling no matter what anyone says or thinks of him.

In the second example, heâs taking value.

Both of these responses are due to the same cause – his plight. However, these two reactions feel different to the people around him.

When he was feeling, was he needy?

No. perhaps the odd person here and there might label him needy, but the essence of what he is doing is not needy. Heâs just feeling.

His second response however, would indeed come across more needy.

Now I would like to use the example of a woman in a fairly new relationship with her boyfriend. Theyâve been together for around 3-9 months.

One day, this woman starts to feel frustrated that her boyfriend isnât spending that much time with her. Sheâs feeling lonely and wants his company, but he seems too busy with work, family and friends.

Sheâs getting to a point where her emotions are about to burst.

As an outlet, and as a way to be heard, she sends 25 abusive text messages to her boyfriend.

âWhy havenât you called??!â

âDonât you GET it? I have needs too!â

Thatâs one way that she can try to feel. Itâs not a good way, but at least she gets a little bit of her frustration out.

Now letâs imagine that instead of sending 25 abusive text messages, this woman gets a pen and a notepad, and writes a letter to her boyfriend.

She writesâ¦.

âI was just thinking of the time we went for that walk along the beach while the sun set. I live for moments like that!â

âI also thought about that time we went to the circus and spent the evening together. Gosh, I miss you SO much.â

Does this cross over into âneedyâ territory?

No. In fact, if she writes a letter to him, later on if she feels like she blamed him or wrote things that would only cause damage, she has the choice to throw that letter away.

Consider if this woman was to simply feel. Perhaps she doesnât prefer to write a letter right now, but sheâs bursting at the seams with anger.

So, she surrenders, just like the homeless man, and she feels it.

Would that come across differently to when she sent the 25 abusive text messages?

Sure, she might be alone when she feels (and she also might not). But the very act of feeling allows the emotion a time and place.

This leads her towards a healthier way to manage and deal with her own emotions. It allows the emotion an outlet without abusing her boyfriend.

You see, the damage done by neediness is not done because we had feelings.

The damage done by neediness is done when we are too scared or even too lazy, to feel.

Of course, not all neediness is abusive or ultimately even damaging.

We are all needy at times. Thatâs ok inside of a healthy relationship between two invested people.

Itâs the âneedinessâ that borders on abuse that becomes toxic.

But letâs try our best to take responsibility for being there for ourselves before we take it out on men, because remember, just because we are women and we are emotional, doesnât give us the right to let it out in an abusive way.

Letâs take responsibility for feeling, before it all becomes too much that the pipes in the sewer burst, and  you know what splatters all over someone that doesnât deserve it.

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I also have an article on 4 Top secret Ways to Access Your High Value Vulnerability and a very special and much loved video by my husband on this same topic.


(By the way – YES, itâs ok to be fully vulnerable. Donât let other peopleâs opinions of you get in the way of you doing you. Ok?)

renee wade

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