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How to get out of the friend zone with a guy [New Guide]

Renee Wade
January 29, 2021

Being in the friend zone with a guy you really like can be frustrating and heartbreaking. 

When you really like him, the last thing you want is to feel like youâre getting less of him by just keeping him as a friend. 

So the question is how to get out of the friend zone with a guy?

If you canât get out of the friend zone with a guy, here are the main reasons why:

  1. Thereâs no attraction or romantic tension between you both (and youâve never understood the importance of it, or tried to create it)
  2. You havenât presented with enough relationship value to make him go: âwow, Iâd be crazy not to make this woman my girlfriend or wife.â


I know that may sound harsh, but think about why you as a woman, would friend zone a guy? 

Be honest. Youâd friend zone him probably for several reasons. 

But all the main reasons boil down to the following:

1: You donât feel attraction for him; and 

2: He simply doesnât present with enough value for you to invest in him in a romantic way.

Hereâs the good news:

Both of these factors can be influenced and/or changed. 

Hereâs the bad news:

Your chance to make a first impression has already come and gone. 

Hereâs what that means:

It means that when men first meet you, they categorise you into one of two categories.

Youâre either in his âone of manyâ women category, or youâre in the one and only category.

If youâve been in the friend zone for a while, chances are, youâre the one of many woman, or not even that. 

If youâre in the one of many basket, usually, guys are happy to have sex with you, but not commit to you.

If you are in the friend zone with him, then you’re ‘one of many’, although you may be one of many friends.

As I often say to women who are stuck in the one of many basket, it is hard to change this categorisation, but not impossible.

Here’s something positive about being in the friend zone with a guy

Consider this positive:

You guys have plenty of connection, of course, right? 

Otherwise you wouldnât be friends, nor would you be stuck in the friend zone. 

So youâre fine on the connection side of things. Youâve got that sorted, which is good, because thatâs half the pie.

For a relationship to develop and thrive, you need two things:

Connection and attraction.

The real thing that is missing if youâre in the friend zone with a guy, is romantic tension, and therefore, attraction. 

The next thing that is missing is his perception of you as a valuable mate to invest in, which ties into attraction.

When we perceive value, we usually also feel attraction. Itâs pretty simple.

Read that again.

Hereâs the deal:

You might just not be his âtypeâ.

But you might also just be able to make him start to think you are his type! 

This possibility is more common than you think. 

You may already know that some of the best romantic relationships start out with two people being good friends. 

People fall in love with people who weren’t initially their type all the time.

That could be true for you too, although of course there are no guarantees.

If you want to know how to get out of the friend zone with a guy, thereâs something else you need to appreciate:

Romantic relationships carry risk, especially for guys. Men by default look for no strings attached sex with women. 

Women by default look for more investment and commitment from men.

Due to the fact that unattached relationships carry less inherent risk for men, the woman has to be the ârightâ woman in order for him.

If sheâs not the right woman, then itâs going to be hard for him to overcome his resistance to being exclusive with her, or making her his girlfriend.

Because men know that they have to forego all other opportunities when they invest in you. 

They know they have to invest copious amounts of time, energy and attention on the woman!

Therefore, he has to perceive enough value in her in order to go beyond the friend zone.

(Unless heâs a player. Then heâll just pretend heâs foregoing all other opportunities and keep his side dishes while heâs dating you.)

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So hereâs how to get out of the friend zone with a guyâ¦

There are two ways: the risky, selfish but fast quick-fix methods (that you can try at your own risk). 

And then thereâs the longer term, value-adding methods that will require a little more patience and understanding on your part.

Letâs start with the quick-fix ways to get out of the friend zone with a guy…

How to get out of the friend zone fast:

Play to his sense of FOMO. 

In other words, take your focus off him and date someone else. 

When he sees your attention and resources going elsewhere, you might just have a chance at triggering his fomo, and making him want you in a romantic way.

There are, in fact, many other ways you could attempt to try to get yourself out of the dreaded friend zone. 

They carry risk, as they donât always add value to the relationship, and I donât always recommend them.

But if youâre interested in looking into it further – read my article on How To Get Him To Chase You. 

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here is the long term way to get out of the friend zone with a guyâ¦

3 Steps to get out of the friend zone fast…

Step 1: Show up as an intrinsically high value woman.

Hereâs a couple of brutal truths: men only truly commit to the right woman. 

Whatâs the right woman?

Itâs the woman he perceives the highest value in, and therefore falls in love with and wants to make his one and only. 

Men fall in love with high value women who show high value vulnerability. 

This doesnât mean that he has to marry you or wife you. You donât have to be a wife to be the one and only. 

Read and understand more about that in this article: What Is Wife Material?

How do you increase your intrinsic value as a woman?

You work on these 3 areas of value:

1: Radiance value
2: Social Value; and
3: Spiritual value.

For a deeper discussion on these 3 types of value, read my article on How To Be A high Value Woman, and also read my article on How To Get A Boyfriend. 

Step 2: Create some emotional attraction and romantic tension. 

How do you create emotional attraction and romantic tension? 

Itâs not too hard. You can use some high value banter to create romantic tension. 

We have a free class taught by my hubby David on that. Itâs called the dark feminine art of high value banter. Take the free class here.

The art of bantering and using push and pull can help you create uncertainty, which is the essence of romance. 

Since you and this guy already have a friendship, there probably isnât a whole lot of uncertainty.

Instead, thereâs probably a lot of familiarity. And familiarity is certain. 

Itâs not uncertain, and uncertainty is the ingredient you need. 

As Oscar Wilde once said: âThe essence of romance is uncertaintyâ.

Another way to create uncertainty is to study ways to make him miss you. I have a whole article dedicated to the topic of how to make him miss you. Read that article here. 

And again, if you want to learn more about creating romance and uncertainty, read my article on how to make him chase you. 

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Step 3: Stop reinforcing the friend zone, and re-frame the relationship.

This is simple, but not so obvious when you already care about a guy as a friend.

If you keep going back to the friendship zone with him, then youâre essentially saying âyesâ to being in the friend zone.

You canât get out of it if you keep going back to it, right?

So, instead of fostering the same old friendship youâve always had with him, your task is to âresetâ the relationship. 

Reset it and re-frame it as a potential romantic relationship opportunity. 

If you walk away from anything friendship and instead keep your distance, (but be open to flirting with him), that may open up the opportunity for a sense of newness and excitement to creep in.

This excitement is of course by default, uncertain. Thatâs why itâs exciting!

And from this place, you can hopefully create the uncertainty and novelty required for attraction to develop.

Always remember that the most valuable type of attraction is not physical attraction, its emotional attraction. 

So even if you donât think youâre his âtypeâ, you can still develop emotional attraction with him.

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Donât get too bogged down in the idea that you may not be as physically attractive to him as some of his other lady friends.

The real value is in the emotional attraction, not the physical attraction.

Emotional attraction is the real glue that binds two lovers together (along with emotional connection.)

I hope this helped you. Leave me a comment telling me your story of getting stuck in the friend zone.

Have you successfully gotten out of the friend zone with a guy? How?

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