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How you are Nothing Compared to Angelina Jolie (and other subconscious messages)

Renee Wade
May 26, 2011
Article updated 2018

According to this trashy video, I ought to be worried about a half-naked Angelina Jolie in the shower with my man, whilst filming a scene of a movie.

Clue: the point is not about her being naked in the shower with Johnny Depp (or your man). The point is the message they are sending:

“you should be worried about this ‘super-human’ woman when she’s around your man. Because, you know, feeling scared and feeling bad about yourself is….well, good. (Good for us anyway).”

“You should be insecure in your relationship.”

This may seem extreme, but this is what women are letting themselves be subjected to every. single. day.

Watch for the underlying message. Or don’t read or listen at all. They don’t deserve your attention. (Click here to take the quiz on “How High Value High Status Am I on Facebook?”)

It might be a facebook add encouraging you to get lip enhancements because, God Forbid, your lips just aren’t “full” enough. It could be a report about how all famous and successful men are unfaithful.

Or it might be a news report about how so-and-so failed miserably at something important.

Never mind the success stories (there is a tonne of them by the way). They are not spoken about. And they wouldn’t report it. Because that might just make you too happy, and give you too much power and inspiration.

Keeping you under control serves them better. (read my article about how to stop worrying about what other people think)

What goes in (input) = message

In other words, what you let go into your mind = the message you are sending to your brain, your nervous system, and your habitual thinking patterns.

What you let come into your mind affects you more than you realize.

If you don’t believe me, observe a 7-year-old child after she watches a show like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers Show.

And then observe her behavior after watching a show like Tom and Jerry.

And keep in mind: many parents actually limit their children’s intake of trashy tv and media. However, most adults don’t even bother limiting the messages that come into themselves. You are being affected just as much as that child. Unless you make a conscious choice not to.

Who knows, such messages that come into your brain repetitively could cause the disintegration of relationships or friendships that matter to you. It eats away at your sense of confidence. (Click here to take the quiz on “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”)

Reasons to feel bad everywhere, every day

The above video is no different to an article proclaiming Megan Fox’s superiority, or a video worshipping Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr’s beauty, that should make every woman bow their head and feel humbled, or less beautiful.

They want you to buy into the ‘they are super and I am a nobody’ message.

If you are confident, these statements shouldn’t even bother you, but the point is about the subconscious messages that are out there everywhere, whether it be on television or in a magazine. You should at least be aware of how it might affect the people around you.

Now, more than ever, every single one of us, men or women, have a multitude of reasons to feel insignificant, inferior, and like we aren’t beautiful enough, or at least, not without makeup!

Gee. I mean, how could you walk out of the house without makeup? You lazy woman!

This is L’oreal talking. Not you.

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Who has the right to influence you?

One question: who are “they” to tell you, or influence you to feel like crap about yourself?

Who on earth has the right to do that?

Nobody, of course.

You were born beautiful. You were born enough. Period.

Angelina Jolie is Angelina Jolie. So? She’s only superior to us if we let her be.

I get emails from women detailing their problems with jealousy, their crippling fear around other beautiful women, and they feel far less successful than a stranger they don’t even know in Hollywood. (read my article about how to be a goddess)

The mess that is projected on to us

It’s so easy to succumb to this mess. And that’s what it is: a sick and twisted mess, designed to sap you of your confidence, your genius, your radiance and your immovable sense of pride.

And don’t tell me you don’t have any of that, because you do. It may just be buried.

Now, this is nothing personal to Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox, or any other famous woman I have mentioned. Each of them deserves to shine, they are indeed beautiful and I am sure they are good people.

However, this is not about that. This is about an epidemic of unnecessary fear – that is plaguing women, perpetuated by sources that don’t care, causing women to obsess over things that don’t serve them, and to sabotage their relationships, partly because of the influence of some trashy, mediocre viewpoint expressed in a “beauty” or gossip magazine.

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Why are women addicted to this gossip and media?

So, if this is so bad for us, why do we keep going back to it? Why do we let ourselves live in fear? Why do we let ourselves (shamefully) diminish our own sense of self-worth, with the help of a bunch of corporates who wouldn’t care if we lived or died?

The answer is: fear.

Fear is in us for a reason. Over millions of years, we have evolved from less sophisticated creatures (reptiles), to become who we are today. As we have evolved, we have developed new layers of the brain on top of the most primal part of our brains – the part which psychologists call the “lizard brain”. The lizard brain is the part of us that is there for our survival. It helps us stay alive so that we can have babies and propagate the species. Survival is the main point to this part of our brain.

This part of our brain LOVES the gossip and drama that the magazines deliver to us, and this part of our brain LOVES fear. Why? Because this part of our brain tells us that fear is there to protect us. And we are being exploited by our culture to believe that we should feel fearful, not just when we truly should, but every minute of the day!

This part of our brain, and the obsession it has with fear, is so powerful that given the right external stimuli (such as above trashy video), it will convince us that we are in fact, right to give in to fear not just when we should, but every single minute of the day, and with every other beautiful woman that comes in to our sphere.

The media idolizes beautiful people, such as Angelina Jolie, or Salma Hayek or Halle Berry, not because they are better than you, but because the media knows that it feeds us. If they encourage us to let our own fears control us, then they have succeeded, because if our fears make us feel protected and “in the know” (laughable!), then who are we going to go back to to keep feeding that fear, to get the drama and entertainment, and to “protect ourselves”?

I’m glad you asked.

Why, the media of course!

It will sure take care of us and let us know which woman we ought to prepare to fight off our man!

The trap: sometimes, for example if you are about to get assaulted or raped, your fear may serve you, but the fear you are being subjected to (or CHOOSE to be subjected to), by advertising for large corporations who care little about anything but getting you to invest your need for drama and fear-feeding in them.

A suggestion: choose to get hooked by sources that matter. Sources that tell the truth, and clear your mind of trash. Sources that show you who you really are, and what your potential really is, rather than showing you nothing but your gravest fears.

Your outer beauty and your image are important. You should aim to look and feel your best, but this is a whole different message: “you should feel like crap next to Angelina Jolie”.

Do you often feel insecure? Do you fear losing your man?

If you do, it’s not the real you talking. It’s the media, the news, whatever.

Here are some suggestions to not get trapped like most women, and to start living a happy, meaningful life:

1) Consciously make sure your thought process (and what influences your thought process) is best suited to putting you in a great mental and emotional state.

2) Stop feeding your addiction to feeling bad, or to knowing every piece of gossip: turn the TV off and go for a run. Listen to an uplifting audio, or dance to an uplifting beat.

3) Find and continue to follow sources that are inspiring. Take a look at these sources:

Follow The Feminine Woman on Facebook

Crazy sexy Life

Makes Me Think

Think Simple Now

The Positivity blog

Consciously infiltrate your mind with messages that show you your worth, rather than diminishing it.

And always remember: your attention must be earned.

Most media, news or radio platforms simply have not earned it.

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Do share any thoughts you have on this issue, and please do share your thoughts on the news media and the messages thrown at women today. I look forward to hearing from you. ð

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