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How Your Refusal to Grieve Makes You A ‘One of Many’ Type of Woman

Renee Wade
July 29, 2019

ðð I know many of us have been burned by a man (or men) in the past. However, it’s one thing to grieve, process and appreciate exactly what happened in our past – coming out of that experience more aware, emotionally calibrated to men and better at protecting our investment with men in the future.

It’s another to refuse to grieve, process and feel – instead choosing to blame the male gender overall for being sh*t. That approach, though easy, just leads to gutlessness and invulnerability.

It also leads to resentment and defensiveness, killing our chances of showing up high value and showing the world our beautiful femininity and vulnerability. It also leads us down the path of showing up as the ‘one of many’ type of woman.

The one of many type of woman is in all of us. She can be as sexy and attractive as is possible, but is incapable of making men feel anything for her, because she’s always held back, always defensive, on guard and won’t let herself feel. When women don’t let themselves feel, they tend to become too defensive and closed off.

When women become too defensive and closed off, they shrink their own natural, inborn ability to deepen romantic relationships emotionally. Therefore, men can’t emotionally commit to them because men can’t feel anything FOR them.

Every girl who is able to feel deeper, naturally uses her ability to attach in relationships to calibrate herself to men, choose the right man, and deepen any relationship with any man emotionally.

The one and only type of woman has a special kind of sensitivity and vulnerability about her that any woman can achieve – even those of us who have been hurt the most. I promise.

If you would like to learn the one specific emotional trigger within every single man in this world that inspires him to WANT to commit to one woman, and take care of only her for life, you can learn that secret right here.

So…all this to say that YES, it’s your responsibility to grieve and process past hurts with men. With friends. With life. Feel them fully. It’s ok to feel. No one else can and should take that responsibility off you – you can ask others to listen and support you, you can ask people to be there for you, but no one can FULLY shoulder the burden of grieving for you.

What I learned, the hard way is that there’s usually never a good reason to throw away an opportunity to grieve.

Yes, grieve even the small, seemingly insignificant things.

The pattern of refusal will only close you off further, dampen your unique feminine radiance and lead you further away from the deep emotionally connected relationships that we all crave.

I know. It’s hard. But remember, this is for yourself.

Sending you love, ðððº

renee wade

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