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Light and Dark Feminine: A Quick Contrast

Renee Wade
September 26, 2010
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As mentioned in the earlier post; The dark Side of Femininity, Feminine Energy has both a dark and a light dimension.

From the e-mails, comments and responses I have received since I first posted about the dark side of femininity, I have seen that a lot of people are curious to know exactly what the dark feminine is. The majority of us are aware of what the light feminine is – it has been well talked about, nurtured and praised by society as well as in books.

Many people are expressing that they are confused as to what dark femininity is, how to embody it and why it is so crucial for women to embrace their dark side. I talk extensively about this in my program “Attraction Control Monthly”.

The dark side is not really encouraged by society (and there are sound justifications for this). With this in mind, I thought it would be good to divulge a bit about what dark femininity is. Instead of discussing pure theories, I wanted to just give you a quick example of each, so that you can get a bit of a feel for what both the light and the dark feminine really are.

For the light feminine, the example I’m going to use is Kate Bosworth. Here is a quick video of her:

Just as a teaser, I’m going to give you three traits that are common to the light feminine:

1. Angelic

2. Conservative

3. Feels love

For the Dark Feminine, the example I’m going to use is British actress Liz Hurley. Here is a quick video of her…..

Here are three traits that are common to the dark feminine:

1. Devilish

2. Liberal

3. Plays with Desire

Over the past 9 months, and in my research on both the light and dark side of femininity, I’ve come to a conclusion about a common denominator for everything that is true to the dark feminine, and everything that is true to the light feminine. One of the major differences lies in the value systems of both the light feminine spirit and dark feminine spirit.

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A quick Question: Can you notice the differences between the light and the dark feminine?

It’s really not just about sex or at all about your physical looks, as many people might think. Light and dark also exists in the masculine energy. Out of curiosity, some men love to fight. Is this light or dark masculine, what do you think?

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