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Make it Easy for Your Man to Succeed

Renee Wade
February 6, 2011
Article updated 2018

Let’s try a quick guessing game (a game I learned from one of my mentors Seth Godin).

I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 5 (inclusive).

What do you think it is?

Now, click on the number you guessed (only one number please): one, two, three, four, five.

Got one?

Some women by now are confused,  but you may also be delighted. ð

Now, in case you haven’t figured it out already (you would have), men hate to fail. Or to be made to feel like a failure.  Oh, they might seem all capable on the outside (and of course, they are capable), but the fear of failure is something all men have. (Click here to take the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”)

That fear is magnified when it comes to a woman he loves. And the woman who is impossible to make happy is not doing herself any favors. And that’s a lot of women out there.

There’s rarely a better feeling you can give a man than to have him feel like a man around you. If a man is losing all the time with his woman, or being made to feel like he can do nothing right, or that you’ll only be there loving him WHEN he gets it right – then you have an unhappy man.

So here’s the point: make it easy for him to succeed. No, I don’t mean fake an orgasm. I don’t mean screaming in delight if he takes you to McDonald’s for a special first dinner date. I mean: don’t set him up to fail.


Quick example:

Wife: ‘Hey, can you please mow the lawn for me?!”

Husband: ‘sure, just let me finish this thing I’m doing.’

…………………….. 2 hours later:

(Sounds of lawn being mowed)

Husband: ‘Hey, what are you doing?! I said I’d mow the lawn!’

Wife: (sighs, hands on hips, rolls eyes) ‘Well, you didn’t do it so I’m doing it myself!’


Be authentic, and have good intentions. Make it easy for him to win. If he goes out to get you some food, or does a last minute trip for an ingredient you need, and he gets the wrong thing; it’s not his fault. Part of making him succeed around you is believing he has good intentions.

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He wants to make you Happy….

I think you know what I mean if I was to tell you that many of us women subconsciously feel (and know of) a man’s hurt if he is not able to make us happy. We know how powerful we are, and how quickly we can disappoint him, and cause him to be disappointed in himself! So, for whatever reason (mostly out of fear), we may withhold our reactions. We withhold our love. We withhold appreciation. We withhold our delight. We withhold our feminine, loving energy. (read my article about how to be your feminine self)

Sometimes, women don’t even give their man a chance to be of help, or make them happy.

My guess is that if you’ve been in a relationship with a man, in the past, you’ve withheld your delight, your acceptance, your love, or your excitement over something he’s done before. You’ve probably made it impossible for him to succeed with you at times.

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Avoid making him Wrong…

Don’t make him wrong. It could be even as simple as openly accepting him telling you that you are beautiful, instead of shaking your head or launching into a list reasons why you are not beautiful.

Is your love conditional? Eg: “feed the dog, and THEN we can have sex.”

You can give him the gift of feeling like he’s succeeding by (unconditionally) expressing your genuine gratitude, by giving him your genuine smile,  by deeply appreciating the things he does for you and your family on a daily basis that seems so ‘whatever’ to you now.

He already has so many (big or small) challenges and failures to think about. You don’t need to be another source of this feeling for him! Helping him succeed is part of being valuable to him as a woman.

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Have you got any suggestions for helping a man feel good and successful around you?

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