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Mistakes Women Make to Destroy Sexual Polarity with Men

Renee Wade
February 2, 2010

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I will start with a definition of depolarization: To partially or completely eliminate or counteract the polarization of. Where on earth does this word come from and what does it mean in the context of your relationship with men? Most men and women, regardless of what they’re showing up as, have a sexual essence that is more typically associated with their gender. So, most women will be feminine at their core, and most men will be masculine at their core. (Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”)

There are women who are more masculine at their core, and there are men who are more feminine, naturally, at their core. However, most men are more masculine, and most women are more feminine. Frequently what happens is that women in this modern day are more masculine now, and men are more feminine. Because of how society has changed throughout history, the roles of women and men have changed greatly. Our job here is to recognize this big change and the negative effects that it may have on our relationships, and truly honor the differences between the sexes! (read my article about are you a feminine, masculine or neutral)

Let me just confirm: I am not encouraging manipulation. This entire site is about helping women become better women, and to embrace more of who they are and bring out more of what they embody at their core.

Mistakes made by women with men to cause depolarization

The Truth is, lovelies, the vast majority of women are making HUGE, and often somewhat irreversible mistakes with men! The men may not even know what on earth has caused them to feel sour towards the woman, as we are so out of touch with our personal identification of our sexual essence at our core, that most men don’t really know what is actually going on consciously, but they know they don’t want to be with that woman. So, the relationship fails. Or the marriage fails. Many relationships lack passion, depth, closeness, respect, understanding and worship. I am aware that worship is a strong word, but wouldn’t you like to be worshiped by your man? I will talk more about worship in later posts. Back to the main point.

Depolarization and sexual essence

ONE of the ways in which depolarization occurs, is when the woman (or man) does things that take away from the other person’s sexual essence. For example, one of the core differences between masculine and feminine is that men are driven by direction in life, and women are driven by emotion.

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What Not to do with Men

– Question whether he knows where he’s going whilst driving, or getting frustrated that he appears lost, or getting angry at him for it and even exclaiming that you’re late because of him, or rolling your eyes. This hurts a masculine man deeply. (read my article about how to comfort your man)

– Suggesting you call a mechanic to help him with the car when he is diligently trying to fix it himself!

– Suggesting he ask somebody for directions

– Ridiculing his goals and dreams

– Not supporting him with his goals and dreams

– Mentioning his failures to get that job, get the raise, get that promotion, get that degree

– Making him wrong

– Telling him how his ideas/opinion is wrong (boy, have I made this mistake before!!)

More on Polarity in a relationship

I think we have all made a couple of the above mistakes, if not all. The problem with doing the things I have mentioned above (and there are many more examples of ways that women destroy the polarity in a relationship with their man) is that the woman has just destroyed the polarity between her and her man. (Click here to take the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”)

Polarity is the quality of opposites/opposing energies in your relationship. Polarity is an essential, IMPORTANT ingredient to have in your relationship if you want it to last. And last with passion, love, commitment and desire.

One quick way to rectify the situation is to say ‘oh yes! You are right about that, how come I didn’t think of that?!’. You don’t want to be insincere. However, if he does have a point, at least acknowledge this to him and maybe ask him for more of an explanation. You’ll find it much easier to connect with him, rather than ending up in a painful argument that doesn’t serve either of you.

Feminine sexual core and Masculine sexual core

As his woman, the worst thing you can do is to somehow imply that he is wrong. A fast way to build up resentment in a man who has a masculine sexual essence is to tell him he is wrong. Reverse the situation, and a fast way to build resentment in a woman with a feminine sexual essence to to tell her she is ugly. Also, if by any chance another woman somehow gives your man reason to think he’s right, and to feel more of a man, he’ll start associating more positively with her instead! This is what happens when you do not fill your man up/meet his needs. (read my article about he says he misses me)

A woman’s support and admiration of her man

To succeed with men/a man, you must learn to be the woman he can count on for support. The woman who gives him reasons to feel like he is a MAN when external things are pulling him down. You must be the internal link to his core sense of masculine identity. You must have the quality and understanding of femininity as well, and the distinction between the sexual energy of the sexes. If you look up to him and admire him and truly believe in him, it’s going to be hard to find another woman to take your place, lovely!

Often what happens in relationships is that the woman is so unaware of this that she destroys not only the polarity and the core sexual energy between them and therefore the PASSION, and that she slowly but surely destroys his masculinity and sense of identity. He will lose hope. And YOU will start to lose respect for him, because men who have lost hope or lost the ‘fight’ in them often let women walk all over them. Let’s face it, no woman truly respects a man that lets her walk all over him. Most – if not all women want to be led and taken cared of by their man.

Lots of women are actually digging their own grave, and don’t really understand why.

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Any thoughts, suggestions or anything, feel free to share!


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