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Polarity Problems When She is His Boss…

Renee Wade
March 11, 2010

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Hey Lovely! Welcome to my Problem Solving section. This is my first post in this new section, and I want You to tell Me what is wrong with this situation, and how You would solve it, approach it, and what solutions You have.

Here is the problem (taken from a real online forum):

‘Doting husband working together in same office for over 5 yrs. married for 7 yrs. But we don’t make love anymore. Is it because I am his boss? Confused and hurt as nothing seems to work. Tried taking vacations, sexy lingerie, heart-to-heart talk etc… He seems to be fine with talking. But it is always ‘tomorrow honey, not now… don’t feel up to it’. He is perfect with all other stuff, buying flowers, shopping, hanging out with friends and other couples…. He is fun being around except in bed… I am disappointed and worried. Even forced him to see a doctor who confirmed nothing is wrong after all the tests. I sincerely love him. what could be the reason? Can you help?’

Let me know what the issues are here.

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