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Relationship Timeline: Men VS Women

Renee Wade
September 14, 2019

There are huge inherent differences between the relationship timelines of men and women. So as women, we need to know why the timelines are different and what it means for you.

Here’s the truth: Men can father children pretty much throughout their whole lives. The world record holder for the oldest man to father a child is a 93 year old Indian farmer. Imagine that!

To us women, that concept can be so foreign because we have our womb and our ovaries, and they do have an expiry date for doing the job of bearing children successfully. We are the ones bearing children, growing them from our own flesh and blood.

As a result, we need that deep commitment and we are instinctively driven towards it.

Whether you like it or not, our feminine biology is always driving us towards a deeply committed relationship, because that’s going to mean the survival of our offspring. It doesn’t matter how much we logically talk ourselves out of wanting a commitment for the sake of avoiding pain, inside we still need emotional commitment from a man.

However, for men, they inherently never get that sense of urgency to be in a deeply committed relationship because they can father children their entire lives.

In fact most men produce about 300 million sperm every day. So there’s no real shortage of their own sperm to go around, and certainly no urgency to settle into a relationship.

This is the exact reason why so many men are happy to just hang around in a relationship out of convenience. They don’t want to take the relationship any deeper yet don’t want to leave.

They will stay as long as it’s convenient but resist any deeper commitment. I realise that this seems to us women like asshole behaviour, but then again a lot of seemingly innocent behaviour from women seems horrible in a man’s eyes. And that’s because of our inherent differences, preferences and biological drives.

As you may know, I always say that intimate relationships is the domain of the feminine. What that really means is that it’s your feminine energy that draws a man deeper and deeper into a relationship.

He may pursue you in the beginning, he may ask you out, but it’s your feminine essence, your authentic and vulnerable feminine essence that inspires his deepest emotional commitment and investment.

You can’t really wait for a man to speed up that process, because simply put, most men never think about relationships. It’s not their domain, it’s not what their familiar with, it’s not what they talk about to their guy friends (unless they have to).

So I can confidently say that most men are completely inept in the area of our lives called intimate relationships. And they are especially inept when compared to women as a whole.

And it’s not that men don’t want deeply committed relationships, they do. They’re just not as emotionally wired and driven to get it because of their masculine relationship timeline. There isn’t always that intuitive feeling of urgency within men that there is within women.

(And if you’d like to discover more about what makes a man high value and masculine, here’s an article I wrote on the 10 Telltale Signs He Is A Highly Evolved, Deeply Masculine Alpha Male.)

So, here’s the good news. You as a woman, have everything it takes to inspire your man’s deepest commitment and make him want you and only you. Most women put proportionately more of their energy and time on the wrong things when trying to inspire a man to love her more – they focus on things like make up, looking good, getting to botox to appear younger, or other silly things that hold little value in the eyes of men when it comes to getting their emotional commitment.

So, as a woman it pays off to be smart. It pays off to put a little care and effort into harnessing your natural power to inspire men to WANT to deeply commit to you.

Although it requires you to understand the distinction between what it means to be a man’s one and only type of woman, and not his one of many type of woman.

In order for you to have and experience that deeply committed relationship that us as feminine women all crave, you need to understand what it takes to become your man’s one and only.

That is where all of your answers lie.

Because here’s the inconvenient truth: a man will give you all of his time, attention, emotional energy and resources when you become his one and only type of woman, and he will give you virtually nothing when he sees you as his one of many.

When I say virtually nothing, I mean he’ll do the absolute bare minimum just to keep you around. That means that he’ll do the bare minimum to keep you around as a resource in his life, but never anything more.

But that’s nothing like the love, the adoration and the commitment that women receive when they’ve become their man’s one and only.

So as you can imagine, there’s nothing quite as important for you as a high value, feminine woman to understand the process behind being your chosen man’s one and only.

This is why I’ve put together a very special DVD titled “Becoming His one and only”. Inside this DVD, I want to teach you in detail the 5 secrets to having your chosen man fall in love with you and beg you to be his one and only.

By the way, this DVD is completely free right now while this article is up. And no strings attached. So do take this opportunity to get yourself a copy before it disappears.

You can get yourself a copy at BHOODVD.com. that’s BHOODVD.com

Again, this DVD won’t cost you a thing and it’s my gift back to the community that has served me so much.

If you don’t have a DVD player, no problems, we also have an online version of this, too.

Anyway that’s enough from me, I hope this article has helped you and I can’t wait to speak to you again very soon.

renee wade

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