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Should A Man Provide for A Woman 100%? Or is 50/50 OK?

Renee Wade
May 1, 2020

Should the Man Provide for a Woman 100%? Or is 50/50 OK?

This question, or some variation of it, keeps circulating in my facebook group for High Value Feminine Women. 

Due to the fact that this question produces polarising discussion, thereâs always a small number of women who inevitably insult other women for having 50/50 relationships. 

I understand. Some women have been through the wringer with the wrong kinds of men, and after having these experiences, they assume that because their ex boyfriend who asked for 50/50 used and abused them, that the problem is the 50/50 setup, and that any man who suggests or wants a 50/50 setup is looking to use a woman financially and sexually. 

Again, we see women settling for surface, basic thinking.

Ladies, the problem is not in the 50/50 financial setup.

The problem is in the fact that you donât have the emotional commitment that you want from the man.

And you probably donât have it because you and this particular man are not romantically in love, forming an exclusive bond together that is impossible to break.

Yes, these bonds exist. And they can exist for you.

However, when you have enough bad experiences with men out there, you forget the heart of the issue. You understandably become hurt and frustrated, and start pointing the finger at the wrong things, like money or 50/50 financial setups.

You can start to believe that if a man doesnât provide 100%, then heâs not the man for you, and heâs a low value man. 

This is not true. A high value man could be in any kind of financial situation and still be a high value man!

Everyone knows that women want resources. We all want resources. 

However, when we single out being 100% financially provided for as the ultimate value, and decide that if a man is not willing to do it (or canât do it) it must be a deal breaker – then we are doing ourselves a disservice by only attracting, or looking for a transactional relationship. 

And in that situation, we arenât looking for love. 

So, if thatâs your rule, then donât expect to find love or emotional commitment. Expect to find monetary resources and transactions, nothing else. 

Because it is only when we date for, and look for love, that we can attract a manâs full emotional commitment to us. 

Emotional commitment begins with love and connection. Here is an article I wrote on Women Who Date for Resources VS Women Who Date for True Love.

Rules for men equate to a lack of feminine radiance

In order to attract love into your life, you have to BE love and embody love and radiance.

If you donât, you miss opportunities to fall in love and find emotional commitment.

Any woman who has rules for men to provide for her 100% is not embodying love. Nor is she feminine. Sheâs just got some rules!

That is not what feminine energy is. Instead itâs something called closure and separation. 

You must respect that your rules for how men should be are YOUR rules. 

You essentially want something for yourself, in order to minimise your own vulnerability and risk. And having such an energy automatically creates a feeling of separation between you and any man. 

You create a wall between yourself and the divine connection that your heart wants to experience with a man. 

Thereâs many women out there who think itâs empowering to have such a rule.

But what if itâs not actually empowering?

What if, instead, itâs automatically severing any intimacy, love and bonding you can achieve with every high value man you meet? 

The more rules you have for men, the less radiant they will feel you to be. 

The less rules you have, and the more you connect to men first, the more radiant and mesmerising you will be. 

Value comes in many forms inside of a committed relationship…

There are lots of different kinds of value inside of a committed relationship where the man and woman are in love with each other. 

And this becomes especially true when you have children. 

Often, I see women who are single without children who are very big on this idea of being  financially provided for 100% by a man. 

After feeling quite shocked at repeated insults and judgements thrown around at other women who have 50/50 relationships, we thought we would address this topic and provide you with an answer.

Please check out the video discussion my husband David and I made for you on this topic. 

The goal is not always to get to a specific number…

Let me first start by saying that the aim is not to get to a specific number in the relationship. You donât necessarily have to aim for 50/50, 40/60, 90/10 or 100%.

Itâs much more important to just feel the situation and respond to how things actually are in reality. 

Each relationship enters its own rhythm and whilst you might start off paying 50/50 bills with a man, you may at some point in your relationship journey end up being provided for 100%.

I am provided for 100% by my husband. However, it was not always like this. And I never had any rules that stated that it is a manâs job to âprotectâ and âprovideâ. 

I desired to be protected and provided for, like many other women out there.  

However, I did not value my rules for how he should be, before I valued him and our connection.

My husband came to this decision to provide for me 100% (and more), by himself. He chose it, and he always maintains that I âearned itâ. It was never a trade. It was never a rule.

And thatâs what a lot of women donât understand, perhaps because they donât want to understand, or perhaps because theyâve never experienced true love with a man.

You want resources. However, the real resources you want comes from a man being in love with you. Not from having your own selfish rule about how HE should be for you.

There are lots of other types of value within a relationship that have little to do with money. 

If you have a rule that men should provide 100% when you date, you are a value extractor

If you focus on what men should be and do for you, and you end up going into a relationship with a man with this rule and âstandardâ for how he should be providing for you financially 100% and no less, you are basically being a value-extractor.

This means that you will have no relationship altogether, because you set it up as a trade from the start.

If you enter the dating world with rules that a man has to provide 100% (as thatâs his âroleâ or âjobâ), then you are a trader. 

You are not being feminine, contrary to what many women believe. 

Connection drives feminine energy. Not rules and trades. 

Connection is the lifeblood of the feminine. 

Again, thereâs nothing wrong with being provided for 100% by a man.

But there will be trouble for you and for your love life, if you choose to put rules and expectations on men. 

If you enter a relationship with a trade in mind, that might provide you with comfort and excitement, but it will never fulfill your soul, and it will never raise your children. No amount of money will raise your children for you. 

Resourceful, in love parents within a resourceful relationship raise children. You see, standards are meant for ourselves. We are meant to hold ourselves to high standards, first and foremost.  


Because this is how we inspire others, especially men, to do more for US. Thatâs the high value womanâs way of getting everything she dreamed of from a man. 

You are supposed to be the person who holds yourself to high standards. Thatâs the only long-term, sustainable way to have a high value relationship. 

You see, not only does being a value-extractor detract from your own value as a woman, when you have a transactional relationship, you will never feel emotionally secure in that relationship. 

Youâll be worried about other women wanting to âlevel upâ and steal your man. Youâll be worried about your man falling in love with someone else. 

This is because somewhere deep down in your heart, youâll know that real security in a relationship comes from the quality of the connection and attraction in that relationship, and not through your ârulesâ, âstandardsâ and âexpectationsâ for what men should do for YOU.

By the way, do you know that there are 7 common signs that a woman is low value in the eyes of men? If you want to know what these 7 signs are (and how to avoid them like the plague), you can find out here.  

You see, this topic of whether men should provide 100% financially is very triggering for a lot of men and women. 

It appears as though some women use this expectation that men SHOULD protect and provide, and provide 100% financially for a woman as a way to feel superior to other women and compete with them.

I sincerely hope that competing with other women is all they are really doing, because entering the dating world or entering a relationship with such expectations to be financially provided for can not only get a woman into a lot of trouble with toxic and bad quality men – quality relationships simply do not begin this way. 

Not to mention that if you as a person are smaller than the money that reaches your hands, the money will never stay with you. It will always leave you somehow. 

As my husband states in this new video above, when youâre dating, you should not just assume that ANY man owes any woman protection or provision. 

âProtectâ and âprovideâ is apparently a manâs âroleâ, according to some women.

But if you box a man into a role, then not only do you automatically usurp his freedom to be and experience other parts of himself with you – youâre essentially starting off the relationship as a value-sucking leech who expects men to conform to the role that you have created for them.

Letâs get this straight. 

If a man OR a woman goes into the dating world with a bunch of rules for how the opposite sex should be for them, just because they happen to inhabit the body of the opposite sex, then they are showing up low value.

A person who is showing up low value is a perpetual value-extractor, who is unattuned, and insensitive to how their rules and expectations affect or hurt other people, especially men. 

Why does having rules for how men undermine your relationship success?

Because when you follow your rules, you cannot have attunement. 

Attunement and rules donât work together in synergy. 

A woman who values her rules and expectations for how men should be is a woman who is insensitive and unattuned. 

And the same goes for men, by the way! A man who has a bunch of rules for how YOU should be as a woman (for him), is generally very thick, unattuned and insensitive to how you actually feel and what you actually value. 

These types of men have no grip on reality. Wouldnât you agree?

And this lack of attunement is what is going to lead you to be used by men.

Your rule for him to provide for you 100% wonât protect you at all. 

The more you want to take from men, the more likely you will get used by men 

Iâve noticed that some women believe that if they enter a relationship with 50/50 in mind, then that allows men to use her and abuse her.

This is highly misguided. 


Because what protects you from being used by toxic or cheap men is actually being attuned and being generous. And thatâs any kind of generosity; not just financial. 

Generosity allows you to actually TEST a man to see where he is at.

Being cheap, being emotionally lazy or fearful and full of expectations actually holds you back from true connection to a man. 

I know dating is hard sometimes.

I know men have hurt you in the past.

I know thereâs many men out there with bad intent.

And Iâm sorry what youâve been through with men out there. 

I understand – as Iâve been hurt, lied to, and cheated on myself (not by my husband).

However, I also know, like many other women inside of emotionally committed relationships know, that thereâs plenty of wonderful, smart and good-intentioned men out there.

And these smart and good-intentioned men would NEVER just provide financially for you from the first date for the sake of it. 

They also would not 100% financially provide for you for the sake of a rule that you picked up along the way. They are not that stupid.

Smart men will be testing how you respond to their gestures to treat you, and be generous with you. They wonât just hand their money over like it is nothing at all, no matter how ârichâ they are. 

In fact, the more truly rich and wealthy a man is (self made, rather than getting lucky with a rich daddy), the more he cares about your intent around his money, because he worked hard to earn it. Heâs the real deal, and he wants nothing less than the real deal in his woman, too.

So – be prepared, because smart men will be testing you. 

Often, it is the men with crippling low self esteem who are looking to manipulate others with money. And these men will give you money in a way that feels âoffâ, or unbalanced.

And guess what?

The more desperate you feel as a woman, the harder it will be for you to discern whether his gestures are off-balance. 

Not only that, but the more desperate you are, the more you want to take value from men – the easier it is for you to be manipulated. 

So here is my humble suggestion: whatever your values are, whatever your standards are, donât settle for surface thinking and surface empowerment, because surface thinking blinds you to the truth.

Dig deeper. Take more responsibility for connecting to men and feeling where he is at.

1,000 of the most empowered rules for how men SHOULD be for you, will never increase your intelligence, sensitivity, attunement or relationship success.

And if you are a woman who has formed a deep emotional connection with a man at any point in her life, then may I ask you a question?

Is that emotional connection worth more to you? 

Or is money worth more to you? 


renee wade

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