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So What If You Think You’re Hot?

Renee Wade
May 9, 2011
Article updated 2018

So what if somebody finally says you’re hot?

Are you happy?

If so, for how long?

Do we have to upload a tonne of photos of ourselves posing in every humanly possible position in our bathroom on to Facebook to get to this point of being labelled hot? Or to prove something?

Or what about wear as little as is possible to snare attention from men that is only given because the amount of skin color glaring at them is more than the amount of covered area on your body?

So what if a bunch of men out at a party tell you, you’re the hottest woman of the night?

By the way, who are these men, and what are their intentions with you?

Be careful. Don’t get hooked.

Attention can be cheap.

Women who always get hooked are cheap.

Think of Tiger Woods’ mistresses as an example. He’s rich, he’s famous, he’s powerful and he has influence. And he’s highly ‘sought after’. Why not, right? I mean c’mon, what woman in her right mind would pass up a night (or 100) with Tiger Woods? Gee, I couldn’t even fathom what woman would!

‘Attention’ from one from the world’s most famous athletes is worth gold, isn’t it?

Oh and then why not tell the whole world you got a piece of him?

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Hot vs True Radiance

Sure, all of us would like to be considered hot, and all of us should take good care of ourselves and be healthy so that we look as great as we deserve and feel as good as we deserve to feel.

But to have been considered hot as your goal?

What about doing something that matters?

One day, your body will age – usually sooner than you’d like. Then what?

Plastic surgery?

Lip injections?

Facelifts? To continue the cycle of considered-to-be hotness? (read my article about lasting youthfulness and radiance)

Hotness and Happiness

If someone finally says you’re hot, will that truly make you happy?

There are tonnes of beautiful, gorgeous, sexy women in the world (famous or not). We are bombarded with tonnes of these pictures every day. And by the way, hot sexy women in Hollywood get built up, and tore down all the time.

What the world is really lacking is not hot, sexy women who are willing to “put themselves out there”. What the world is lacking is truly attractive and radiant women whose genuine happiness and energy is a gift to all.

What will really touch people, and more importantly – what will really touch your own life – is your radiance. Your happiness. True radiance is beautiful in every sense of the word.

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What you really need

Strive for radiance; for giving a gift through your beauty, and your femininity in all it’s forms, not just to be considered the ‘hottest’.

When would now be a good time to realize what would truly make you happy?

Our culture – the media, the news – tries every possible way to get women to live in fear. Most of us have been influenced, even brainwashed, to harbor the belief that being the hottest will get you happiness.

We’re fed daily – even hourly (even without our permission) – pictures, videos, “news reports” on “the most beautiful women in the world”, as if it means everything. Who cares? At least if we take on the belief that that is true, the cosmetic companies can sell more and the media can cash in on your fears.

Is being hot really the goal, or is true radiance the goal? Where your radiance, and your high level of self-value and your beautiful feminine energy, happiness and compassion will touch everyone you come in contact with?

Then, being hot is the icing on the cake. And being called hot will be cheap in comparison to the feeling of touching others, and inspiring others with your genuine radiance. (read my article about how to be feminine)

Disclaimer: this is not an article about “not worrying about your appearance because brains are more important than beauty”. No. How you look is very important. I believe every woman should take great pride in how she presents herself.

But does your life revolve around getting that piece of attention and being called the hottest?

Does it revolve around getting cheap attention from men?

If it is, you have a hell of a lot of pain ahead of you.

So, do you really want to be the hottest? Or is what you really need to love and be loved? To worship a man and be worshipped by a man? To gift yourself and others with radiance and happiness?

I will venture to say that the media (and other things) has lied to you. It’s influenced you to think that what you need to do is be the most significant and sexiest girl, but that’s not what you really need.

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Don’t get hooked. What we want and what makes us happy are two very different things.

So, don’t get hooked. Don’t be cheap, and don’t sell yourself short to some ‘attention’.


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