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The 3 Qualities of A Feminine Goddess

Renee Wade
January 30, 2010

Article Updated 2018

There are 3 main aspects of a Goddess:

1. Leadership

2. Feminine appearance

3. Presence and Charisma

The Definition of a Goddess: A female God or Deity. A woman of extraordinary beauty and charm. A greatly admired or adored woman.

1) Leadership

No woman can ever truly be a Goddess without being a leader. You must lead people into higher good. You cannot be a follower. I don’t mean manipulating people. I mean being absolutely untouchable in your personal conviction. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, you can make people happier, and make the world a better place. (Click here to take the quiz “How High Value High Status Am I on Facebook?”)

Whatever you believe in, you don’t have to force it upon people to lead them. You just have to have everybody’s best interests at heart. Discover what is possible by giving, rather than holding back. You do not need to ‘compete’ with people, or judge them.

If you didn’t know this before, know it now. The majority of the people you meet in your life will have low standards for themselves. To be a leader, you must have the highest standards for yourself. You must not settle for anything less than you can be, do or become. You can be a leader and still be a feminine woman. Leadership doesn’t mean being masculine, leadership simply means you:

Believe when everyone else doubts.

Inspire people.

Lead rather than follow.

Become an example of what is good, do good and don’t exude negative energy.

Care for others when no-one else will.

Never ever give up.

Follow your dreams with absolute conviction.

Love even when people don’t deserve it.

Give without expecting anything back.

Seek understanding rather than resorting to quick, easy and subjective conclusions.

Teach others what you know, and add value even when you feel they are in ‘competition’, and even when you are afraid. Give others access to the resources that you have.

Never settle for anything less than you can be.

Give and do more than anyone else can possibly do expect of you!

2) Feminine Appearance

This is all about the outer appearance that makes you more feminine.

– I can’t stress enough how much a strong mane of hair helps. It needs to be healthy and well taken care of. (If you have curly hair, that’s perfect! Health is everything and it shows through your skin and hair the fastest). Feminine women do not find taking care of their hair a chore. They revel in the femininity and beauty that their hair gives them. Brush your hair regularly and condition it. See this post for more information on conditioning your hair.

– Taking really good care of your skin. Drinking lots and lots of water. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Drink water regularly and avoid getting dehydrated. This will help you flush out any unwanted toxins in your body and keep your body clean.

– Most real men are attracted to a woman’s eyes and her smile. Use these!

– Wearing a nice lipstick helps. Nude colors are great, as they look natural and makes you look even more alluring and mysterious because it doesn’t seem like you’re wearing any lipstick.

– Do everything with grace and passion! If you’re dull, it cancels out any other efforts you make!

3) Presence and Charisma

Having presence means your energy is noticeable. It means that when you are with people, especially your man, you put your whole heart and soul in to being with them. Not that you try to look like you’re listening and then look in to space – but be 110% present.

Presence also means that you can command people’s attention without being boisterous or obnoxious. It means people will turn their heads and listen to you. Not because you’re odd, or offensive, but because you’re amazing ð

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Charisma is a personal quality or spiritual power that gives you influence over others. It doesn’t matter what happens to you, or what’s going on in your life, or how easy it is to give up on things, etc, there is always something more inside of you. A spiritual quality in your personality that understands people’s pain, and that has compassion.

The spirit is a vital part of having presence and charisma. The spirit is the part of you that is present, but cannot be seen. The spirit represents consciousness, and your spirit transcends any physical beauty and lasts for much longer than you can live. You can wow any audience, and you can wow any man with your charisma, or spiritual quality.

Let’s face it, physical beauty fades. Your spirit will not. It doesn’t matter what happens to you on the outside, no-one can take away what you embody in your heart and soul. Yes, physical beauty has it’s value, but only so much. A woman can grow her hair long, and do everything that makes her look feminine regardless of the placement of her  physical facial features! (Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”)

Remember that this is all about becoming more self-aware. You’re not being fake, manipulative or ‘not yourself’. You’re bringing out more of yourself. A truly feminine woman has un-shakeable confidence and knows that there is more to her than what is visible. Femininity starts from within. ð (read my article about how to be feminine)

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