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The No.1 Trait of Dating Profiles that Men Fall in Love With

Renee Wade
December 20, 2019

Let’s talk about the number 1 trait of dating profiles that men fall in love withâ¦It’s certainly not photos of you in skimpy clothing or suggestive poses. (Unless attracting sleazebags is a part of your game plan.)

And itâs certainly not a 47 point checklist of what youâre looking for in a man in your bio. In fact, when it comes to dating profiles, most people (men and women) have no clue what to put down.

Do I say I love my family? Do I list down my hobbies? Should I mention how Iâm not into playing mind games or anything âcasualâ? Or perhaps I should just leave it blank. Men donât read the bio anyway, right?

WRONG. Men, especially the âRIGHTâ types of men ALWAYS read your bio. They do it because (believe it or not) those men actually want to establish some level of connection with you. In fact, itâs very important for you to craft an interesting and unique dating profile because it affects how men communicate to you later on.

My husband David, creator of the High Value Profile & Banter program, gave an interesting example on this – men are 300% more likely to respond positively to you when your profile exudes this one particular trait. This was technically split tested and documented. I mean 300%? That is a huge increase.

So the real number 1 trait of dating profiles that men fall in love with is the element of playfulness. Your photos ideally need to present an image of playfulness. Your bio also needs to show some level of playfulness.

And of course, if youâve been through my man Davidâs High Value Banter class, youâd know that playfulness needs to be the underlying tone of your communication with men online. If you havenât attended this free class, go to and enrol yourself. It will be the best hour youâll ever spend. I promise.

So playfulness is imperative. Itâs second to none. Why is that? Itâs because playfulness is a precursor to emotional attraction.In other words, you canât have emotional attraction unless you have playfulness first. Just to prove my point, have a think about any TV show or movie where two people have fallen in love. Trace those back and you would always find these two being playful first without exception.

Look at Jim and Pam from the Office. Look at Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. The examples are endless. You literally cannot have a proper real life or fictional story where two people fall in love, without the element of playfulness occurring first. So if you are serious about finding love, especially online, then you would want to lead with playfulness. You want to exude playfulness. You want to also help bring out the playfulness in men.

By the way, for those of you who are unfamiliar with our work on high value banter, where we teach women to banter playfully with men online to build attraction, listen up… please don’t confuse playfulness with sarcasm. Playfulness and sarcasm are two very different things. None of what we teach in our free high value banter class or anywhere else is designed to have you come across as sarcastic at all.

Hereâs the difference: sarcasm in itself carries the connotation and intent to mock or to convey contempt. Whereas playfulness carries a completely different intent – the intent to tease and be humorous and endearing.

They are very different in nature. (Of course sometimes it does take practice to thoroughly understand the finer distinctions between the two.) So, donât ever think this is sarcasm. It is not. This is playfulness. So you might be wondering⦠How do I craft my dating profile in a way that exudes playfulness? Great question!

Start with asking yourself, does my collection of photos as a whole show my playfulness? If not, then what changes do I need to make?

Of course, not every photo of you needs to be super playful, itâs about the overall feeling of the photos. After that, you want to have a look at your bio. This is often where it gets tricky because it takes a lot of energy to come up with a memorable and playful bio that is also unique. So, let me help you get off to a good start. Start with thisâ¦

Donât be afraid to be silly. Donât be afraid to step outside the box. Donât be afraid to be bold, to be funny or to say something you think you shouldnât say. If you want to take all the guess work out of this process of crafting your own high value profile, then I have something very special for you.

This is exactly why my man David created his program High Value Profile & Banter. A program that has helped so many of the women in our community actually have a wonderful experience with online dating. Many of these women get asked out within 30 minutes of bantering with a high value man!

So let me introduce you to this program. Inside this program, he has carefully prepared several video lessons just on how you can effortlessly craft your own high value dating profile that exudes playfulness.

Heâll show you exactly what type of images to add into your profile so that you can not only show your playfulness but also a sense of mystery, intrigue and fascination. (There are 3 primary types of photos that every dating profile needs, and heâll show you how to take these images and make them look absolutely beautiful in the eyes of men, even if youâve never felt photogenic in your life.)

He will also walk you through his high value bio workshop where he will hand you the 3 proven templates that work in getting men to become fascinated with connecting with you online.

Template number 1, the appreciation.

Template number 2, the humorous.

Template number 3, pros vs cons.

These 3 templates are incredibly powerfulâ¦And you will not find this anywhere else on the internet, because he came up with these himself through months of trial and error.

If you use any of these 3 templates then I can guarantee you that not only will men remember your profile but they will also fall in love with it. (Not to mention youâll learn many small details that will help you attract commitment friendly men and instantly repel the men who just want hook-ups.)

So as you can imagine⦠these video lessons and workshops inside of High Value Profile & Banter will take all the guess work out of what should go into your dating profile and what you should take out. You wonât have to spend all day busting your brain thinking of something clever. (Plus⦠clever doesnât always mean playful.)

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the course, and you should have your brand new dating profile ready to rock in no time. If this sounds good to you, then go check out High Value Profile & Banter. I’ll put a link to the program below. As always you will be protected by our 30 day âRaving Fanâ guarantee which means if you donât become a raving fan of it, if you donât absolutely love it, then we insist you have every cent back.

But do go check out the free High Value Banter class if you havenât already attended it. Go to and you can get started there. As always, if your gut tells you that this is something you need in your life right now, then trust that instinct. It has never let you down in the past.

OK thatâs all. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to learn more about how you can craft a high value dating profile, then check out David’s article on the 3 Things Women Should Never Put in Her Dating Profile Bio.

If you need more reasons as to why you can not only succeed at finding love online, but actually enjoy the process and have high value men chasing you for dates online, then check out how our 71 year old member does it! I’m not kidding, she’s literally killing it in online dating!

Lots of love,

renee wade

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