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The True Power of Femininity

Renee Wade
March 30, 2010
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Feminine energy is one of the most powerful forces on earth. If you want to attract your dream man… then you want to tap into your infinite source of femininity. If you want to have a long lasting passionate relationship or marriage, then you must express your inner femininity. If you want a man to love you and treasure you, then you must attract him with your femininity. (Click here to take the quiz on “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”)

However, most women are oblivious to their true feminine power. Just in case some of you disagree, I want to tell you a quick story.

On an extraordinarily beautiful sunny day in the late 1960s, a man named Arthur Bremer attended a political rally at Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Canada. He had a zealous sense of mission for the biggest and most important day of his life. He had spent 3 whole years preparing for this day; and had planned his action meticulously for perfect execution (as the masculine energy does).

He walked through a huge crowd of people. In fact, people were just everywhere, and it was hard to find some space. The main attraction of this gathering was the presence of President Richard Nixon.

Arthur was in state – nothing was going to stop him, and his intention and desired result were unequivocal.

He walked in to a bit of empty space at the side of the huge crowd of people, and with absolute strength and resolve, he reached in to a pocket inside his jacket where he kept his gun ready to assassinate President Richard Nixon. He was at point blank range. With all this masculine intensity and resolve, as he was about to pull his gun out of his pocket, somebody knocked him on the arm.

Full of rage and disgust for whoever or whatever it was that broke his state, and sabotaged his mission and his chance  – the biggest moment of his life for which he had planned for years – he turned around to see a tiny little lady, incredibly tiny, and amazingly soft; and heard her say in deep concern: ‘oh dear! I am SO SORRY! Are You OK?!’ and in that moment showed him more love and connection, more true feminine energy, than he had ever received in his life.

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In that moment, he lost his state completely. And, Arthur says in his personal diary (now published as ‘An Assassin’s Diary’), that he just couldn’t do it. He said that he was at point blank range, but he could not make this soft little lady witness something so horrendous. He didn’t want to make her see this.

Arthur Bremer was a man who grew up in a very dysfunctional family, and was beaten and yelled at consistently at home. He was relentlessly mocked, teased and hated during his entire life and throughout his schooling years. He was a janitor. Never married, never made love to a woman – and felt he had absolutely no significance in his life. Those of you who received my Free book on understanding a man’s 6 human needs will be able to identify exactly what I mean when I say he felt he had no significance in his life.

His resolve to kill Richard Nixon was solely for fame. It had nothing to do with Nixon himself; nothing to do with any political issue or idea that he was opposed to.

Arthur Bremer then went on to shoot Governor Wallace in May 1972 4 times, which left Wallace paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. For this assassination attempt, he planned for another 2 whole years. He was sentenced to 63 years in prison, and on appeal this was reduced to 53 years. He was released in November 2007 however.

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Femininity and Vulnerability

The point of the story is to show just how powerful vulnerability is – how powerful the feminine truly is.  The sheer vulnerability and feminine softness of this little lady caused this man’s 3-year long plan to assassinate the president to collapse in the space of just seconds.

The masculine energy, if it is true, wants to protect and serve the feminine energy. Ultimately, a man wants to make a woman happy. The feminine woman who can give love at the greatest level to a man beyond measure – and accept him as he is, in his entirety – has more power and strength than anyone can possibly imagine.

Any man who has lived has experienced huge challenges. In a man’s life, there are many of them – many challenges of which women neglect to understand, or even want to understand. Most women are too busy thinking about their own challenges, and bemoaning the historical struggles they, as a gender have had. (read my article about what to do when threatened by other women?)

A truly feminine woman is able to give more love than any other. Most women just don’t do this anymore. Real and lasting love is not easy to give. And, if you know inside that no-one can love your man (or future man) as much as you do – he will show up in the most amazing ways in your life.

The problem is that like in Arthur Bremer’s life – if love is not given – it causes more destruction in the world. One of the many roles of a feminine woman is to open to, receive and most importantly – give love. Not only when it’s easy. And, for you personally; in fact all of us women, need to be open to receiving a man’s love as well. If you do not embrace the love you’re given, if you do not choose to see the love that is evident in your life, it will not grow. It will die.

Feminine energy and it’s potential

Feminine energy has the most unbelievable ability to elicit more masculine strength and power in a man – and not only that, but as in Arthur’s case – it has the power to stall a man’s mission, as many of us may already know ð and – men don’t like it when their intensity is broken. But, it’s not all bad, especially if it’s done in a good way, as in this story. This little lady had more power in that moment than many others. Just a little vulnerability and a little love given – and BAM! A woman can halt the assassination of a president.

I know that in my own life, there were moments when I was a little girl, and now as a woman, where I’ve done something (subconsciously) and men have responded to me in ways that I really appreciate. Often, this interchange of, and balancing out masculine and feminine energy is unconscious. We may not even notice it all the time. So as women, we will know that by knowing how to be feminine, and how to be true to our feminine core, we can encourage different (and even much better) parts of a man to show up.

Femininity is Power. Use it, and use it wisely ð

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I hope you enjoyed this post, and what did you think of Arthur’s story?



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