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To be a “Feminine Woman” is to…

Renee Wade
November 4, 2014

Article updated 2020.

Feel pride when you are proud without trying to squish it and make it tiny, feel pride deeply, for it is freeing.

Feel pretty, when someone says youâre pretty, deep in to your heart without trying to pretend youâre not basking in the glory, for pretty is a beautiful gift you give to men and women and to the world.

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Feel humiliation, deeply, for it is there to remind you to connect deeper with humans the next time.

Feel desire, deeply, feel craving deeply, for it is reminding you that you actually exist and you actually need other humans.

Feel sexy, feel it deeply, from your throat and heart right down to your uterus, for that is how woman you really are.

Feel worship and awe deeply, for the most present and strong man you’ve ever witnessed, for he is a gift to the world. He is real.

Feel pain, feel sorrow, deeply, and know that, the more courage you have to feel it deeply, the more sensitive you will be to the freedom and ecstasy on the other side.

Resist your feelings, resist the pain with men, and you pay for it with the exact ever-lingering humiliation and loneliness, not deeply felt, but lingering on the surface, and coming out as defensiveness and closure, pushing everybody away.

You are radiant, and thatâs part of who you are.

And itâs OK.

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