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What is Feminine Beauty? (Part 2)

Renee Wade
January 8, 2010
Article updated 2018

Achieving beauty as a woman and finding femininity

Hi there lovely! I promised you a post on achieving feminine beauty, so today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to become even MORE beautiful!

In order to be the best version of yourself, and have an outstanding relationship, I believe it is important to achieve your ultimate beauty and to regularly and consistently hold your man spellbound by your feminine beauty! ð In my own experience, when researching topics on what to write, I have spoken to many men about the importance of physical beauty in a relationship with a woman. (Click here to take the quiz “How Naturally Feminine Am I Actually?”)

So far, all of them say it is very important. However, although I know this about men and agree it is true, it is important to remember that men often see beauty not just as a purely physical package.

The PHYSICAL package comes down to what you project from the inside out. If Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry were dull and boring, do you think they would still be as alluring in their movie roles?

So, here are some tips:

– Accentuate what you feel are your BEST characteristics.

If you love your eyes, find out what colors complement the color of your eyes (with this, you should wear eye shadow that complements your eye color and/or on the opposite of the color spectrum). For example if you have blue eyes, orange, warm pinks and purple work great, if you have brown eyes you can use pretty much any color, if you have green or hazel eyes, greens purples and browns are great.

If you love your tan, wear colors that complement it. If you love your pale skin, wear garments of a color that suits your skin color. If you have gorgeous long hair, curl it! Curls are incredibly feminine ð (but be sure to use heat protector!)

– Cultivate an inner calmness and serenity

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– Cultivate an innocence about you.

Innocence is very important for us women who want to become more feminine. Why? Because in today’s society where women are becoming more masculine and self-focused, women don’t have the innocence of a little girl anymore. Sure, you’re not 8 years old anymore, but you can still be child-like!

Many women are complaining about how they’ve been ‘burnt’, and how they will never trust a man again. Not a good attitude to have; give the great men a chance! Innocence keeps things variety-filled interesting. He can then have more fun with you, like you were children, almost ð this is great for creating and maintaining fun, excitement and passion in your relationship. (Click here to take the quiz “How High Value High Status Am I on Facebook?”)

– Find reasons to be happy.

That way, you’re endlessly great to be around; as you’re a positive influence just by enjoying yourself and your life!

– Wear clothes that are feminine, but suit you personally. (read my article about how other women reject their femininity)

– Accessorize well.

By well I mean, don’t over do it. I know there’s a big trend right now of chunky jewelry and accessorizing more. Just stay true to what you like, you don’t need to follow the trends. You will blend in if you do!

If you don’t prefer high heels, you can choose a tiny kitten heel or a more comfortable wedge. You may not notice the difference it makes, but it does accentuate your feminine figure and your legs – even just slightly, with a tiny heel.

– I also don’t prefer to see women/girls dressing in skimpy clothing.

Some women feel it’s fantastic because they get all this attention from men. Sure you do, but for all the wrong reasons! Remember, what is freely available is no longer special!

– This one I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot: wear natural make-up.

Make sure your foundation suits your skin color! Too many women make the mistake of wearing the wrong color! It looks a little strange, and does women no justice, does it?

– You don’t have to “dress your age”.

Sure, a micro-mini skirt doesn’t look great on an 90 year old woman, but micro minis aren’t the greatest garment anyway. You don’t want to reveal too much! If you’re 4o or 50, you can still wear gorgeous dresses a bit above the knee to show off your legs. It’s particularly great if you have a fit body.

Age is not a determiner of what you can and cannot wear. Don’t be influenced by these limitations put in place by OTHER women. They’re afraid of being judged, that’s all!

You can still wear florals and bright colors and girly dresses and heels at any age! As long as you don’t act ‘old’. Acting old is a big turn-off for men. You may think they just prefer younger women. No, men like youthful women. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Ashton Kutcher are all examples of men married to women quite a bit older than them. Not to mention the plethora of everyday men dating and marrying women older than them!

– Smile ð be open!

– Have FUN! Enjoy yourself.

Find reasons to be happy and joyful everywhere. It’s a miracle that you are here, and every day people are experiencing miracles everywhere.

As you can see, I’ve included a few points on achieving beauty that are not purely physical like “wear make up”. It’s nowhere near as important as who you really are inside, my lovely! You’ve heard it before, but it’s true. No particular ‘look’ gives you any ‘fascinating’ factor, or an added ‘seductive’ factor.

This is all energy you put out. And, for example, as much as many women think they want larger breasts, the fact is, cows have large breasts! If men just wanted breasts, they could go to a farm! It was my wonderful man who first confided in me about this ð

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Have a wonderful day or night, wherever you are, and if you have any questions or any thoughts about beauty, please feel free to voice them!

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