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Abusive Behaviour (DV, Stalkers, Sarcasm & Shaming Language)

March 9, 2015
The struggle for dominance is a natural and normal part of human sexuality. There was this very funny joke on Star Trek the Next Generation, where Worf makes a comment that Klingon women like to throw heavy objects (with this introverted, lustful expression). What makes this joke funny is that both men and women in lust, yell, hit each other, throw things around and say nasty things to each other. Passion tends to leap out at odd times into unpredictable behaviour. This is the animal part of us refusing to be caged anymore. People in love fight a lot.

But abuse is something different. It is a weak, evil person attempting to make themselves feel better by inflicting suffering on another. It has sadistic and masochistic qualities. The people who do it will only do it if it is safe to do so. Men who do this tend to get drunk/high and then make up an excuse to beat their wives (substance abuse is a big, BIG part of abuse). Women tend to engage in protracted campaigns to get their partner to abuse them. The most common form of this is to be as disrespectful of the man as possible, especially in public. Physical abuse of the man is also very common. They keep it up until the man hits them. Then, they try to condition the man to hit them on a regular basis. Most importantly, they actively select only men that will beat them. They are very good at this. If they accidentally choose a man who won't ever beat them, they will make his life miserable and then abandon him.

The best, most effective way to handle abuse, for both men and women, is to nip it in the bud. Absolutely refuse to even give the time of day to anyone who even gives you the slightest possible suspicion they are abusive. At even the slightest hint of abuse, break things off immediately and refuse to ever talk to that person again.....no exceptions. This is important because abusers will test the waters with you by seeing if you will take them back. Make sure they find out that you won't.

This doesn't mean you break up immediately with someone just because you had a fight though. You will fight bitterly all the time with anyone you have passion with. It's the sadistic and masochistic qualities you are looking out for. Drug/alcohol use is a big red flag, as is any sort of criminal past. Especially look for any sort of past abusive relationships. Women that have been beaten by partners and/or raped, are big no-no's. It's extremely un-PC to say so, but most women who have been raped by someone they know went out of their way to be with a high-risk man. Again, drugs and alcohol are a big factor. You definitely don't want a woman like that. She will torture you incessantly for not being a rapist scumbag yourself.

It should go without saying that women who engage in child abuse/neglect deserve to be pariahs....accommodate them. They are completely unsuitable for even the most casual sexual fling.

Any woman that is any way involved with the sex for money industry (stripping, porn, prostitution, and politics) has 90% of her screws loose. This industry is all about letting someone beat them in exchange for cocaine, meth and other speedy drugs. Run very fast in the opposite direction.

Warning......the cycle of abuse tends to make both partners obsessed with each other. Obsession is caused by all situations where pain and pleasure are randomly doled out (just look at gambling, lol). If you fail to nip these relationships in the bud, don't be surprised if you discover you can't later give them up, no matter how bad it gets. Also, don't be surprised if your partner leaps out at you with a butcher knife from the bushes some dark night. Having evil people obsessed with you is a very bad thing..
Domestic Violence Myths = Cold War
Most discussions on domestic violence ignore the truth surrounding it. There are dangerous double standards and myths involved in the whole industry. The myth is that women are victims of domestic violence. The truth is that most calls to the police about domestic violence are women using the system to harm their husbands and children. Rarely are such calls used to protect themselves from actual domestic violence. The truth also is that women engage in domestic violence in both equal amounts and equal severity. The double standard means men rarely call police about it. It also means children are often left at risk from it.

To put it bluntly, the whole system is a huge lie. It rarely involves itself in real domestic violence between men, women and children. Instead, it is the opening gambit when a woman seeks to destroy her family, usually through divorce.  It's no accident that the system is set up this way. Powerful, evil people set it up that way on purpose.  If you pay attention to this and other issues, you start to see a disturbing pattern of intentional manipulation of our institutions and social norms. It's as if a "cold war" was being waged on the US, trying to tear it down from within.

Why, is an interesting question. It's largely unanswerable at this time. (Edit - it's Cultural Marxism). However, who, can often be answered (big example: Hillary Clinton). These people need to be disempowered at every turn. It means becoming aware of them and voting against them. It means boycotting those people, companies and other groups you see participating in this in various ways. Realistically, it means avoiding marriage and children like the plague, for the time being.
Two Things Men Need to Know About Domestic Violence
There are two things that all men need to know about domestic violence that very few men actually know. The first is that women usually initiate domestic violence. Sure, there are a handful of wacko men who like to beat women and women flock to these men so they have no lack of victims. But, for the most part women will engage in specific behaviours (including but not limited to hitting the man) to try and initiate a physically abusive relationship. Most of these behaviours involve shame and humiliation of some sort. The second thing men need to know is that violence against women is the normal, instinctual defence mechanism to prevent insane behavior on the part of women, from threatening survival. Quite literally, the woman is ripping apart the relationship and violence is the last ditch effort to prevent that from happening. It should be rare, but it’s not.

The solution is the same for both cases and involves self-awareness, clarity and the willingness to act. That solution is to immediately and permanently get rid of the woman with no chance of her coming back into your life. If a woman ever hits you or ever does anything shameful or humiliating to you, just dump her, with no explanation and no further contact. If she shows up at your place (and she will), call the cops against her. Refuse to talk to her and refuse any contact with her. She will try to sneak in and suck your dick (I’m not being facetious here) to make things all better until the next time. And she will try to initiate contact for purposes of revenge. Don’t allow either. Your relationship is always, always, always time limited. When this shit starts to happen it means that timer ran out some time ago. You have no recourse and there is no point in further contact with her, let alone trying to make anything work or trying to fix anything.

This is one of the most important reasons to not allow a woman to live with you. It is almost impossible to get rid of a woman before she causes you significant harm, if she is living with you. If she isn’t living with you, all you need to do is change the locks. If, for some reason, you allowed a woman to fool you into living with her, the solution is to leave without warning and with no forwarding address. Get a U-haul, wait until she is not home, load all your stuff up and drive off, even if its just to the YMCA you are driving to and you have to place your crap in storage. Talk to a lawyer and explain the situation with the lease. Have him contact the landlord and make arrangements to deal with this with absolutely no contact info of yours being given out. If you own property together, you will probably have to abandon it to her (might as well, as the court will just give it to her anyway)….although a lawyer could help that situation also. The goal here is to leave quickly, permanently, without explanation and without your abusive partner being able to ever have contact with you again. Often, men who don’t do this, will have something bad happen to them. They will be accused and convicted (really the same thing) of some crime, or some criminal will try to murder them (happened to a friend of mine). And, it will happen to you so don’t kid yourself. If you are REALLY unlucky, some criminal will try to murder you and you will fight back, killing him. Then, you will spend the rest of your life being gang raped by his friends in prison.
Abuse is a Game You Can't Win
Abuse is a game you can’t win. As a matter of fact, the main purpose of abuse is to get you to abuse her. Once a relationship has devolved into abuse it becomes very unstable and feeds off the abuse. This often involves slow but steady escalation. The only way to handle this is to terminate the relationship, quickly and permanently. Having other options (ie other women) is an excellent technique to absolutely prevent abuse. Women whine incessantly that men are abusers but that’s a lie. The truth is that, mysteriously, abuse is completely absent when a man reserves options (forbids monogamy and living together). Quite literally, physical and verbal abuse is a cycle that women start, women maintain, and women escalate. Making it clear that the relationship is over at the very FIRST sign of this, is 100% effective in preventing all abuse. Don’t ever put up with the slightest bad behavior. You don’t have to play that game. Doing so makes you a loser.
You know, I’ve never met a man before who exhibits the behavior of a stalker. But I have met several women who have. I’ve even been stalked by a woman for a period of years. She would call up, sometimes say perverted things and hang up but later, just call and say nothing for awhile and then hang up. I’d move have an unlisted phone number and peace for a few weeks, and then she’d find out somehow and start up again. I had made the mistake of dating this woman when I was a freshman in college. I decided she was a deranged wacko and broke it off. Her response was to try and run me down with her car (hehe, she missed). After about 4 years of the calls, she lost interest.

A female “friend” of mine got involved with a married, soon-to-be-divorced man (yeah right). When he inevitably decided to return to his wife and child, she started to stalk him…..showing up at his work, following him around, and calling his house all the time. Stupidly, this guy fucked her again. Just after he came, while he was still lying in bed, she called his wife on the phone and yelled at her, “Guess what, I just fucked your husband.” And she doesn’t understand why I don’t want to know her anymore.

Like many things, stalking is something something most women do and only a handful of men do.
Sarcasm has two meanings when a woman uses it. When she says she is sarcastic, what she means is she will be mean to you, try to cut you down and make you feel bad with humour that belittles you. But when she says she is looking for a lover who is sarcastic, what she means is she wants a guy who engages in light hearted teasing with sexual undertones (think little boys chasing little girls around the playground to tug on their hair), often busting her balls, challenging her about her beliefs etc. in a way that is best defined as cocky. In family type relationships, older siblings often do this to younger siblings as a normal way of fostering bonding and closeness. It’s natural and normal for a woman to want that from her man. It’s neither natural nor normal for a woman to want to be what she is calling “sarcastic”. Don’t fall for the double-speak. When used to describe a man, it means affectionate. When used to describe a woman, it means abusive. Very rarely, you will run into a woman who is “sarcastic” like she wants from a man. She is trying to prime the pump to get you to act the same way, and she never calls herself sarcastic. It is very easy to tell the difference. It has a benevolent quality, rather than a malevolent one (this also goes for weeding out the rare abusive man, BTW).
Shaming Language
One liners like "get a life" are attempts at manipulation. Women use them constantly. What they mean by "life" is whatever behaviours, attitudes and way of living (in this case, as a servile worm) they want. The implied message is that whatever you are doing instead of this is weak, wrong, bad, unworthy and worthless. If they actually came right out and said what everyone already knows they mean......"Stop behaving independently and demanding better treatment and certainly don't make me compete against better women, because that's wrong to do and it somehow makes you a weak and worthless person".....they might get a little bit of resistance.

So, instead, they say it in a manipulative manner. The real message is in what's implied and the knee-jerk emotional response they are trying to evoke. Like all manipulations, it relies on you being fooled by it. 90% of all women's power is based on similar illusions. If men ever wised up, en masse.....they'd be in for some serious trouble.
You Must Be a Loser!
(Re.: A Female Response to an Online Dating Profile)

Note the assumption that since she doesn’t find your profile attractive, you must be a loser. "Loser" being a highly emotionally charged yet undefined term. In other words, you couldn’t ask, "Well, what could I do to not be a loser?" and get a legitimate answer. On a related topic, you couldn’t ask her what would make you a winner. You couldn’t change what you do in any way that would make her want you.

The sole purpose of her response is to blame you for a problem she has. You will actually see this pattern repeated over and over again. She does something wrong (which in this case she did…..she started to immediately criticize you over the slightest slip of the tongue). The normal response is to go, "Ummm, sorry. You’re an asshole. Bye." But, when you try to explain why, she acts like you are being incredibly insulting. Actually, her attitude is, "How dare you protest even the slightest bit about her heaping abuse on you!" To say that the correct response is to immediately break off contact with no explanation at all is putting it mildly. This person is sitting around wondering why all her interactions with men end with them either rejecting her or using her and then dumping her. This pattern is why.

And it's why she doesn’t deserve any better.
Immature or Evil?
I think it's dangerous to chock women’s extremely fucked up behaviour to capriciousness, childishness and immaturity. These are innocent qualities you attribute to children that often make them endearing. You tolerate them. The crap that women do is much more akin to what criminals do......a repeated pattern of victimization with testing before hand to see if it is safe. If you tolerate criminals, they see it as a green light....same with women. Children, on the other hand, with very rare exceptions, are intrinsically good. They need guidance, not suppression of evil instincts and behaviour. Children grow up healthy and wealthy and wise, with proper guidance. American women are completely unaffected by guidance.
To put it another way, American women are not walking astray. They are engaged in intentionally evil acts with full awareness of what they are doing. If it was the former, you would simply shepherd them to another, better way. Since it's the latter, your behaviour must be designed to severely limit your potential as a victim.
Click for "Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager in the House?"
Are Women Children or Adults?
The logical conclusion that women are just children in adult bodies is that they need to be shielded from the consequences of their actions, just like children. That is perhaps the single most damaging assumption that has resulted in our current unfair and draconian system of legal, social and employment double standards. Women are not children in adult bodies. They are adults with all the responsibilities that implies. When one shirks his or her responsibilities there are consequences. It is both inappropriate and the source of all our problems with women for us to make up for their bad behavior, both as individuals and as a society.

Also, what do you do with unruly children after you have shielded them from the consequences of their actions? You punish them, so they won’t do it again later on. Punishing a woman for her own good is a one way ticket to prison. Again, women are adults, not children. You don’t punish them. Instead, you force them to accept the natural consequences of their own behavior. Eventually, men will figure this out and we will have a new system that decides how society reacts to an individual based on merit, not on gender. 

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