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Boycott Those Who Disrespect Men

March 9, 2015
There is only one reason you see thinly veiled hatred everywhere in commercial media. The men who run that media have sold us out to pander to women. Way back in the beginning, it was simple, harmless fun designed to get a chuckle. Nobody had disrespect for men. That was the point. That's what made it funny.

But things have changed. Most women and many men have open hatred and contempt for men and our many accomplishments together and as individuals. It's not meant to be funny anymore. It's meant to be disrespectful.

There is, of course, only one real way to deal with this situation, and that's to hit these traitors where it hurts the most... in the wallet. Watch commercial media very carefully and boycott any product with advertising that shows hatred, contempt or disrespect toward men. This includes movies. You know what makes a movie a chick flick... open contempt, hatred and disrespect toward men. If some woman wants to go see a chick flick with you, tell her no and tell her why. Make it clear that you don't accept attitudes like that from her or from anyone else. If she tests you, dump her.

A very important part of this strategy is to never give a woman any money, ever, even if she is to go spend it on your behalf. Many men let the woman buy everything. Advertisers then use hatred, contempt, and disrespect towards men as a way to pander to these women who are making all the choices on which products to buy. It's very difficult to change the women so this is no longer an effective marketing strategy. But it is extremely easy to short circuit it... just don't give women any money and boycott products harmful to men. Eventually, they will go out of business.
The Media is Being Used Against Us
Haven’t you guys seen enough evidence that media, in a pretty blanket fashion, is being used against us? I mean, turn on the TV at any time of the day and you will see something, a show, a commercial, a news item that portrays men in a very negative light. How can this be anything but a concerted campaign against us? Why can’t you see how the news media is a big part of this and how the feminist agenda is just part of a larger agenda to disempower you in some weird social experiment. It doesn’t get any plainer than showing who voted for what or showing specific, extreme examples of the bias (no…the manipulation of the news to serve a cause against our best interest). Who do you think is passing the laws that make marriage a very bad idea (hence, cutting men off from one of the prime determinants of a happy life), grossly perverting other laws on the bench, and presenting the feminist lies in every print, TV, movie and other media that exists. They aren’t exactly subtle about it either.

I’m making a very specific point about this. That point is that feminism and the ass-raping laws that they have been responsible for are only one head of a hydra. You can’t deal with the feminists without dealing with their allies and the agenda that ties them all together.

Do I care about the stupid liberal bias trying to paint the Iraq war as a disaster? Hell no, I don’t. Except for all my tax money flowing into that cesspool, I don’t really care about Iraq. What I care about is the blatant attempt to manipulate the next presidential election and shift the political balance of power. Why do I care about this? Because once in, they want to pass even more ass-raping laws (hey, how would you like to become financially responsible for kids your girlfriend has from some other man, 3 years after you dumped her or other fun stuff like that). They want to put even more women-only agenda judges on the bench. And they will really ramp up the media showing men in an even worse light, promoting lesbianism as an alternative, and sick lifestyles like being a drug whore or gangbanger in an even more positive light.

I prefer to say NO, to that nonsense.
Movies Desensitize Social Problems
Movies try to manipulate the public by selectively showing the people and their lives. The idea here is to desensitize people, a little at a time. What they never show is the truth. The issues these movies attempt to minimalize all have one thing in common; they strip away the humanity of the people stupid enough to get involved in those situations. They no longer think like you and me. Nothing is off limits to them and they regularly engage in extremely evil behavior. The best way I can describe the way they view the world is as a big fish eating a smaller fish, which is eating an even smaller fish. Their whole way of looking at the world is looking for possible victims while constantly trying to get away from people trying to victimize them. Do not under any circumstances ever turn your back on someone like this. They can and will put a knife in your back.

A real life example: I once worked inpatient with some kid that got picked up for crack cocaine use, truancy and was given a separate diagnosis of depression. He was forced to be clean while in the program and he seemed like a nice, relatively normal kid... doing all the right things to get his life back on track. Four days after being released from his court ordered rehab, this fucker threw his mother through a plate glass window, killing her, because she wouldn't let him take money from her purse to buy more crack. This is the truth of drug use that you never see in movies. The only one I ever saw that was even close was Menace to Society, and that movie was trying to glorify that behavior. And it worked to. I'll never forget going to see that movie in a black neighbourhood. There was a scene where the protagonist murders a Korean store owner. It was both horrible and accurately showed how the average criminal sets up his victim. The entire theatre minus one, burst into laughter during that scene. Several people had little kids with them. I don't live there anymore.
Buffy & Xena
One interesting thing about both of these shows is they started out OK. The female heroine is a legitimate human archetype. You see this very clearly, it being present in various myths, legends and other stories in every culture, including our own. Buffy and Xena were good shows with good plot. But, somewhere along the way, they were hijacked. The message became more and more anti-men, anti-family, pro-lesbian, and pro-evil. Ironically enough, the quality of the plots took a rapid nosedive soon after. Let’s face it, women do NOT drive the demographic for TV except the most vapid shows, specifically targeting them (i.e. soaps). Its men these shows were popular with…..probably because men are attracted to alpha females and the archetype of the rare heroine falls in that category.

What’s scary is I think this was intentional. Get men hooked on an attractive archtypal character…..then subtly manipulate that character to introduce negative qualities that aren’t really there, to manipulate men into finding those negative qualities (ie hatred of men, etc) to be desirable. Somebody with an agenda and a pop psych degree is behind this.
Feminism is a Purposefully Destructive Ideology within a Larger Destructive Group
The more we analyze the pattern of feminist ideology, the more clear it becomes that these are NOT just misguided people with values that have destructive consequences. What they are doing, they are doing on purpose, in a shadowy, manipulative, behind-the-scenes manner. None of the actual issues matter to these people (indeed, they tend to flip-flop and have infighting on some issues), but it’s the destructive quality they are after, to rot out the very fabric of our society. And feminists are just a subgroup of a larger group that seems to be involved with this, that have their dirty fingers in most movements, particularly the extreme ones (like BOTH the far right AND the far left). They play them off against each other in whatever way furthers their agenda.

The guys at mensnewsdaily.com have a point. They rightly point out certain links between feminists and other dangerous subversive movements. But they are biased and selective at rooting out those links. They abuse this phenomenon to beat up on groups they simply disagree with on certain issues, while turning a blind eye to people who are playing both sides of the fence in whatever way causes the most damage.
Three Rules to Follow
Several groups of very evil (and ignorant) people have worked over several generations to reduce the value and status of women to be low. But it's hidden. They are simply being attracted to men that have similar attitudes, philosophies and beliefs as them. Most women don't want the loss of status that comes with joining the trashcan of society, so they pretend and leach off of men who, looking around, see nothing better. Then they pass laws that prevent those men from simply disposing of the low quality woman once she is found out.

The truth is, those low quality women don’t belong in any way, shape or form with high quality men.  But until men are willing to say no to them the situation will continue. There are three areas it is most important to say no to... marriage (and living together, which is really the same thing), children, and jobs.

Whatever you do, don't get married to an American woman. All she wants is to take advantage of you, if not outright exploit you. Destroying you and your children is what's on her mind while stealing as much of your money as possible. Most women are very, very good at pretending they are not like this. You won't know what is going on until you come home, find every single thing from the house gone and get served with papers at work. Don't let a woman move in with you. Her only purpose is to manipulate you a little at a time, until you are married. If you balk, she will seek revenge in some way. Once you let the camel get its head in the tent, it gets all the way in. Then it is almost impossible to get her out, and your belongings usually wind up strewn across the desert. It’s a good idea not to be monogamous. A woman's manipulation is a joke if you simply ignore her and fuck another one of your pearls on a string. She will leave without notice or second thoughts, married or not. If you have several girls, this is no big deal. You simply spend time with the others until you replace her. Having more than one woman makes other women want you more, not less.

You must have an iron clad grip on birth control. Almost all of the government help in twisting your nuts long term is related to paternity. Avoid the whole issue by having a vasectomy. Talk to your doctor about if it can be reversed or not. Have some sperm frozen (only you know about it) if you have to. Never tell anyone you are fixed. This guarantees your right to reproductive choice. If you don't reserve the right to choose, the choice will be made for you, usually in a way that destroys everyone's life.

Be very resistant to hiring women or empowering them in any way. Focus on performance issues. A handful of women throughout our entire history have traveled with the hunters, instead of the mommies. That's normal. But most women in the work force aren't part of that breed. They are frauds. Insist on equality in performance and most of these women will come up short. The easiest way to handle this is to give women tough, high profile assignments. When they fail, you have a ready excuse to get rid of them. If they don't fail, you have one of the rare ones that isn't a fraud. They make great tokens. If your boss is the stupid type that lets women in because they might sleep with him, take him out and get him laid. Men who are getting it don't want or need the hassle of importing pussy at work. If your boss allows women to sleep with him to get promotions, get the dirt on him, then (anonymously) let his wife know what is going on, with proof. This gets rid of two birds with one stone. The most dangerous weapon an enemy can give you is the knowledge of their vices. This is an important thing to know. If you systematically and faithfully destroy your own vices, you go a long way toward making yourself invulnerable to your enemies. Take advantage of this disparity in power by destroying your enemies utterly. Never give them the opportunity to employ this concept against you.
A Man Must Strive to Prevent Women from Having the Smallest Shred of Power Over Him
The fact that [anti-male] sentiments exist and are widespread is one of the biggest reasons why a man, every man, must strive to prevent women from having even the smallest shred of power over him. He must build his life and his decisions like a fortress…..create his life with this goal in mind, that if he EVER sees even the slightest hint of attitudes like this, from any specific woman, no matter in what sphere of his life, he immediately and permanently removes that woman from his life. And he strives to prevent any of his resources from being usurped to support that woman. And his decisions are always made in such a way as to reserve that right.

In practical terms that means no marriage and no living together. It means saying no to almost everything a woman asks of you. It means making sure she can’t get pregnant from you. It means not hiring women (and hiding that fact). It means not relying on women doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. It means voting against any candidate who tries to force you, through various means to support these women (ie no welfare, no child support laws, no funky divorce laws, and taxes and government spending, especially socialist spending kept to a minimum).

Women give great lip service to the tired old saying…..a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. But, what a lie that is. Without us, they starve. Let them starve.

BTW, heterosexual women aren’t the only group that hold attitudes like this, are not even the ones that hold these attitudes and agenda the strongest. This is the reality behind the facade of most, if not all, groups associated with the far left (and many on the far right). Groups like the ACLU and NOW and the pro-life movement. If you wonder why I am so hell bent against gay marriage, it’s because that issue isn’t about equality for gays, it’s about the availability of gay marriage serving THIS agenda: The destruction of marriage and the family. These people rationalize it (the insanity of this is extreme and obvious), by judging this way of life as somehow oppressive and unworthy….in need of tearing down to be replaced by something else. But, the truth is, these people are crazy and they hate everything and everyone. They know damn well, this is the normal way of doing things and, if you destroy it, nothing will replace it. People will suffer and die. That’s their goal. I refuse to cooperate. I am not fooled by their emotional and manipulative portrayal of this situation as one of equal rights, similar to the one we went through for race. It has nothing to do with that. And never did.

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