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Fat Bottomed Girls

March 9, 2015
The big difference between a fat man and a fat woman is how they got that way. A fat guy gets that way either through ignorance or because he just doesn't give a shit. It tends to sneak up on him sometime in his late 30's. A lot of these guys are athletes of the football/wrestling type who just don't understand that as they let their muscle mass atrophy and as they age, their need for calories diminishes greatly. They keep eating the way they always have and balloon up. Then, there is the guy with the stressful, hectic job, who eats like shit constantly because he is too busy to cook. Many guys are fat because their wives have engaged in a calculated campaign to make them fat on purpose to severely restrict his options (this is incredibly common by the way).

Women, on the other hand, tend to be fat because they are neurotic and insane. Compulsion, shame, fear and hatred are the watchwords here. Most fat girls have a severe eating disorder, usually Bulimia. Traits very similar to Borderline Personality Disorder go hand in hand with that. They are big time into suffering, mostly theirs. However, they want to take you along for the ride. One thing is for certain, their opinion of you is very, very low. They think you are a loser because you can't date anyone better then them. They despise you because they feel they can't do any better than a loser like you. They will hate you because they think you secretly consider them disgusting, ugly and worthless. They will blame you for everything bad in their lives including their fat.

Fat chicks are miserable fucks but very good at appearing otherwise until you are enmeshed with them. Then the suffering starts. It's best to avoid them like the plague.

Get on your bikes and ride!
Approaching Fat/Ugly Chicks is Harmful to Your Self Esteem
Approaching fat/ugly chicks can be seriously harmful to your self-esteem. They are no more likely to find you attractive than a Pamela Anderson look-alike, and you will feel like total shit when they give you that, “get away from me you loser” look. But, it gets worse….MUCH worse. Fat/ugly chicks assume that if you are paying them any attention at all, you must be such a fucking loser that you can’t get anyone else…..and they treat you like it. Of course, this does zero to affect their sense of entitlement. In other words, you are a loser for wanting someone so heinous but they are still a princess, even though they ARE heinous. Plus, women who are fat/ugly are usually INSANE. They are into suffering big time and want to take you along for the ride. Unlike men who are usually fat because they eat too much, women are usually fat as a side effect of serious personality disorders that manifest as bulimia (binge eating, with or without vomiting), drug use and other fun stuff. Stay the hell away from women like this.

Women often bitterly complain that they are discriminated against if they are fat. But, it’s not true. A man who is fat has no chance with women (unless he is in the criminal scum class….but that’s another story). But, most fat/ugly chicks have a man. The people who discriminate against them are other women, not men. However, many men learn the hard way that they aren’t just fat, they are demented assholes. They give them a chance, often giving several fat women a chance, only to be treated like total dirt in the most fucked up situations. So, they learn to avoid them (at least I have, lol). It’s this issue that makes men avoid fat chicks, not their weight.
bulimia_nervosa_1.pngEating Disorders
Tolerance of deviance has allowed behaviors like eating disorders to become common place. The solution, both on the societal and personal levels is to not tolerate it. This pays off big time in many ways, and not doing it has a very high cost. Eating disorders are a very good example. If you don't dump a chick upon learning she has an eating disorder, I can absolutely guarantee that you will regret it. Sooner or later (usually sooner), something fucked up will happen to you because the chick is a psycho. She simply won’t act like a normal person. Although it is very difficult to find a woman who IS normal, there are degrees. If you do less, and expect more (especially in the character department), your love life will be MUCH better.
Most relationship experts tell you the exact opposite…..just do more for her and be tolerant of her foilables. That is a deadly mistake.

The very definition of insanity is doing what is counter to survival……refusing to eat is right up there at the top, just under refusing to breath.

That’s the point I repeatedly make over and over again with women. Their behavior is NOT explainable in any MEANINGFUL way as a derivation of survival of the fittest. What they are doing is directly counter to both our biological imperatives and the specific patterns in which humans, meet, mate, and relate. The fucked up results are predictable. When you act in a manner contrary to survival……you don’t. But, you usually don’t croak right away. You spend a certain amount of time, sick, before you go. Usually, you don’t pass on your genes. And that is EXACTLY what is happening in our society today.
The Old "Fat But Working On It" Line
article-2014731-0D02A39300000578-530_468x405.jpgYou need to be leery of the old "fat but working on it" line. When a man says this, what he means is he has carefully researched what works, has set goals and a method of monitoring his progress, and is in the process of implementing his plan. Six months to a year later, he will be fit.

What a WOMAN means when she says this, is she is eating disordered, spends most of the year binging as part of a destructive shame spiral, and is engaging in various extreme, bizarre, mostly ineffective behaviours (vomiting, diuretics, fasting, laxatives, fad diets etc.) out of desperation. Six months to a year later, she will be fatter than ever. Often she will lose a few pounds, snag a man, and then balloon way up again (a lot of the time this is on purpose with the point of being disrespectful). But none of this is the REAL problem. The real problem is the woman is a neurotic mess. Her behavior in all areas of her life is insane, self-defeating and self-destructive (especially with regard to relationships). If you give her the chance, she will try and include you in the pattern. One of the first things she will do is sabotage your own fitness, in a calculated campaign to make you fat. If you have other bad habits you have conquered (for example, smoking), she will try to bring those back too. Now, most women do this to a certain extent, but not nearly to the degree that a “fat chick” does.
The Problem Isn't the Body... It's the Mind
The problem isn’t the body, it’s the mind. Although the body is important for various reasons, including status, it’s not a deal breaker. What is a deal breaker is the reason WHY her body may look like that; particularly if she has good genetics (i.e. look at her when she was younger and look at her mother and siblings). Deterioration of one’s body in the face of favourable factors is a huge warning sign of a pattern of obnoxious, self-destructive behavior (if it goes so far as to manifest as drug use or an eating disorder, run, don’t walk in the other direction). It’s a package deal. Where you see one behavior, you see tons of others. And the person wants to extend that crap to YOUR life….and will be very tenacious in doing so. This is unacceptable.

No%2BFat%2BChicks.jpgAlso, I’d like to point out that the attitude of not discriminating against a woman based on her body is brain-washing on their part. It is one of the key elements of a greater pattern where they try to convince men to accept less, and provide more. Don’t fall for that. Instead, always insist on full value for everything you provide her, particularly in the same area. If you are good in bed, she needs to become good in bed. If you are smart, educated and interesting to talk to, so must she be. And if you spend 5 days a week in the gym, developing that “ripped” look, guess what she needs to be doing? Why? Well, not only do you deserve it, but, if you let her slack off, she will try to slack off in all other areas. But, most important of all……she will disrespect you for it. You have the ridiculous situation that  a fat/ugly chick will consider you a loser (no matter what other qualities you possess), simply because you were willing to look past her “packaging” to see if the person inside was of value. This is that social proofing issue coming up again. Those things I do that add value to myself don’t matter. What matters is the associations I have. If I’m screwing a hot chick, I must be hot. If a lot of people are listening to me, I must be interesting. But, if I screw a homely chick, there must be something wrong with me…..even to the homely chick.

Women are sick.
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