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Finding the Small Pool of Interested Women

March 10, 2015
What's going on (and what I think may be one of the differences in how women behave in other countries) is women totally suppress their body language and behavioural cues that let a man know they are interested in them. A man has to approach them before they will let on that they are attracted. Most men are not sophisticated enough to do this only a tiny bit, and not aware enough to consciously look for the behavioural cue that says this woman wants me to approach (it's actually unnatural to be that attuned, but it is what's needed).

The result? Most men don't approach women, causing both men and women to go without. They do this because every time (it seems) they approach a woman at random, it gets a negative result. However, it's actually not every time, it's just most times because they can’t separate the small group of women who want them from the large group of women who don’t. A few men are persistent. They approach a lot of women, and surge ahead with any one woman until she forces him to stop in some way. This is very frightening for women because they are extremely weak in all ways compared to a man. Her ability to make him stop is based almost solely on his consent or another man coming to her aid.

Also, there is a big problem in that objective worth doesn't mean anything anymore. A large, muscular, svelte, handsome, intelligent man with tons of money naturally assumes most women will be attracted to him. He approaches a woman he wants and is shut down. He naturally assumes this is a test of the steel content of his balls and turns it up a notch... causing a bad situation. He can't believe the small pool of women he actually has to choose from and the randomness of it all. I mean, if Pamela Anderson rolled up on you while you were working the register at Burger King and started going oooooohhhh, your soooo hot, let's go out somewhere tonight, would you be interested or would you assume she was a serial killer and go running for the manager. Too many girls do the latter, in this situation. Something is wrong with them.
The Advantage the Big City Has Over the Small Town
The one advantage a big city has over a small town is “the strip”. It’s different in every city but they invariably have a section where there are a lot of bars (the places you go to drink and perhaps listen to the band). Why is this important? Because a HUGE percentage of women go to these places to meet men. But, also, a huge number of women go to these places to waste time. How to tell them apart? Simple, the ones looking for men are alone. At the very most, they have one girlfriend with them. The less there is to do in the bar besides drink, the more intensely they are looking for a man. A good investment in time is to simply tour these places on Friday and Saturday night. Walk through looking for women that catch your eye (literally, catch your eye). Walking through a dozen or so of these places is bound to turn up one woman who is a hot prospect (ie someone who is both looking for a man and is strongly interested in you). You are literally anonymous until you home in on a high probability prospect (NEVER waste your time on anyone else…..it’s a losing game).

GeneralFlight.jpgYou just don’t have that luxury in a small town. Everyone will rapidly know you. If you fail to jump on a hot prospect in that situation….1) she won’t be a hot prospect later on, 2) new prospects don’t show up and all the other women will have already permanently put you in the non-fuckable category, and 3) people will think you are a weak dateless loser for not being able to get some from your hot prospect and avoid you.

This is probably the only saving grace living in the city has and most men don’t understand it at all. They’re all going out and spending a lot of money (and wasting a lot of time) going to the dance clubs. While, all the women who want to actually have sex are out at the bars.

Women go to Clubs to be Seen and Cause Trouble
Women go to clubs to be seen and cause trouble. The last thing on their minds is meeting men. There is no point. However, in many clubs that trouble takes the form of doing drugs so the criminal element, of course, moves in. With no chance of getting laid, do you really want to be in that environment? The whole scene is pathetic.
No Cover Charge for the Ladies
ResizedImage406456-LadiesNight.jpgThe very fact that women get in free in a particular place, makes that place worthless for getting laid. This is the difference between neighborhood bars and a nightclub. Women get way, waaaaayyyy too many points in a nightclub. They don’t need to fuck any of the guys there because they’ve already gotten what they came there to get (the adoration and feeling of being attractive and valuable ). A woman in a nightclub is there to be seen, to dance and maybe to be felt up on the dance floor. She’s going home alone at the end of the night, especially if they are in packs (90% of the time). Also, the club is where all the competition is and unless you look like Fabio, this is not a situation you want. However, a woman in a bar is a different story. She’s either there to socialize with people she knows or to be picked up. It’s easy to tell because she will be alone. At most, she will have one (and only one) girlfriend with her.

Never, never, NEVER go to a nightclub and never pay a cover (ie, never go to a place where they want to charge men for access to women….because that access is a deception). Instead, go to a neighborhood pub with no cover. Either hang out there because you just feel like it or go to a place where there are a lot of free bars.  Stay only long enough to make sure there are viable prospects. Walk around. Try to make eye contact with each woman you are possibly interested in. The ones you have a shot with will make extended eye contact (if they smile, you’re in…..mwahaha). The other 99% will avoid your gaze or even be hostile. Don’t even order a beer if there are no prospects. Fuck em and move on. Why waste your money, but more importantly your time?
Singles Events
You have to be really careful at any “singles” event. Just like the women at the clubs (supposedly a place to meet others interested in finding a partner), these women aren’t there to meet a man. They are there to have their ego stroked. Sure, occasionally they will “binge” and go home with some random guy. But, for the most part, no guy will do. They will rationalize this in various ways that boil down to there are no good guys here (so what if they are all 6′s and 7′s and she is a 4). But the problem is her. The last thing she is interested in, is discovering if any of the guys she is attracted to (and she is attracted to a significant number) is compatible with her. Although she is attracted to a number of them (many times, you included), none of you has any more chance with her than some random chick you pass on the street. Unlike women you pass on the street, however, a huge number of the girls at the singles events are really into leading you on. What fun!

The other sad thing is that few women have interests until they get old, fat and married (which is exactly the type of woman you will meet at any interest you have). The exception to that is the gym. However, an increasing number of women are going to women’s only gyms.

In my experience, there are only two places where you meet lots of women. The first is in college classes, particularly college classes designed for people who are a waste of space…..art classes, acting classes, intro psychology classes, pop culture classes etc. The second is via a network of friends. You should always be on the lookout to add male and female friends to your network because they bring prospective women into your sphere of influence. However, it’s important to be selective with the type of person it is. If you have a buddy who is a drug-using criminal, guess what type of women he will bring into your sphere of influence. She has the same chance of being attracted to you as everyone else…..but you don’t want her lol.
Women Go to Singles Events to be Seen, Not to Pick Up Men
Just like going out to a nightclub, women go to singles events to be seen, not to pick up men. Going out in packs, they have no intention of going home with anyone. Any number they give you will be fake….etc. Unless you look like Brad Pitt or are a celebrity or obviously have more money than God, you can forget about it. This contrasts very heavily with going out to a bar, during normal hours (9pm to midnight, just about), to scope and hangout, maybe have a beer and watch the game. Any woman there, who is alone, is looking to go home with a man. That goes double if it’s an airport bar or the bar is connected to a hotel. However, be warned that those girls are usually married. Don’t bring it up (usually you do, but not here). Bars where business people hang out after seminars or while on business trips are where married people go to cheat on their spouses. It’s their turf. Overwhelmingly, she is going to want you to get lost afterwards.
There is No Pattern to Women's Attraction
There absolutely is no pattern whatsoever to a woman’s attraction. Or rather, just like men, they are attracted to large numbers of the opposite sex, with a rather low standard of beauty. But, unlike men, they suppress that attraction (women are sick). They don’t do that in other cultures which is why their behavior differs, I think. There is no pattern, AT ALL, to when a woman switches off her suppression of attraction. But, when she does, she rationalizes it after the fact. Often, she switches it off because she has starved herself for affection for so long that she "binges"…..goes out, gets drunk, and picks up some random guy. Not only that, but women are total cowards. Even if they are drooling over some guy, they won’t even hint at it unless the guy elicits it somehow.

There are four exceptions to this. The first is if a guy is extremely provocative, with model good looks. Often, his presence will elicit a binge in a woman. Often it won’t and he will be treated like a dog, even though he is literally, on the top of the food chain. The second is the rich guy. Women will allow themselves (or, mostly pretend to allow) themselves to become attracted to a rich guy, to get their hands on his money. The third is someone who is famous. Even a moderate amount of fame will have large numbers of women drooling over a guy. The last, is the worst of all…..evil. Large numbers of women go through periods where they are VERY attracted to evil. Some women are like this all the time. Literally, nothing else matters about the guy…looks, station, and basic hygiene. You could (and many are) 200 pounds overweight, smell BAD, have missing teeth and beat women every chance you get, and you will be drowning in pussy from this phenomena, as long as you are an ex-con, with a drug problem. This phenomenon is probably the single biggest threat to our way of life and the general happiness and well being of everyone. It is also an extremely good reason for strict, “three strikes your out” laws. Not only don’t we want these scum on the street, but, left to their own devices, they can and do destroy large segments of our population….getting girls hooked on drugs, they are prime spreaders of AIDS and other STD’s in our social circles, destroying families, illegitimate births, etc. Permanent imprisonment is a rational, reasonable and just solution to this problem.

Anyway, my point is this. It is impossible to increase the number of women who are interested in you by increasing your “attractiveness”. You can lose weight, buff up your body, get better clothes, better style, whatever, and you may change slightly the quality of women who are interested in you, but not the number. You can also change your behavior, but that only changes who specifically reacts to you. You can be nice, or you can be playfully arrogant, or you can be a total shitheel. You can sharpen your technique or get better at the “game”. But, it’s all pointless. It may change who, but not how many. Nothing will allow you to pick and choose who, specifically, will respond.

The problem isn’t attraction. The problem isn’t with us. The PROBLEM is the neurotic behavior of women. You can’t change them. But, once you understand the situation, you can change the way you approach the problem to become more effective.
Binge and Purge
99%……99% is the percentage of women who will say no if you approach them at random. They use the binge and purge method of dating. They have a fantasy in their head. The fantasy is different for every girl but isn’t too much in line with what men are typically like. No man who doesn’t match the fantasy is welcome. Time passes and a woman gets desperate for a man and “binges”, taking anyone. Being unhappy with just anyone, she eventually “purges” him, and goes back waiting for her fantasy (which doesn’t exist).

Your chances of catching a woman who is binging is maybe one in ten. If you woo her correctly, she will go for you. The chances of meeting a woman who you match her fantasy is about 1 in a hundred (completely random).
Finding and Approaching Women
You can’t ask a woman for anything because it gives her too many points. You need to use body language and only approach the ones that matter. And you can’t be direct about it.

The basic behavior goes like this. Go places where you are likely to meet women (either go where women go or go where women go to get picked up). Make eye contact with every woman that crosses your path. Most women will not meet your gaze. Some of them will. After holding their gaze for just a second or two more than is socially appropriate, look away (not down, away). She might look down and away too, which is OK. After a few seconds, try to
eye-contact.jpgcatch her gaze again and see if she locks gazes with you. Smile and nod to her if she does. If you feel aggressive, wink. If she holds your gaze this second time for an extended period of time and/or starts clustering body language signals of interest (read the book, Body Language by R Don Steele), that is one of the 1% of random women that will have sex with you right now, if you approach her correctly. It’s extremely reliable.

Wink.jpgApproaching correctly means that you come near her tangentially. You seem like you are actually doing something else. For example: You see one of these women in the mall. Don’t go right up to her. Go near her and pretend to shop or look at something interesting. You strike up a conversation by noticing something about her and commenting on it and then asking a question. For example: "That’s a very nice sweater you are wearing. What’s the story behind it? Blah, blah, blah." Understand that women are completely self-involved. So shut your yap and look like you are paying attention and listen for cues for other getting to know you type questions. Tell her almost nothing about yourself other than your name and give her every opportunity to tell you even the most inane blather about herself. She’ll think you are the most brilliant, interesting man on the planet. When you can’t take this anymore, interupt her with some version of, "I have to go, want to come with me?" Whoops, I have to go home now and cook dinner and
feed my cat. Hey, you know I make this great rice dish called Arroz con Pollo. I learned how to make it from this sweet old lady while I was vacationing in Puerto Rico. Come have dinner with me. We’ll watch this video I’ve been meaning to see……The English Patient; I think it’s called (hehehe).

The point here is she has already decided she wants to come home with you to have sex. But she doesn’t know that you know that. And, she absolutely cannot face this fact without a convenient excuse that she is actually going over there for something else and the sex is just spontaneous. Make no mistake, once you get her home, she’s the one who will likely be the aggressor, or will need very little prompting. If you get any resistance at all, it’s time to cut and run because you screwed something up, probably misjudging if she was a one percenter. A lot of women will show casual interest. But it’s the one percenter that will show focussed, intense interest. They are practically drooling.

There really is no work involved in finding her, other than in going to those places you are likely to find her. Don’t stay; don’t waste your time with pointless crap while there. Whatever you do don’t pay a cover or anything (if you go for the band or something, that’s me time and you should ignore women). Just recon the place looking for one percenters. Leave and move on to the next place if you don’t immediately find a hit. Get in the habit of scoping out chicks all the time, but set aside a specific time each week where you zoom through several hot spots every week. Don’t stay and waste your time. Show up, look, and if nothing is there…..leave.

Eye%2BContact.gifAfter the first few times, it’s easy. The first few times are hard because you screw things up and it’s hard to initiate things because you don’t really think things work this way. Instead, you think all women are judging you and rejecting you (and 99% of them are). Until you sleep with a few, you don’t know that 1% is there for easy taking. I say the same thing to all my guy friends. Try it out a little at a time. The easiest part is scoping these women out. Go places and try the eye contact bit. Don’t follow up on it. Just try it out and see for yourself what I am talking about. After you are comfortable doing this for a few weeks, try occasionally saying Hi to one of them. Nothing complicated. Just Hi. You’ll be shocked at the result and soon, you’ll be doing the rest.

http://masculineprinciple.blogspot.ca/2015/02/the-sexes-approaching-each-other.htmlAnd for God’s sake, don’t give the time of day or anything else, not the slightest bit of respect, not a shred of time or effort, to any woman who isn’t one of these. A woman who isn’t sexually interested in you should be totally beneath notice. No staring at her tits. No talking to her. She’s invisible. Women are sweet as pie when they are in acquisition mode (you being what they wish to acquire) but they are evil incarnate every time else. Only extremely high probability babes deserve even an ounce of your time. Everyone else is wasting it.

Screw em.

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