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Part of Breaking Up is About the Drama; Passive Aggression and the Female Orgasm

March 9, 2015
Women are neurotic freaks and very insecure. Part of the dumping process, for them, is the drama. They want you to crawl, to try to get them to stay. If you just don’t care, it’s devastating to them. Even worse is if you beat her to the punch and dump her first.

Understand this, if nothing else. They all leave eventually. Either they walk out, or they do something so bad that you had better throw them out. When you get involved with one, you need to keep this in mind. Since it is going to happen anyway, it really is no big deal. Also, you have absolutely no reason to limit yourself to only them. When the time comes, they will present it as one of the several variations of the dramatic breakup. Your response should be: So? Preferably, it should only mean that you spend more time with a girl or two you see on the side while you shop around for a replacement.

It is absolutely right to think that you cannot control the sickness in women. But, I would like to point out that you do not have to let it affect you either. There are certain situations that force you to do so (mostly due to government sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong) but they can be avoided (ie don’t breed, and don’t get married.)
Love%2Bis%2Ba%2BVerb.jpgLove is a Verb
Drama is one of the major techniques for seducing a woman. However, understand that you are dealing with extremely transitory states. Over time, her receptivity to your trying to stimulate strong emotion in her drops (the more she gets to know you, the less you can provoke a fantasy in her….even if it’s not actually a fantasy, but reality). Also, the moment you stop, your relationship vanishes. No matter how cool, rich, powerful, pretty, mysterious, passionate, or sexy you are, the value she places on you drops over time. Once it reaches zero, she is immune to your charms. This is, of course, completely insane. If you stick around too long, you can and will have the wonderful experience of her wandering off from you, after all the energy you expended toward keeping her attracted to you,  to be with a total loser. You could be going out on romantic dates, doing exciting, dangerous things together, followed by hours of mind blowing sex, only to have her leave you for some asshole who only wants to lay on the couch, and hasn’t gotten it up in a decade, because she thinks you are boring. As a matter of fact, she won’t stick around you much longer than if it was you laying around on the couch all day.

Doing stuff like this is great for getting laid. But to maintain a relationship, it just doesn’t work, because the reason relationships fizzle out is solely due to a woman’s choice to not breathe life into it.

Rather than work too hard to make a woman attracted, I prefer to make strong attraction to me the main criteria for letting a woman be a part of my life. The moment her attraction starts to wane, I start looking for a woman who IS attracted to me. Look at it this way, in the beginning (within reason) it is the man’s responsibility to foster attraction in a woman. But very quickly, it becomes the woman’s responsibility to feel attraction (and other emotions like warmth, affection and love). These emotions are actually behaviours she chooses to do. They don’t just happen and they aren’t a response to what you do (you can only just prime the pump), they are something she chooses to DO. And women do them, until they lose interest and wander off. Then it’s like you never existed.

Or, to put it another way, love is a verb.
Passive Aggression Related to the Female Orgasm
passive-aggressive-spouse.jpgWhen a woman orgasms, it has little to do with what the man is doing to her and mostly to do with what she is doing inside her head.

A woman can easily orgasm with any man she chooses to. If the woman you are with isn't orgasming, it's because she chooses to see you as someone who isn't sexually stimulating, hence the need for “romance”. It is extremely important to understand that (within limits) how sexual you appear toward a woman isn't under your direct control. You can slim down, lift weights and even get cosmetic surgery and she won't be attracted. She will, temporarily, be attracted to a guy who makes himself unavailable. And she definitely will be attracted if you make yourself inappropriate in some way (leather jackets, tattoos, earrings and other bad boy image stuff are favourites).

Part of this is the hilarious situation that often a woman you barely know orgasms like a banshee at the slightest stimulation, and then becomes completely frigid later on in the relationship. Often they will try to mask this as "issues with intimacy". But what is really going on here is she is purposefully shutting down her own sexual impulses because she no longer thinks she needs to please you anymore.
This isn't true with men. A woman who makes herself look in certain stereotypical ways will make herself generically attractive to all men. And a woman who screws you with ardour and skill, will definitely make you orgasm.

The point here is frigidity in women is a big warning sign. It is intentional passive-aggressive behavior that is just a part of the bigger issue of disrespect. If a woman starts having "sexual problems" like this, dump her immediately, for two reasons: The next one won't (i.e., there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you are fucking her) and, the woman you just dumped seems to have no problem orgasming with the biker/meth dealer living next door (even though, he is so drugged out of his mind, he can barely get it up).

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