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Women Are Not Able to Get Sex on Demand

March 9, 2015
Let me answer that. No, it's not true. Women would like you to believe it is true. But it's not. There is a grain of truth to this in that men highly value women in their reproductive prime. Also, highly deviant males sometimes act this way. But it is a far cry from the norm. Although there is a grain of truth to the sentiment, the statement is false. It's actually patently ridiculous.

It assumes that women can get sex any time they want, but don’t want it as much as men. Both of these are not true. You only have to look at the amount of time almost every woman spends desperately trying to attract a man to know it's not true. If it were true, women would just show up. They don't do that. They spend hours and hours finding the right outfit, making sure her makeup and hair is perfect, not to mention a thousand other things, carefully intended to attract men.

Click Pic for "Male and Female: Equal but Different"
There is no way around it. Men pursue and women attract. In most normal cultures, the woman makes it very clear when and who she wants and the man then either steps right up to the plate, or doesn’t, depending on his inclination. Women compete with eachother in this way to get the best man they can. Women in our country want you to believe that they are so unbelievably high status that they can snap their fingers and get any man they want and that their main problem is beating them off with a stick. The reality is far different. The average woman either whores around (ie. takes anyone she can get) or spends long periods of time dateless. Either way, they go to great lengths to attract, but are way too neurotic to choose who, let alone make it obvious that they are interested. Plus, if you are interested, your value plummets and they don’t want you anymore. The problem isn't that the guy is a loser. The problem is that the woman is a neurotic freak who lost touch with reality a long time ago. She can't engage the mating game in any sane way... and loses big time for it. A woman has ten to fifteen years to get herself a man. After that, she is only good for occassional sex. Her status reflects that. Too many women find this out after it is far too late to do something about it.

Understand that when women are playing this game they are trying to fool you about something. They want you to be misinformed about your worth and options relative to hers, not only as an individual but men as a group. They do this for two reasons. They want to get someone much better than they normally should be able to (but are far too lazy and fucked up to, ummm, make themselves better). And they want you to accept behavior from them that you never would, if you knew you had options.

Don't be fooled by this. Laugh in the face of any fruitloop who thinks she can act bitchy toward you.

Plenty of fish in the sea.

Women Want Sex More Than Men
http://masculineprinciple.blogspot.ca/2015/03/male-and-female-equal-but-different.html Women want sex much more than men, not that they succeed at getting sex or having a good sexual relationship much more than men. You guys are forgetting that women are freakin’ nuts. And that insanity puts serious neurotic restrictions on her sexual expression.

An example. I had a woman friend that became more and more insane as she got older, eventually resulting in my expelling her from my life. Before that, I noticed that about once a month, she would pick up a couple of random guys at a bar (strong hormonal component). She was quite fond of telling me all about these wild sexual escapades. But I also knew her through several "relationships". They all followed the same pattern. The more intimate and close she became with a man (especially if he moved in with her), the more she lost sexual interest... to the point of becoming frigid. But she would still go out and pick up random guys on the sly. At one point I told her how I would never put up with that from a woman. To which she quipped, "Well, what the hell would you do about it?" Without skipping a beat I said I'd dump her skank ass.

Frigidity%2Bis%2Babout%2BLack%2Bof%2BRespect.jpgMy point here is the sex drive in this person was so strong that she really wasn't in control of it and her neuroses and being a miserable a-hole in general prevented her from channelling that into something positive (it actually got more and more negative as she got older). A lot of guys I know have run into this problem. She's a fiend in the sack until they get to know each other. Suddenly, she is frigid. But all these sexual skeletons keep falling out of her closet.

The high desire for sex is something I've observed over and over again with women. There are two things going on here. The first is that women are going out of their way to paint the picture that men want sex while women need to be convinced grudgingly give in to sex (plus baby, if not with me, you ain't gettin' anywhere else, because most women don't want it either). These are lies, specifically designed to inappropriately get the upper hand in relationships. The other thing going on is women are sick. They want sex lots more than men but are sexually dysfunctional. They have bizarre things like intense anxiety if they feel sexual attraction for the wrong (wrong being some weird random thing) man. They get angry if the "wrong" man approaches them because they feel guilty about that attraction and even more guilty about randomly fucking one of them on a regular basis (a situation they have little to no control over). Some are so anxiety ridden that they rarely have a man in their life and when they do, the conflicts and weirdness quickly drive him away.

This is why you have fundamentalist Christian babes who think sex out of marriage is amoral, but who regularly have some random guy strap them to an A-frame and whip the fuck out of them. A lot of similar stuff is going on in our society.

"He said he didn't think we were a good 'fit'."
But none of this really matters. What matters is that no matter what women want you to think, there are a great many women around you who are all hot and horny for you. They hide it. It requires the ability to recognize and elicit subtle signals to tell who they are. It requires timing and the ability to known when and exactly how to strike when the iron is hot. There is never a reason to think that a woman is doing you a favour by having sex with you (requiring you return the favour in a manner other than sexual) or to think you can't walk away from a bad situation and within a reasonable period of time, get another one. If a woman is having sex with you, she is doing it because she likes sex, specifically with you. Don't be fooled and don't tolerate her neuroses. If she starts to lose interest, dump her. That lack of interest has nothing to do with lack of interest in sex. It has to do with bad behavior and lack of respect for you. It magically disappears 10 seconds after you are gone. This is VERY important to understand about women. Frigidity has NOTHING to do with lack of sexual interest. It has to do with lack of respect (you will see plenty of this in all other aspects of your relationship). Don't put up with that crap.

Plenty of fish in the sea.
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