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Women Choosing Losers

March 9, 2015
All women say they want a dominant, successful, high status man with enlightened values. It is extremely easy to identify where a man is in the pecking order; by his job, by his dress, by the way he talks and acts and by the way other men treat him. Everyone knows where a man stands.

This includes women, who could easily snap up a man like this who freely advertises if he is available or not.

The problem is that almost no women actually follow through with this behavior. Dominant, successful, high status men with enlightened values are regularly passed up for dangerous, weak, emotionally unstable drug dealers with bad BO and a rap sheet as long as my arm. The younger and more attractive a woman is, the more likely she is to ignore the good men and screw as many of the bad men as she can get her hands on. Not all women do this. Some screw as many fraternity brothers as they can handle a night, just as long as they are drunk/high and treat her like dirt. Any man who doesn't act this way is labelled a loser, no matter how high status or macho. It's hilarious, and deeply, deeply sick.

Then, when a woman reaches about age 25, she starts to hunt for a man who is both wealthy and weak willed. Both qualities are very important, because her sole purpose for hunting this man is to attach herself vampire-like onto him and drain him for all he is worth. They continue to screw bad men during the entire marriage. Strong willed men quickly say no to this crapola and move on to the next woman. After a while, they start to wonder if all women are vampires trying to trick them into a bad situation. Certainly they don't meet anyone who actually cares for him and sincerely wants to be his wife.

Many of our country's most powerful men are either unmarried, taken to the cleaners by divorce, or are stuck in a marriage that is an obvious lie, often making up for it with dishonourable behaviour. A perfect example of this is Bill Clinton. His wife is an obvious lesbian who only married him because he was going places and could further her own political ambitions (the pay off isn't always in money, lol).

I'm tempted to say that American women are unable to recognize signs of status, power and high quality in men. But it's not true. They know full well what the deal is and purposefully choose the weak, psychotic, scum of the earth until they want a meal ticket.

Real men are left without.
Click for Free Online Book -- by Jack Kammer (2002)
Women Choosing Extinction
I just downloaded the book, If Men Have All The Power, How Come Women Make The Rules? Excellent book, BTW. It's filled with all sorts of interesting information.

Here's a quote that got me to thinking (originally from The Woman That Never Evolved, by Sarah Blaffer Hardy):

"The central organizing principle of primate social life is competition between females and especially female lineages... Females should be, if anything, more competitive than males, not less, although the manner in which females compete may be less direct, less boisterous, and hence, more difficult to measure"
Normally, women compete fiercely amongst each other for men. Unlike animals, human children take a looooooong time to mature and our most powerful survival ability (our mind) takes significant effort to train and develop. Before the modern era, any woman stupid enough to take a weak, deviant man, who left after sex... died. At the very least, her child had slim to none survival value. Her lineage died out. Normally, women compete for the best men, that competition being intense when they are scarce. One thing they don't do is willingly have sex with an inappropriate man, unless there absolutely isn't anyone else. Men also compete for the best women. Or rather, for the status among our peers that attracts the best women. However, since we don't actually have to bear the children, that competition isn't as fierce. Survival of our line has less to do with who we choose and more to do with what we do. We (men) compete in who does things best. Women compete in who can get the best man. Men have the option of leaving. A woman who left usually died. That's the way it's always been and the way it should be.
But American women aren't normal. They have absolutely stopped competing for good men. They go out of their way to devalue them. They freely engage in behaviours that result in the extinction of their lineage. They leave. They refuse to raise their children. They engage in infidelity. They choose disposable partners based on deviant behavior. The reason why women seem to be so scarce is not because they have made themselves unavailable but because they have ceased having any interest whatsoever in extending their female lineage to the next generation. There is a natural consequence for that... extinction. The children of these women grow up powerless and feral, with increasingly lower status. Eventually, their lines will disappear.

The question we should be asking ourselves is, are we a valuable prize that would normally be fiercely competed over? If you are healthy, strong, successful, educated and have values that would promote the well being of a family, then that answer is yes. We have been lied to, repeatedly and in a systematic manner. What is interesting is what might happen if you left our abnormal women and went someplace where the women are desperately competing with eachother for the best men. Especially if most of the men who live there don't have these traits. You might come away with a different opinion of where you are in the pecking order.

ScumbagS.gifFood for thought.
Women Choosing Scumbags
There are two reasons women go after scum... the one they tell themselves and the one that's true.

The one they tell themselves has to do with the archetype of redemption. Love redeems all things. To a woman, love redeeming a bad man proves the love is real (too bad their love ain't real, lol). Also, a man who treats everyone poorly but herself, must really love her. This is the biggest crock of bull-ony... but exploiting this sick, sad, self-deception will account for 90% of your free pussy if you live in the US.

Unfortunately, the real reason women dig bad/low quality men is they are bad/low quality themselves. These men have attitudes and behaviours that match their own.

Excitement is supposed to come from risk-taking behaviours that men like to engage in to have fun. But women find bad behavior exciting instead. It's normal for women to be attracted to men that like sky-diving, mountain climbing, and going off on adventures at the spur of the moment. It's abnormal for women to be attracted to men that like to beat women, have been in jail, and take drugs. But that's exactly what's going on today. All of the losers have all the women they can deal with (hehe, but evil people are bad for you....both ways), while all of the real men do without.
Women Who Marry Scumbags
With rare exceptions, a woman who marries a scumbag does it because she’s nuts. So even if the divorce is his fault, it means she is bad news. An example: I dated a woman a few times who had only been with one guy before. They had known each-other since they were kids. They fell in love in high school, then lived together while going to college (she supported him, actually). About a year after he graduated he started smoking crack cocaine with a (supposedly) dramatic change in his personality. They were Catholic and she did not want to divorce him. But one day he came home and dinner wasn’t ready so he picked up a hammer out of the toolbox and bashed her head in with it. She was in a coma for 3 days and filed for divorce afterward (no kids). 

Even though it sounds like she couldn’t be responsible for this having to do with her, I later find out WHY he had been doing crack. It turns out that both are 3rd generation members of the mafia. He primarily made his money selling drugs and started using. Note that this woman is a doctor now. This is a disturbing example because it illustrates two things. The first is that women from traditionally reputable situations (professionals etc.) can EASILY actually be from the criminal underclass. The other is that, almost without exception, a woman who has to bail on a marriage with a dangerous man will have serious skeletons in her closet that clearly demonstrate how her own character is responsible for her being with such a man (it ain’t no accident). Unfortunately, you often have to do quite a bit of digging to discover this and are usually deeply involved with her before you do. I think it is easier (and more reliable) to simply assume such things.

Children out of wedlock, divorces (particularly multiple divorces), children of mixed parentage (unless they are married and successful), ex-spouse in jail, ex-spouse is a criminal, violent, has ever used drugs of any type. These are all extremely reliable indicators that you don’t want to have your life entangled with this woman.
assholes1.jpgWomen Love Assholes
Women find the quality of being an asshole to be very attractive and throw themselves at a guy like that... doubly so if the guy is a dangerous asshole. Outside of this country, things are different. Assholeness is unattractive.

This is part of the problem with American men. We've come to accept the twisted attitudes of American women and internalize them. Attractive men are going around thinking they are losers, while sick, unattractive men with bad BO are going around thinking they are God's gift to women.

But what's really going on here is like attracts like. Most women in the US have become the female version of the sick, unattractive man with bad BO. Unlike men who tend to be one way and stay that way for all of their lives, women change dramatically and quickly, depending on how good they are. When they are 16, they are hotter than hell. At 23, she's still cute. Cresting 30, she looks like hell. And by 35, she's dog ugly and hanging out at K-Mart. This doesn't happen with normal women. It doesn't even happen all the time with abnormal women with very good genes (look at Pamela Anderson), on the outside. It always happens on the inside. That woman who you totally fell in love with at 21, who screwed you over at 23, you wouldn't even recognize today. Her personality is nothing like it was back then (if it ever was, but that's a different story). The important thing to understand is, it has nothing to do with you. Because it has nothing to do with you, there is nothing you can do about it.

This is probably the biggest reason why women seem so scarce in our culture, even though they outnumber us. A woman has a shelf-life of age 15 to 35, maximum. She's really only available between the ages of 20 and 29. After that, her unacceptableness becomes much more obvious. If they didn't want money from us, they wouldn't even bother to go shopping around for a meal ticket at that age. They wouldn't even pretend to be part of our social groups.
Women Going for Evil Losers
...Women don’t go for the Olympic gymnast who dresses like a model….no, no, no. That would make sense. They go after the guy who looks like he might be a loser. Specifically, they go after the guy who looks like he might be an EVIL loser. Although a significant number go after the over-weight janitor of the local high school, most want the over-weight drug dealer with rotting teeth. The whole thing is sick.

Imagine, if you will, men ignoring Pamela Anderson or the girls from the Victoria Secret catalogue…..indeed, treating them like pathetic losers. All the while, chasing after crack addicts, combat boot wearing lesbians, and other women with bad BO and a bullet hole or two. And then, after reaching age 60 or so, doing Pamela Anderson a favour by going out on a date with her, but only because you know she has money. That’s the situation we have with American women in this country with regard to men here. Something is wrong with THEM.
Evil, Not Power, Is Why Women are Attracted to Deviant Men
Women aren’t attracted to alpha males and they most certainly have no fear of men. Our society, on every level, goes out of its way to protect them. For most men, harming a woman is taboo.

What a woman wants from a man isn’t for him to be powerful. If this was true than large, strong, rich men with high IQs would be overrun with pussy. Sadly, this isn’t the case. At best, a woman looks for a man like this who is easily manipulated (a rare find) so that she can feed off him during the last stages of her self-destruction. But what women go after with zeal and verve are the losers of our society…..uneducated, drug-using, criminal scum. Are these men powerful? Absolutely not. That’s why they stab you in the back but wouldn’t dare face you man to man. It’s also why they are complete failures in life…..they are weak beyond belief. But, other than being weak these bozos have one thing in common…..they are all evil. And it is that evil that attracts women.

Evil, not power, is the defining attribute of women’s attraction toward deviant men.
Why Women Are Attracted to Bad Men & Thugs
What I’m talking about is how a bad person ASSUMES other people (actually ALL people) are bad without seeing their behavior. They rationalize exploiting them, harming them etc. because they know they deserve it anyway. Either that or they reverse the meaning of right and wrong. As in, it’s a good thing to harm others if you can get away with it. It means you are strong and they are weak. This is at the core of why women are attracted to bad men (criminals, drug-users etc.) They see their doing bad things as evidence of them being powerful. They do those things because they can. This is probably the most dangerous lie involved in this situation. Bad people do bad things out of weakness, not strength. Women, being weak themselves, have no experience with this. Plus, they are self-deluded. They want to think of themselves as strong so they alter their perception to see being a bad person (ie, seeing someone who is just like them) as being strong, not weak. So, they look like someone who is exactly like themselves, only more so.
black-man-white-woman-21.jpgWomen and Racism
In my experience, racism plays a big part of what's going on with American women. Several times I have met women whose attraction to men is race based... the more negatively stereotyped, the better. Behind their back, they use racial slurs, even when talking about their partner. You talk to them and it becomes clear that they have strong racist views, usually negative. They are chasing bad men and the racist views colors these men as bad. So, they go after them. It's a complicated issue, and one that women will test you on to see if you will accept it from them.

For example, there was one stripper I knew. For awhile, she was sizing me up as a potential man. One day, out of the blue, she says this to me, "I've been with a lot of black boys." "Do you think less of me?" My answer to her at the time was, "Of course not."

But that was the wrong answer. My answer should have been yes. There are several reasons. First of all, she is testing me, not looking for reassurance of her worth. She wants to see if I will accept her in a devalued state. If the answer to that is yes, she loses interest (she did lol) and, at the same time, goes hog wild in the process of devaluing herself further. On the surface, she wants to know if I'm racist. But what she is really saying is she is racist, and a whore to boot. What's behind her statement is several years of screwing black men, but only from the criminal class of society. She did this in exchange for money and drugs. Certainly she would have no interest in a black man in a 3-piece suit and a law degree. Part of the manipulation has to do with what she means by "black boys." She means black men from the criminal class of society. But, phrasing it this way is a trap. If you say it devalues her, it seems like something racist (being with black guys devalues you) but, it's the having sex with men from the criminal class that devalues her. If you say no to this sort of behavior, it implies that you are racist. You'll see a lot of manipulation along these lines in society, especially with women. They want you to accept deviant behavior by associating it to minorities. Reject the behavior and they act as if you rejected the minority.

You will see this pattern repeatedly with American women... multiple minority partners, sometimes multiple children of mixed racial background. The big lie is that inter-racial couples are now accepted, so people feel free to get together with those they like. But the truth is that racism and fucked-upness are behind most of these relationships (white men with black women; seem to me to be the exception). Look for extreme racist views in one or both of the partners (should be the LAST thing in an inter-racial couple), a history of trading sex for money and drugs, and multiple one night stands, often resulting in children. Like any good lie, there is always a grain of truth in the center to give it credibility. There are lots of legitimate inter-racial marriages. You can tell the legitimate ones by their stability, high degree of education of both partners, and successful career the man has.

Racist views of women are a part of what's going on.
Women Pairing Up with Black Men is Almost Always Based on Racism
To be blunt, white women pairing up with black men is almost always based on racism. You see this very clearly in specifically who those black men are. Rich, successful, educated black men have the fewest choices on earth, unfortunately. Black women of the same status are RARE and their access to white men isn’t very great (they don’t want them). Contrast that with black men from the criminal class which have ample numbers of black women of their same status around (sad, but true) and, more importantly, have great access to white women of ALL social status. These women view these men as scum and get involved with them as part of their own downward, self-destructive death spiral.
Contrast what is going on with Asian women and white men. Do you see large numbers of white men from the criminal class hooking up with Asian girls? No. What you see is large numbers of successful, educated white men seeking out Asian girls for the same reasons we do. They are trying to find a woman of quality. Most would prefer a woman from their own culture, just out of ease of access. But finding the well poisoned, they have no choice but to look elsewhere. That elsewhere happens to include various asian cultures, to a large extent. A few guys have an Asian fetish. But most just want a good woman…..and are willing to honor that opportunity by being a good man.

This isn’t a zero sum game, folks. The numbers we are talking about in all situations is quite small. Certainly, the number of white women with black guys does not appreciably lower the access of the average white guy to white women, at all. I can’t really comment about black women’s access to black men or Asian men’s access to Asian women, but it is probably not at all. What limits white men’s access to white women is the pathetically low quality of those women…..making high quality white women extremely rare. Black women (and black men, lol) have this same problem which is a separate issue that, quite frankly, the black community seems to have little interest in addressing. Asian men don’t have that problem and any asian man that is having trouble finding an Asian girl should probably ask himself why they are avoiding him….and fix it. Because, it’s not the white skin the Asian girls want. It’s the way those men treat her.

I’ll go even further than that. I’ve known women like this (even lived with one for a decade). When they aren’t in earshot of black people, they call them niggers. It’s strong, blatant racism. They actually hate minorities (almost as much as they hate themselves). And the only reason they are with a black man is they are looking for a man who is low life scum. They consider any man who is a minority to be low life scum. The more they fit the sterotype, the better. In other words, it’s not the black lawyer they think is attractive; it’s the black gang member.

This is a lot different than fetishism. Fetishism is only a perversion that gets in the way of forming a real attachment to your partner. This is something far more sinister..
NoStandards.gifWomen Have No Standards
The problem with women is they really don't have standards. They say they have standards but they are mostly bullshit. The day after she randomly rejects you (claiming not measuring up to her standard), you will see her with some loser that meets nobody's standards.

Women and men both should have standards. For a woman, the man should be reasonably fit (ie not 100 pounds overweight), the same height as her, the same education and socio-economic standing, should not have bad habits (drugs, alcohol, smoking, criminal record etc.) should have a job (within reason, type and income are irrelevant), should have his own living space (ie not living in his parents basement or at a PADS shelter), but most important of all, he should be of good character. I have yet to meet a woman who actively seeks out men who meet these reasonable standards. However, I meet pleeeenty of women who have taken men from the trashcan of society. I would like to point out, that a woman without real standards (as opposed to simple lip service to the idea to cover for her fucked-upness) is of low quality.

Personally, I have very high standards with women. I'll fuck a woman who isn't up to snuff, but the amount of time I let her hang around is directly related to how well she meets my standards. Most of my standards are related to character. Most people's should be.
Women With Past Abusive Partners
One thing this woman will never do is respect a man that doesn’t use violence against her. She’ll repeatedly seek out sick, dangerous men. Because she is sick herself, she won’t see them as sick (actually weak) and dangerous. She’ll see them as sexy and desirable. One day, she will “settle” for some guy who isn’t like this. She will treat him as disrespectful as possible. She’ll also engage in an escalating campaign to get him to abuse her and to self-destruct her entire life. Eventually, she’ll leave. One thing is certain, she will blame everything on men (mostly on the men who aren’t violent, because they are safe to hate) and will steadfastly refuse to do even the most basic behaviours necessary to get a good man and maintain a relationship with him.

No one can do a damn thing to help her. When a woman tells you about dangerously psychotic behaviours from previous men in her life, run the other way as fast as you can. They are emotionally unstable…..and like it.
Sexist! Offensive!
The whole PC, feminist nonsense is only a half truth, as far as they are concerned. When a good (read, safe) man does anything even the slightest bit non-grovelling, it’s sexist and offensive. But if a man who treats them like dirt does it, it’s sexy.

The same woman who is highly offended because some 100K a year educated professional glances at her ankle, will happily spread her legs for homeless guy with missing teeth who tells her she is a ‘ho.

And we wonder why young men are dressing with their pants down around their ankles, going yo’ yo’ yo’ all the time, emulating this crap. They do it because being a normal person doesn’t work.

Women are supposed to go after dominant men. Men who take what they want and pay for it…..intelligent, successful, and charismatic. But, they treat these guys like losers. Instead, they go after DEVIANT men…..rude, ignorant, weak, bad habits, but most of all…..treats them without a single ounce of respect. In other words, someone who reinforces the way they see themselves and is a match for how they REALLY are.
- It was Eve who seduced the man - in compensation there is no undertaking more appealing to a woman than to become loved by someone who has gone astray and who now, in loving her, will let himself be led along the right path.  This appeals to a woman so much that she is not infrequently deceived, because such a person puts everything over on her - and she believes everything - perhaps also because the thought of being the man's savior is so very satisfying to her. -- Man/Woman, Kierkegaard's Journals

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