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Women Should Cultivate Anything That is Typically a Virtue (Advice to Women)

March 9, 2015
Women should cultivate anything that is typically a virtue……honesty, commitment, kindness, nurturing behavior, focus, reliability. Although the list goes on and on, ALL of the things on that list go together. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) cares that you have a high paying job or lots of “interests” or if you are smart, sophisticated, high maintenance, whatever. What they care about is if you are a good person. If they add you to their life (and that is what you are asking them to do), will you enhance their life or be a detriment. Sadly, almost all women are a detriment, and not in a minor way. Most men, who get married, can expect their life to turn to shit, because of direct behaviours from their women. No man wants that, and any man who even thinks he might someday want to be married, and have a family, is desperately looking for the woman who isn’t like that. If you are that RARE woman (I have certainly never met one), you will have your choice of men, and be given preference above all others (except by the losers of our society…..drug users, criminals, frat boys, most lawyers etc……losers). Who should you choose? The same type of man who cultivates virtues. Although VERY few women are like this, large numbers of men are like this. They are all around you.

I’d like to point out that every woman SAYS they are like this, but when you look at their behavior, it just doesn’t match up. Nobody cares what you say about how you are. They are judging you on your behavior. Only after a man sees by your behavior, that you are just another woman of low worth, does he start reducing you to only what your body is. If he had no sex drive, he would probably ignore you entirely. If you don’t like that, then you must have something more to offer. That something must be of yourself…..not your role, not your status, not your occupation, and certainly not your tits, but….who….you…are…..must be noble and worthy. This is an objective criterion, not a subjective one. It can be learned and implemented and the rewards for doing so are very great.
The Woman Who Is The Exception Phenomena
The woman who is the “exception” phenomena is very dangerous. Because there is always the chance that they actually are the exception, it practically demands that you respect that and value them. However, I have never actually met a woman like this, but I HAVE met tons of women who pretended to be this way. They give incredible lip service to virtues, love and good values. But their behaviour gives them away. How a woman acts, both now and in the past, is the true measure of her character. It’s a good idea to ignore what they say and watch what they do.

As for the, finding good women to be female friends thing, BEWARE, women spend a great deal of time trying to harm their friends, especially their female friends. You can expect hateful rumours, attempts to sleep with your boyfriend, outright stealing from you, and attempts to get you hooked on drugs and other charming behaviours. Just like I said for men, ignore what they say and watch what they do. And don’t turn your back on them for a second.
Women Are Bitches to Nice Girls
QUOTE "Women are bitches to nice girls they perceive as losers precisely b/c they are nice." -- (a female commenter)

Hahaha…..want to know why they are doing that? Because you are ruining the scam for them. If they are a bitch, but you act nice, men will lose all interest in them and transfer it to you, forcing them to compete. They hate that. And want to trick you into giving up that behaviour.

Since you are most certainly in competition with the bitch, under no circumstances should you give that up, or anything else that makes you in demand. At this point in time, a great many women are stuck in a very negative vibe…..leaving the field wide open, for an ambitious girl who knows what she is doing.

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